Dan’s EPL Prediction League table after Week 1

Here’s the table after Week 1……..

Can I just remind everyone this is a bit of fun that I do in my spare time.

Can we be respectful of each others opinions, please. That’s all they are , opinions.

Whisper it quietly, what we think the score is has zero bearings on Arsenal’s future.

At zero point when I created this game did I say you have to predict the Gunners to win every game.

Anyone who’s cant handle that shouldn’t play….

Dan Smith

SWS 14
IGL 13
Goonersia 13
Ackshay 13
Adeski 13
Indian Gunner 12
Drayton 12
Stephanie 12
Ayodale AA 12
Longbenark 12
Me 12
MTG 11
Uzi Ozil 11
Baron 11
Joe Gunner 10
Prince 10
Bang Bang 10
Chuck 10
Akinlatan Oladimeji 10
Onyango 10
Akeno Bonniface 9
Matthew 9
Prince Peter 9
Samchidy 8
Dendrite 8
Ayan 8
Gunsmoke 8
Dotash 8
Toney 8
Okobino 8
HH 8
Samson A 8
Sid 8
Elvis 8
Koktafo 8
Terrah 7
Davars 7
Gio Bag 7
Amir 7
Dan Kit 7
I 6
Obuche Achiel 6
Zeek 6
Jo gunz 6
Illiterate 6
J Legend 6
Oluseyi 20-6
Sue P 6
Oslogunner 65-6
VZ 5
GB 5
Taiwo 4321- 5
Yayo 5
Tom 5
Gunner for lyf 5
Gordan 5
Gundown 4
Sagie 4
Zeek 4
Kenya 001- 4
Antivirus 4
Labass 3


  1. Thank you Dan for the wonderful job you are doing with this game.It takes a lot of dedication to do something like this week in week out.No one should dictate to you what your predictions should look like. That said,you usually accompany your predictions with opinions and I see nothing wrong if someone in the comment section accompanied their own predictions with a counter opinion – unless you make it clear that the comments should only contain the predictions ;I’ll respect that if it were the case. I understand it must be difficult keeping track of the predictions if they are sandwiched in between heavily worded comments.

  2. Thanks Dan
    Now I see that if you get the right score you get 3 points but not the additional 1 point for the result.

    Keep up the good work and ignore the untrue flak that you are getting (like you are biased or negative).
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is why I frequently read and contribute on this site.

      1. You are annoyingly very pessimist but criticising you everytime you predict arsenal are gonna drop pts when there are at least 10 games we dont win every season is ridiculous.

  3. For most of us, being a fan for our favorite team brings great joy and excitement, The anticipation is good for us as is the permission we have to indulge in some much needed leisure in the midist of stresses of every day life.
    So it feels better when our team win than team lose.

    So the football industry is driven by emotion, Fans experience many different emotions related to their team, so as football nurtures a range of emotional feelings and behavioral patterns they are consciously or unconsciously percieved by fans as needs.

  4. Thank you so much Dan for creating this Prediction League. I look forward to it every week. It is fun

    And I agree there shouldn’t be tantrums and very negative comments here. Its to have fun

  5. Nearly a perfect wkend 9/10 good predictions😅 Peaked in wk 1 probably gonna get like 1 or 2 pts this week🤣

  6. Maybe I am different from some in this respect. But I completely fail to see WHY the mere opinion of any one dyed in the wool Gooner- and I refer mainly to DAN HIMSELF, THOUGH NOT ONLY TO HIM – that we may well not win a game or- CATASTROPHE APPALLING!!!! – that we might even lose a game,matters to you.

    Shock horror!!! Why does another perfectly ordinary Gooners pesonal opinion MATTER so much to some of you? HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF THAT PERTINENT QUESTION?

    You dont know anything about Dan personally. He does not harm yourself or your life style and neither does he rob your house. He simply gives his opinion,. to which he is entitled , but that opinion matters so obviously very much to SOME,who expect us towin and who think we will win EVERY game.

    And there are, unsurprisingly, many on JA who can never imagine us ever dropping any points. Loyalty is fine ,positivity is fine too- I accept that relentless negativity is irritating but no more than irritation , it is NOT A CATASTROPHE in your personal lives.

    A dose of life perspective would, I suggest, go a long way to help make those of you I refer to, a little more life mature and a great deal more realistic about what matters and what does NOT matter in life, as well as about our shared great club.
    True or false?!!

    1. I agree Jon
      I’m a stranger who’s opinion is has important as anyone else
      Nothing less / nothing more

  7. A prediction game should be fun, just looking at the games and seeing how wrong or right you are in guessing the game or ‘predicting’ chuckles me. One’s prediction has no impact WHATSOEVER in the ou wetcome of a football match. I really don’t understand why a person’s OPINION which might be wrong, or right same as one’s different perspective – bother someone too much when it’s easier to accept.

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