Dan’s EPL Predictions – Could Fulham burst Arsenal’s bubble?

Here are Dan’s Premier League predictions for this weekend. You may be surprised at his forecast for Arsenal!

Brighton 1-1 West Ham
Hammers will have painful memories of the correspondent fixture last season, Brighton’s best away performance.
This is a challenge for Manuel Pellegrini for different reasons to last Saturday. Having beaten Man United, can he ensure his players have the same attitude and level of professionalism against lesser opposition? I’m not sure.


Burnley 1-1 Huddersfield
I always felt that Sean Dyche just needed to get that first win in the League for things to go back to normal, and Huddersfield are in the same boat. To Wagner’s credit, unlike other teams struggling, his men haven’t let it affect their confidence, they are still making chances every week. I think the Terriers will get a result based purely on law of averages, they are due a slice of luck.

Crystal Palace 1-2 Wolves
At 70 years old, you can understand why Roy Hodgson thought he seen it all in the game, until his defender decides to put his arm in the air for no reason to concede a penalty? Wolves have been outstanding to watch in their last few games, Moutinho one of the players of the season so far. Biggest compliment I can give to them is they have got to a point where it’s now about dealing with expectation. In the past ftheir ans would bite off fingers for a point on their travels, now they probably think they should be winning at Selhurst Park.

Leicester 1-1 Everton
Marco Silva is been credited for producing an inspirational half time team talk that inspired his players against Fulham. It helped that Sigurdsson then gave his best performance in a Toffees shirt. This would have been a 4th round Carabao Cup tie had key personnel not been rested at Goodison in midweek. I don’t put too much emphasis on individuals needing a rest, unable to handle two games a week. Everton won’t make top 4, won’t be in a relegation fight, so why not prioritise winning a domestic cup? Is beating Leicester in a mid table clash really more important then trying to win silverware?

Spurs 3-0 Cardiff
After Wednesday night apparently Spurs are now heroes ….. they lost 4-2!!!! Saying that their manager wrote an autobiography based on taking the club to dizzy heights …… He’s yet to win anything!! Having chased Barcelona round Wembley in midweek, Cardiff are ideal visitors. I can understand Neil Warnock being ‘gutted’ by another loss last Sunday. He’s long enough in the tooth to know that when promoted sides stay up, it’s based on a good start. We are in October now!!!!!

Man United 2-0 Newcastle
A draw with Valencia isn’t that harmful in terms of getting out of their Champion’s League group but it was a performance their fans wanted to see. Many of us grew up watching Sir Alex Ferguson. When he lost, you hated to be the opposition after as you knew there be a response. It’s now been Wolves, Derby, West Ham, Valencia, where you could argue levels are getting worse. The owners have a right to question whether their manager get a response out of his dressing room? History says he can’t. That when he loses control, he’s unable to turn the tide. Considering all of that, Jose could not have wished for anyone else to be rocking up at Old Trafford. The Toon are the most depressed bunch of fans in the country right now. While though they bemoan the lack of transfer activity and question where the goals will come from, didn’t they have the exact same issues when finishing 10th?
It’s not like this time last year Mike Ashley was ambitious and they had a 20 goal a season striker. So you have to ask why Rafa can’t squeeze the best out of his men yet again? My theory is the Spaniard thought he’d be so adored by securing top flight football it would force his boss to want to compete at the next level. With his contract up in the summer, knowing he will get offers, Benitez has no reason to be motivated .

Watford 2-2 Cherries
The Hornets are still wondering how they lost at the Emirates. The problem is before that, they were asking how they failed to beat Fulham. Their manager will be aware he works for owners who do not react well to any bad run of form, no matter how good the performances are. Just because they don’t seem to be getting much luck at the moment, I’ll say the Cherries can get a result.

Fulham 2-1 Arsenal
The biggest compliment I can give Emery is we are winning games while not playing well, something Arsene Wenger couldn’t do in his last couple of years. This is the type of fixture we would have lost last season, making it intriguing. A strange kick off time, opposition who had a whole week to prepare, key players travelling to Azerbaijan, etc. I want to be wrong but we won’t keep getting away with how we are playing much longer.

Saints 0-3 Chelsea
Playing right before Liverpool vs City makes this a key game for Chelsea. Every incentive is there for there to be no reason why they would approach this game lightly. The Blues could go on the international break really believing they are in the title race. Advancing in the Carabao Cup was huge for Saints, just to give their fans something to hope for. While I feel there are 3 worse teams then Mark Hughes men, they seem to lack any identity.
What are they ?

