Dan’s EPL Predictions League 2021/22 FINAL TABLE

Congratulations to KEV 82– the 2ND Justarsenal Predictions League Champion – send Admin Pat your details mate, and before the start of the season we will sort you out a Arsenal shirt and trophy. If not I will pay to charity.

Defending Champ Dan Kit finished 16th.

He along with 31 other players have qualified for the World Cup Predictions League in Decemeber.

Closer to the time let me know who wants to play so I can offer your place to others if you don’t want to participate.

It’s been a hard couple of years and the world is a scary place, so I hope this game has brought some comfort to you all.

Sorry if at times my addings up have been scatty as it’s hard to balence with work .

Spread the word and lets add more players for next season .

One more time ….. well done to the 2022 Champion …… Kev 82

Top 32 qualify for the World Cup

Kev 82-253
Gotanidea 246
Rob 49- 246
Terrah 242
Kenya 001- 234
Matthew 233
Turbo 232
HH 231
Goonersia 227
Declan 227
Prince 226
Sue 226
Ackshay 225
J Gunner 225
Dan Kit 224
I 220
Adiva 219
Dotash 216
Toney 214
Me 213
Samson A 210
Sid 209
Easy guys 206
Edu 198
Phenom 196
Stephanie 194
Sue P 194
Tom 188
SJ 187
Yayo 187
Dunchirado 185
MTG 185
KTyson 183
Rusty 183
Sagie 182
Khadi 179
Eblaze 174
Admin 166
loose cannon 166
Seroti 158
Kobin 156
Splendid 151
Adajim 147
Uzil Ozil 146
Dendrite 142
Tayo 141
Mambo 131
Shakir 121
Famochi 108
Zeek 112
Die hard 93
Jo Gunz 103
labass 88
Owei 87
Oslo gunner 82
Illiterate 77
Onyango 73
Gundown 70
Walidomy 79
Misgana 75
BA Thea 65
instrooments 57
Voyageur 56
Gunner Rey 54
Guy 53
Timothy 53
dhoni 47
Angus 44
Indian gunner London 44
Elvis 39
Ant Virus 39
FK 38
Adeski 36
Arsha 36
Illiterate 35
Gogo 34
Blue 17-33
James Gacheru 32
Baron 29
Mark 2.0- 28
Kelvin A- 26
Abbass 25
Sol 21
Tomorrow 20
Hackiubee 19
lucia 19
Third Man JW 18

Angelo 17
Drayton 16
Longbenark 15
Anti keV 15
phil 14
Olushorlor 14
Odi 12
Kuz 11
Montana 11
Diddie 11
Musa 11
Davars 10
George 10
BTG 10
Leno happy 10.
Ezegou Kevin 9
mubz ug- 9
Mena 8
Lucia 8
Tjay 8
Gunner 4 lyf 8
Buddy 8
Nasiru Kwalli 8
Empereour 8
Sylvander 7
Quincy Okebe 7
Geo 7
Dendrite 7
Mark 7
Jonbo 16
football lovers 6
Gooner 19-6
Khaly 6
David 6
Arsenal Why 6
Ezekiel 6
Joseph 6
BME 12- 6
Charlie 5
Kedar 5
Lisg 5
A Samson 5
papas 5
Big Sam 5
Siddharth Mohapatra 4
Collins 4
Tas 4
gunsmoke 3
Girl 2
Varka 2
Steve Shaffelbury 2
Akaymoney 2
V 2 – 2
ibjadd 1

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  1. Well done, Kevin!! Very consistent throughout – I knew you’d do it 🙂
    When’s the bus parade? 😉 Champione!!!

    Many thanks to Dan, a lot of work goes into this and it is appreciated 👍

    1. Yea well done Kev mate 🤜🤛
      And thanks once again Dan for the effort you put into it all season 🤜🤛

    2. Think he’ll put it on hold and do it after the world cup. Loose or win the parade is on. Domestic double!😁

  2. Many thanks for your valiant effort over the season, it is greatly appreciated 👏👏👏

  3. Thank you Dan for the game. It was fun and I’m waiting for the next one

    Congrats Kev. I thought I could overtake you, but you were consistent ⚽

  4. Great work Dan…
    More grease to ur joints.
    Congrats Kev82.
    Looking forward to season 3 predictions as well as the world cup too.

  5. Congratulations Kev. Well deserved. Dan this season you have been sleeping. Congratulations to all who played throughout the season. Good luck next season.

    Dan Smith we appreciate your dedication to this game and congratulations for a good job.

  6. Congratulations to Kev82 worthy champion.
    Massive thanks to Dan for running the predictions league, it’s kept me going through this up and down, often frustrating season. Appreciate all your hard work.

  7. Big ups to you @Dan for this inspiring and fun-loving prediction game. You are special.

    Congratulations to the winner of this season’s game. Your consistency was top-notch.

    To all the members of this wonderful J.A family, I wish us all the best in life and all our endeavours.

    I hope and pray our beloved club wins us the Europa league next season for the great support we show to them. 🙏🏾

  8. Congratulations Kev82. Well deserved. And a lot of appreciation to Dan and keep up the good work. 👏👏 What’s the price money for the world cup

  9. Thank You Dan for your efforts all season. This prediction game has been fun! And congrats to Kev! Champion! We will be cherring for the 32 come the world Cup.

  10. Congratulations Kiev82.I’ve qualified the Everton way.so admin how’s next season going to be with the world cup break?.

    1. The Top 32 in this comp will be playing in the World Cup Predictions.
      The normal season will be separate before and after the WC…

  11. Thanks for the hard work Dan and to everybody for playing and congratulations to Kev 82! It was good fun.

  12. Thanks Dan for the wonderful game! And congratulations to Kev82 for being the champion!
    Cant wait for the world cup!

  13. Congrats to all the Top 4 champions league folks, Europa and conference league too ….😄😄😄😄

    Well am still in Non league, hoping to make giant stride into top four next season.

    Congrats Again …

    Great work Dan

  14. Feels great to make the top 6,congrats to Kev82&thanks for your efforts&commitments Dan smith

  15. Congrats kev82 and thank u Dan for the good work u have done throughout the season.
    I’m happy to participate in the world cup.

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