Dan’s EPL Predictions – Arsenal don’t play but can our rivals drop points?

So, to keep you up to date, the Prem now has a winter break. Half the division will take it in turns having a week off. So, we got 5 fixtures to predict this weekend with the remaining 10 clubs in action a week later.

It means by the next time the Gunners kick a ball we could be outside the top 4!

We were top of the table Xmas Day!

PS, Sky Sports are showing a great documentary with Kolo Toure highlighting the contribution of African players towards English Football. I know that might make some readers blush but it’s worth the watch ……

Burnley 3-1 Luton

Not quite must-win for Burnley but possibly a not-lose. A defeat doesn’t just put them 7 points behind Luton, but it might end Kompany’s hopes of convincing his young squad they can follow his ethos at this level.

There won’t be too many occasions where the Belgian believes his team can take the initiative and be favourites to win.

It’s just if they can deal with the pressure?

Chelsea 0-1 Fulham

Could yet be the Carabao Cup Final?

The problem with this Derby is you don’t know which version of either side show up. Chelsea fans for most of the season have shown an understanding of the mess Pochettino Inherited yet patience is starting to wane after their performance at Middlesbrough.

Suddenly their captain is rowing with the away fans and their manager is giving bizarre interviews where he feels there shouldn’t be any judgement for losing to a Championship side!

Fulham are simply playing better at the moment it’s just a case of can they take their chances?

Watching them on Wednesday, I was thinking …would this version of Willian get in our team?

Another player Arteta released instead of coaching to improve.

Newcastle 2-2 Man City

Strangely I think Newcastle need a fixture like this instead of one where they are favourites. In the role of underdogs, it gives the Toon Army something to get their teeth into, meaning they will stick with their players to the end.

Eddie Howe though has to be positive.

Any dropped points from the Champions can give Arsenal fans a lift and some much-needed hope.

Everton 1-0 Aston Villa

Few would have predicted Aston Villa being 5 points clear of Arsenal in January. That’s what happens if they win on Sunday …. yet they won’t.

The issue with overachieving is suddenly you have a spotlight on you. You don’t know how players respond to that. Now you’re going to Goodison with the expectation to win and scrutiny if you don’t.

Man United 1-1 Spurs

What’s a bigger indication of how far these two clubs have fallen? That I simply don’t know which one (if any) show up on Sunday?

Or I question if either have the ambition to be on the front foot?

A fit again Van de Ven means Spurs can be more suited to press up and play a high line. Yet not having Son available could be a mental blow. Do the dressing room believe they can win without him?

Some players are reporting that others are submitting predictions after kicking off times.

This is something we will be more vigilant over in 2024.

Top 24 qualify for euros.

GB 156
Baron 151
Drayton 151
Prince 148
J Gunner 148
Dendrite 145
Terrah 143
Matthew 143
Gunsmoke 143
Me 143
Sid 141
Stephanie 141
JRA 138
Tom 137
Antivirus 134
IGL 134
Indian gunner 133
Ackshay 132
Sue P 132
Goonersia 132
NOAS 129
MTG 129
Big slim 128
Zeek 126

Top 24 qualifying for Euros

Kenya 001- 124
Okobino 124
Sagie 122
Williamrick 117
Fanuel priston 114
VZ 113
Yayo 112
J legend 111
Taiwo 4321-110
Samson A 110
Edu 110
Diehard 109
Adeski 108
Splendid 105
Bang bang 105
Jo gunz 104
O Achiel 102
I 101
Onyango 99
Toney 99
Gundown 93
Angelo 88
Oluseyi 20- 77
Prince layote 74
Dan kit 73
Ayan 73
Admin 72
Oladimeji 70
Ayodale A 64
Walidomy 64
J Bauer 61
Amir 60
Dotash 55
Famochi 52
E blaze 51
Davars 49
Akeno Bonniface 43
Elvis 39
Jen 38
Jimmy B 37
Kobin 36
Uzi Ozil 34
SWS 27
Longbenark 26
Uzi Ozil 23
Illiterate 23
QB 19
Jimeigo T 17
Chuck 16
M leashim 16
Peter 15
Koktafo 14
Gunner 4 lyfe 14
Ralph 114
Wale A 14
Oslogunner 11
Flash G 11
Caxbury Dan 11
Shola 10
Gerald king 9
Samchidy 8
Gio Bag 7
Evansibility 7
Mading East 7
Olaraj propertie / partners 5
Elsammy 6
Gordan 5
Sheggz 5
JBG5 3
E Augustus 2