Liverpool 3-1 Man City
If Liverpool are serious about ending their 28 year title drought, this could be huge. Not in terms of points difference, it’s too early to look at that. It’s mentally what a win would do. The city would be buzzing for the next 2 weeks. A loss and suddenly, it’s here we go again. City dominated last season but if there was one side who got under their skin it was the Reds. That Champions League quarter final showed Klopp has the individuals and tactics to take the game to Pep Guardiola’s Champions, something they are not used to. On massive occasions, I view Anfield as a key component. One of the few stadiums to inspire and intimidate. I can see them sucking in the goals for the home side.

Leave your predictions below…

Dan Smith


  1. Tony says:

    As usual negative energy infested arsenal fan!

    1. I says:

      I realized that most Arsenal fans and pundits failed to differentiate between Emery and Wenger tactics in terms of expectations hence they think Emery’s current team are winning without good performances. If you follow the progress of the team closely from the first two games to the last game you would notice the gradual growth of the team from both defensive, offensive and nicking result positions. I remembered Emery’s statement about the need for clean sheet before the Everton game. Since then the team has won matches with clean sheets even against the dreaded Watford that some saw as the actual test.
      The fact is, if you watch this team with Wenger’s lens you won’t be able to see the exact growth of the team.

      1. RSH says:

        It’s definitely still looks like a Wenger team defending. But attack-wise. We are far more efficient in taking our chances, far less useless passes. We attempt to look for a forward more frequently. Still some wonky stuff going on in midfield though. Ramsey and Ozil in the same lineup isn’t really working. Hopefully Emery sees this. I do see the improvement but definitely classify us as a work in progress still. Far better than last season for sure. Last season it wasn’t even entertaining to watch us play. I am still waiting for that one great performance where I can say this is now an Emery team, but I think people forget how bad it was last year with AW and we were all bored watching the team complete side passes till they lost possession and then nobody track back.

        1. ken1945 says:

          As a well known Wenger admirer, if someone cannot see the difference between Emery’s defence and that of Arsene’s last two years pathetic performances, then they must be watching a different team entirely.
          More grit, more talking, more responsibility, better players (either bought or coached better) and two keepers intent on being the first choice.
          Let alone the fact that the defence now have some excellent midfield players, working together and who think about heping out defensivally as well.
          Yet again, I think I must be following a different Arsenal to everyone else!!

          1. jon fox says:

            Ken, I will agree there is a clear difference in attitude and other related matters, which you mention. But ,as yet, the defence looks alarmingly open game after game, even against Quarabag. I think there is a limit to what ANY manager can achievewith sub standard tools. To my mind Mustafi and Bellerin should be nowhere any near Arsenal team. They are , not to put too fine a point on it, grossly imcompetant, though it is worth trying Bellerin as an out and out winger only. I have full confidence in Emery to come through BUT he will need several new signings with the old duds leaving the club, before real progresss is possible.

          2. waal2waal says:

            …in very few words our defence was exposed in against europa league minnows which is an early warning sign that (defensively) we are not where we need to be. sometimes it takes a calamity to happen at the back before we concede something drastic needs to be done to guard against our propensity to errors.
            Onto the point of bellerin he will need to improve a lot or else we’ll soon see others in opposing teams offering more than he does in his position and consequently this will caste a shadow his arsenal career. far as defending: he’s fast becoming a risk.

    2. Indy757 says:

      Your so correct.

      1. ken194 says:

        INDY 757, I’m glad you see it the same way.
        JON has made some good points (5.06pm) but we were comparing last season to this and no way are we looking so vunerable.
        With regards to Hector and Mustafi, I remember you saying the same about Iwobi Jon.
        To your credit, you have admitted seeing a marked improvement in him, so why not Bellerin as well?
        I have so much regard for Emery’s early work with the whole squad, that I am hoping he can give Bellerin the coaching needed to bring him back and surpass the levels of three years ago.
        Not so sure about Mustafi, as I don’t see any improvement at all, even from his Everton days.
        Once Kos is fit again, i would suggest that Mustafi will spend a lot of time on the bench anyway.

        OT…SUE, we were so right about the media and spuds “heroic” match last night weren’t we? Same with pool as well.
        It’s just soooo predictable it’s sickening!!!

        1. Sue says:

          It really is sickening Ken ?

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Let Arsenal keep being under the radar, with pundits concentrating on their “fanboys”. Hopefully the clean sheets continue to the Liverpool game.
            Emery still has time to work on the best back four and midfield. One of the issues with Torreira and Xhaka out of the midfield against Qarabag, was the inexperienced Arsenal midfield being overrun, putting unnecessary pressure on the defense.

