Dan’s EPL Prediction League Table with just one game to go

Here is the penultimate EPL Prediction League table with just one game left to go.

Dan Apologises for forgetting to add it to his last post, so here it is….

Dan Kit 214
H H 209
Sue 207
Dunchirado 205
Declan 204
Edu 198
Ilykmatt 197
Terrah 195
SJ 188
Samson 187
ME 184
Buchi 181
Khadii 178
Davars 177
Shakir 176
Okobino 174
j gunner 171
Easy guys 168
Sid 168
Sagie 167
Phenom 166
Dotash 165
Kenya 001- 161
Ernie Blaze 154

Admin 151
Rusty 147
Herbz 143
MTG 142
BT 139
Sue P 137
Dhoni 134
Kev 82- 126
I 122
EM 119
Tom 115
Ackshay 112
Kstix – 111
FFO- 110
Prince 103
Famochi 100
Instrooments 98
Arsha 96
Olushorlar 96
Toney 88
006- 71
Splendid 66
Uzi Ozil 63
Classy Gunners -:58
Once great 58
Mambo 52
Baron 51
Innit 48
Gibson power 45
Kelvin 23- 43
Jimmy Bauer 38
Ash 32
Anie 25
Babesola 25
Gunner Rey 24
Frank Brady 24
Bob 22
S Emirates 20
Quincy O 19
Gunner 4 life 19
Illiterate 18
Vinod 16
Sean 14
Ben the goober 14
Jay 13
Adamjim 13
Seroti 13
Musa 12
Third man jw 12
Pepe 11
Nuisance 10
Elvis 10
CW 9
Seroti 8


    1. Congratulations Dan Kit for being the first winner. Looking at all contenders predictions this week it will take a lot of perfect scores to dethrone you something which will not happen.

      Now the rest of top 5 who will end up where? Can’t wait to find out!

          1. Not exact scores. For example we all have predicted wins for West ham, Man Utd, Liverpool and Leeds. Four have gone for Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City wins. The games where we have different predictions are the Leicester, Fulham and Sheffield.

            Dan Kit have 7 mutual predictions with me, 6 with Dunchirado, 7 with Declan and 8 with Sue.

            We can’t catch him with correct scores unless results go Declan’s way because his are a bit different from the rest or if we get lucky and have more than 2 perfect scores and Dan have none.

  1. Many thanks Dan for running this prediction league and well done Dan Kit for winning it as it’s nigh on impossible for you to be caught. I’m having a terrible finish to the season as I was in joint 2nd with Sue a couple of weeks ago and am now 5th! I’m gunning for that 4th place trophy though😜

  2. This prediction platform has been fun😁…thanks @Dan👍 you did a good job. Amongst top24, but didn’t start early enough. Hoping to win it next season😉

    1. More incentive for us who didn’t start the season. Still thinking how I missed a prediction game for the half the season🤔🤔

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