  1. Still trying to shake off the lost to Fulham

    Burnley 2 – 1 Luton
    Chelsea 2 – 1 Fulham
    Newcastle 1 – 2 Citizens
    Everton 1 – 2 Aston Villa
    Man U 2 – 1 Spuds

  2. I think uploading the prediction table late has its disadvantages because I can’t properly calculate all the points I amassed during the 4 or 5 prediction period because I can’t find them. The only thing I remember is that I was only 3point behind GB when the last table was uploaded

    1. Had to mate with the Xmas schedule / fixtures so fast
      Wasn’t rekaistic to be on top of table every couple of days
      Did explain that before Xmas

  3. Burnley 2-1 Luton
    Chelsea 3-1 Fulham
    Newcastle 1-2 Man city
    Everton 1-2 Aston villa
    Man u 3-1 Tottenham

  4. Burnley 1-1 Luton
    Chelsea 1-2 Fulham
    Newcastle 2-2 Man City
    Everton 1-1 Aston Villa
    Man Utd 1-2 Tottenham

  5. Burnley 2-1 Luton
    Chelsea 1-0 Fulham
    Newcastle 1-2 Man City
    Everton 1-1 Villa
    Man Utd 1-2 S@#!$

    I have to say I am one who has put up some predictions after early games or a day late but I have always only predicted the remaining games and not the ones already played/started.

  6. Burnley 1-2 Luton
    Chelsea 2-0 Fulham
    Newcastle 1-3 Man City
    Everton 2-2 Aston Villa
    ManU 2-3 Spurs

  7. Burnley 2-1 Luton
    Chelsea 2-1 Fulham
    Newcastle 1-2 man city
    Everton 2-2 villa
    Man u 2-2 spurs
    God please help prince 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Burnley 1-2 Luton

    Chelsea 2-1 Fulham
Newcastle 1-2 City
Everton 1-2 Aston Villa
Man U 2-2 Spuds

  9. Burnley 2-2 Luton

    Chelsea 2-0 Fulham
Newcastle 1-3 City
Everton 1-1 Aston Villa
Man U 1-2 Spuds

    That’s how we became champions!!

  10. Burnley 2 Vs 1 Luton
    Chelsea 2 Vs 1 Fulham
    Newcastle 1 Vs 2 man city
    Everton 1 Vs 2 Aston villa
    Man united 1 Vs 2 spurs

  11. Burnley 1 – 2 Luton
    Chelsea 1 – 2 Fulham
    Newcastle 1 – 1 Mancity
    Everton 1 – 2 Aston Villa
    Man Utd 1 – 3 Spurs

  12. This is prediction game ooo don’t know why my comments is waiting approval and have lost about 2 predictions like that

    1. Burnley 1-2 Luton
      Chelsea 1-2 Fulham
      Newcastle 1 – Mancity
      Everton 1 – 2 Aston Villa
      Manutd 1 – 3 Spurs

  13. Burnley2 – 1Luton
    Chelsea2 – 1Luton
    Newcastle2 – 4Man city
    Everton 1 – 1Aston villa
    Man utd1 – 0Tottenham

  14. Chelsea 3_1 Fulham
    Burnley 2_1 Luton
    Newcastle 1_4 man city
    Everton 1_2 villa
    Man united 2_1 spurs

  15. Burnley 1-2 Luton
    Chelsea 1-1 Fulham
    Newcastle 1-2 Man City
    Everton 1-1 Aston villa
    Man United 2-1 Tottenham

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