      2. ken1945 says:

        Indy757, thanks for the vote of confidence.

        Jon, we were comparing this season to the last two and, as yet, I haven’t seen ANY of the horrendous mistakes that led to goals that were happening then.
        On your observations regarding Bellerin and Mustafi, can I ask you to look at Iwobi’s form since Emery arrived?
        Your previous thoughts on this man were exactly the same as those you are now saying about Bellerin and Mustafi!
        You have said that you see a big difference in the player, so why not give Emery the chance to do the same with Bellerin (in particular)?
        Three seasons ago, he was fantastic, full of confidence and defending well. I see no reason why Emery cannot bring that form back.
        I personally think he will, especially as he has Lichsteiner to help show this young man the art of defending as well as an attacking full back.
        Don’t be to hasty to get rid of “your duds” Jon, Iwobi is surely giving you food for thought isn’t he, along with Xhaka?
        Mustafi I am with you however. To still be making mistakes like he does, after so many seasons in top flight football is a recipe for disaster.

        1. waal2waal says:

          i don’t expect bellerin to be the arsenal defence once we restore parity with the finest european cup and english premiership challengers. we are being far too sentimental on the bellerin issue. i’m not even sure he’s captured the imagination of the spanish coach? Eventually we do need better than Bellerin, i’m not convinced he’s the real item either in so far as turning our fortunes round.

          1. ken1945 says:

            waal2waal, as usual on here, there are difference of opinions and points made on both sides.
            I believe that, because Emery has made such a difference regarding every aspect of our players, to write someone off so quickly and casually could be very foolhardy and costly to the club.
            I give you Xhaka, Iwobi and Welbeck as three examples of players being classified as “not good enough to wear the shirt”, along with Bellerin.
            Emery has brought in players that have allowed these four to blossom out and Lichsteiner for Bellerin is a perfect example.
            He will be learning from his minder, the true art of defending from a seasoned professional, something he hasn’t had before.
            Just three years ago, Bellerin was being lauded for his exceptional talent, so before you cast him aside, note his improvement already and then give Emery and Lich the time to make him the defender he can be.
            There’s no rush, because as I say, Emery has planned so well by having Lich there, waiting and ready to come in if needed.

          2. waal2waal says:

            Fortunately for him emery’s a spaniard too – and before he knows it the euro championships will be knocking and he will need to really pull out the stops if he’s to get a look in. @Ken1945 i’m really not suggesting we sell, i just doubt he has the character to markedly improve. Not long ago he allowed a chelski greenhorn to run him rugged, he struggles to find an answer when faced with quality wingers, but as you pointed out under emery we’ll see what he’s got.

    3. Dan says:

      Because I predicted we lose?
      so you say we win every week to be positive not because you mean it?
      Hows that worked out sice 2003
      But for Tonys of this world
      Arsenal will win treble,are owners amazing and last year I was preying we got Emery, hes best manager ever
      Are kits ,the best ,Emirates is the best
      Welbeck better then messi

  2. gotanidea says:

    As long as Emery dares to bench the underperforming stars, I’m confident with Arsenal’s chance at Fulham

    Apart from Mitrovic and Seri, there are only Sessegnon, Vietto and Schurrle, which are less dangerous than speed demons like Richarlison, Salah, Sterling, Sane and Mane

  3. LENOhappy says:

    Ooh dan dan Danny boy I think you gonna be disappointed this week because most of this prediction is gonna be like this. Brighton vs west ham:1:2. Burnley vs Huddersfield:2:0. Crystal palace vs wolves:1:1. Leicester vs Everton:2:2. Spurs vs Cardiff:3:1. Man utd vs new castle:2:1. Watford vs cherries:2:1. Fulham vs arsenal:1:3. (Banker) with the way Fulham are playing,it will be a miracle if we don’t score 3 goals Saints vs Chelsea:2:1. Liverpool vs man city:2:2

    1. Dan says:

      Mate I get the Arsenal prediction wrong I’m delighted

  4. Dan says:

    If Admin could help me out we should get a predictions Leauge going
    I respect some readers don’t like predicting other results

    1. Leon says:

      Don’t bother.
      Doom and gloom fans like you are so predictable.
      Why bother being positive when you can just predict a loss.
      Dreary and boring…

      1. Dan says:

        First time since City and Chelsea games I predicted a loss( I was correct)
        I could say Arsenal will win every week because we are the best
        I’m just not in school play ground anymore
        But okay for the 12 year olds ..,, Arsenal will win 5-0 because we are the best lol

        1. Leon says:

          As a fan you are expected to be positive.
          And not write them off – that is not supporting a team is it?
          I hope for a win and I don’t predict a defeat.
          Leave that to the brainless pundits who call themselves “experts” – I mean, listen to the likes of Merson and Redknapp – once level above being declared legally brain dead…

          1. Dan says:

            Ask most gooners will we win prem this year?
            If they no, dont mean they are not supporting
            Im not an expert
            Just having fun, peeps are forgetting this is a fanbase ,should be fun not too serious

        2. Angello says:

          And we won 1-5 what does that say on your prediction ability? LMAO

  5. RSH says:

    I don’t think we’ll lose but this will be more difficult than many fans may think. The traveling we did this week will be rough on the players, and I’m still not 100% sure we are over our away day blues. But the thing is we have a team getting used to winning. At some point we will have to get cleaner wins, but we got Sokratis back, who has been getting better. And if Emery keeps Holding in the team as well I think those are our two best CB’s. I think there’s a good feeling around the team right now. Fulham have some talented players, but a not so great defense and I think our attackers will be too good for them in the end. Predicting 3-2 to Arsenal.

  6. HG says:

    We are aggressive and taking our chances. Emery is ready to substitute under performing stars which was not the case with Wenger. 2-0 Arsenal

  7. waal2waal says:

    Of all your predicted scores (Dan) you would be lucky to have 1 correct prediction. Not meant as challenge Dan it’s simply a suggestion that forecasting scores (accurately) is almost impossible. So why not try 9 match singles or that combined is 36 correct-score doubles and see what returns? Such is betting on variables the likelihood is you (or anybody) be lucky to get 1 correct predictions.

    Now i predict when ARS travel to away to West London its with the ambition of being the *pride of London. Its counterproductive to either slip up OR not perform well at Fulham if you want to realize the ambition of a Top 4 premiership team. THUS, We’ve no other option but to wipe the cottagers aside – ARS to notch up our 9th consecutive win and continue doing so up until we meet LFC where (once again) we’ll find our team faces a real test of character.

    1. Dan says:

      Make my money with over 1.5 goals accumulators
      On a roll this season

      1. waal2waal says:

        @Dan… best of luck – u gotta be in it to win it 😀

        1. Dan says:

          Won last weekend and midweek
          Scores predictions would be huge odds lol

  8. Sue says:

    Burnley 2 Huddersfield 0
    Palace 1 Wolves 2
    Leicester 2 Everton 1
    Spuds 2 Cardiff 0
    United 1 Newcastle 1
    Watford 2 Bournemouth 1
    Fulham 1 Arsenal 3 ?
    Southampton 1 Chelsea 3
    Liverpool 2 City 2
    Brighton 1 West Ham 1

  9. Donsimmy says:

    Dan you seem not to have noticed that unlike Wenger, Emery studies his next opponents and has different tactics for each team each time. Emery is world apart from Wenger. Figure in the fact that he hasn’t gotten his dream team yet as the players we have now are inherited from Wenger. If he gets all the players he needs i certainly think we shall definitely go places if he builds his own team.

    Let’s not think it’s only luck that has brought Arsenal this far. You and i may lie but the Premier League Table doesn’t lie.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Donsimmy, let’s not pretend that it was only luck that gave us those trophies under Wenger either shall we?
      At the moment they are worlds apart, but not the way you try to portray it!
      Do you think, after the Invincibles, Wenger ever got his “dream team”?
      Of course he didn’t, just ask Griezmann for one Ronaldo for another.
      Just remember this, Kronkie is the man with the money and his dream team is one that keeps on bringing the profits in, just as Wenger did for so long.
      Emery is doing a fantastic job and IF he get’s his dream team, let’s hope we have another Invincible squad.
      Just don’t diss the history of the greatest manager this club ever had, as you say, premeir league table never lies…nor do the honours and achievements of Wengers teams, even if he didn’t study the opponents.
      Facts mean everything, opinions are selective and personal.

    2. Dan says:

      We are 5th? What you mean table dont lie?
      5th not good ?
      What you mean luck hasnt brought us this?
      Say that if are top._..Not 5th
      Wenger world apart?
      Wenger won more
      better record in cl
      Your making out emerys taken us unbeaten._._..Oh wait lol

      1. ken1945 says:

        Dan, is it me, or does history mean nothing to some on here?

        So easy to say things that are confrontational, but one needs to have the facts to argue them successfully.

        Here we are trumpeting the fact that the league positions don’t lie as a great indication of success, forgetting that Wenger bettered that twenty of his twenty two year reign at the end of each season.

        I am without question absolutely behind Unai Emery, he has done a fantastic job so far, but for heavens sake let’s have some perspective and give him time, not pile on the pressure by comparing him to wenger’s history.

        Dream team? Only one to date, Wenger’s Invincibles led by the mighty Dennis Bergkamp and that was BEFORE Kronkie got full control.

        By the way, we will beat Fulham and Ozil will reign supreme…I think!!

        1. Dan says:

          Sad day mate when you are not allowed to even mention greatest manager in our history
          This is what he meant by never forgetting lack of respect by some fans
          Day,we forced him out of club we lost our soul,just any other club
          I think some fans are so desperate to be proven right ,they are jumping on anything Emery does
          Emery would have to win a title b4 any comparisons
          cant believe some hes done that already

          1. ken1945 says:

            Dan, agree with you completely.
            However, following that great cup final win over the champions Chelsea, was, in hindsight, when he should have resigned.

            It shows the level of ridicule aimed at Wenger when, in reply to my question as to why that was not seen as a success, one reply was as follows:
            “We only won it because the Chelsea players were out the night before partying because they were champions”!!
            Is that what a supporter of any other club would have said?
            It’s a disgrace, not only to the club, but the players and manager.

            I can’t defend those two awful last seasons, they were even worse because of what Wenger had achieved in the past.
            But I will always defend the years before those disasters.
            Opinions are one thing, re-writing the facts of history is another.
            The really sad thing is that they believe it!!

          2. Dan says:

            I agree
            Some fans chaging narrative

  10. Leon says:

    Shock of all shocks.
    Not allowed to disagree with admin on here??
    I would understand if I were being abusive but I am not…

    1. Dan says:

      be positive ,not dreary lol

    2. Admin says:

      Hmmmm So you didn-t notice you had a slightly different email address?
      If you start throwing accusations around before checking you may well find yourself blocked!

  11. Donsimmy says:

    Maybe my comparism seems off the top. Yet i mean no disrespect to Wenger. What i meant about the difference between Wenger and Emery is basically that the latter has a pragmatic, proactive approach to every match each time in respect to his opponents; video analysis of the etc. Wenger was a stranger to this. Wenger usually changed players based on his pre match plan and not usually according to the moment of play. His tactical know how is not up to date when you compare him to what we have seen so far with Emery.

    Managing players through motivation was increasingly on the ebb during the last days of Wenger. Walcott has spoken about how Wenger made him hate football. Iwobi, Mikhitaryan, Aubameyang have all proved that training and stuff are now more tactical in outlook. I personally observed that Wenger produced gems during his earlier days. He also destroyed/mismanaged a lot of talent during his latter days. We seemed to have hit a snag in producing promising players who live up to their earlier billing. They will come with so much promise and then somehow, somewhere they become average. Check up Gnabry, Ozyakup, Arshavin, Afobe, Akpom, Wilshere, Chamberlain, Lansbury, Miyaichi etc. For one player who makes it, there are about 5 or more who do not. It got worst in the last few years.

    I appreciate how he managed Arsenal as we paid for the Stadium, but his rigid analogue ways undid a lot of his legacies. Let me not even talk the way transfer deals went under him.

  12. Dan says:

    Breaking news _ Mirror Jose sacked this weekend no matter result vs newcasle
    Never thought i argue jose deserves respect but man united club who did things right
    third manager sacked ,leaking to press letting them go into game dead man walking

  13. ozziegunner says:

    Dan, let’s talk about George Graham and Herbert Chapman as well.
    Under Herbert Chapman, Arsenal had a record 7 players selected to play for England against the then reigning World Cup champions Italy in the ” Battle of Highbury” 14 November 1934. England had not participated in the World Cup as the English FA had left FIFA in 1928. Emgland won 3-2.

    1. dan says:

      I only say greatest manager in our history because its factual
      No one won more then him
      Peeps dont seem to like it, as have own agendas but its a fact
      10 trophies in 22 years
      17 if i do ajose and cont community shield
      13 fiinals in 22 ,so every other season were in final
      Ubeaten season
      Recrited and made stars
      Moved 2emiraites
      Football praised round world
      Did that with net profit
      All facts._.._..Also ,double with monoco and cup in japan
      So 20 trophies,6 finals
      Not bad is it?

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