Dan’s EPL Predictions League introduction for new season…

Last season JustArsenal introduced a Premier League predictions game which proved very popular.

It was eventually won by Dan Kit who this week will receive his trophy.

Dan very kindly passed on the prize of an Arsenal shirt, so we agreed on giving money to charity.

I chose to give 50 pound to Shelter, a charity that supports homeless people and one which I personally donate to myself.

I was touched to read how many Gooners saw this weekly game as an escape.

Not just a chance to switch off from Arsenal’s poor campaign, but the stress we all faced due to COVID.

A criticism some had was some readers were late joining the game, others didn’t play weekly .

Now though we have a core group of players, it should be more competitive.

If you add me on Twitter at Dan_destiny that allows me to find even more players

If your new to this game, the rules are simple.

Every Thursday / Friday we post our predictions for that weekends top flight fixtures.

You are awarded 1 point for a correct result, 3 for a correct score.

If you’re not near the top don’t give up as there is lots to still play for.

The top 32 players will qualify for the JustArsenal World Cup in December 2022.

Good luck peeps


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  1. SueP says:

    Bring it on!
    Great fun despite being absolutely rubbish

    1. Sid says:

      You were great SueP! I think you maybe didnt play regularly or had a late start and yet managed to finish high. This season also would be a little more predictable (I hope!) due to crowds returning to the stadiums.
      Best of luck!

  2. Defund The Media says:

    O.T tammy abraham off to Roma for £34 mill according to sky sports, for all those worrying that we were gonna sign him 👌

    1. Mike says:

      Sounds good cus I don’t like him at arsenal!

    2. Sue says:

      Rory, you’ve made my day!! 😆

    3. Sid says:

      Once again welcome back Rory! Hope to see you compete this season

      1. Defund The Media says:

        Happy to help guys 😂 and thank u Sid 👊

  3. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    looks like Roma doesn’t mess around when they truly rate a particular player…very interesting, don’t you think?!?

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Looks like they didn’t rate Xhaka?

      1. MartinelliTheBench says:

        Seeing as they were the only team mildly interested, even at a very low cost, it appears that no team globally seem to rate him…

        Except us obviously, contract extension and increase 🤡

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Look forward to it.

  5. Sue says:

    It’s back!!! Been counting down the days for this 🙂

    Well done to both Dan/Dan kit – money donated to Shelter 👏

    1. Kenya 001 says:

      It’s back at last! Let the games begin

      1. Sue says:

        Woohoo!! 👍

  6. Declan says:

    Thanks for doing this again Dan, I’m looking forward to competing and well done Dan Kit👏

  7. Lucia says:

    OT: I’ll like to point out a few things some fans have failed to address or recognize.
    Before parttey came to arsenal he was rarely injured but look at him now, he can barely play 5 games in a row. We should be careful when signing players from Spanish league or french league. Arsenal should look to explore Germany and Italian league. Those leagues are more fierced, closer to premier league. Why are we not going for sabitzer? Why are we we not going for florenzi?( A very astute rb) and he won’t cost much. I rather arsenal go for Nick pope instead of ramsdale. Since we want an English squad. Camavinga is there for the taking but we are hell bent on odegaard and Madison, wasting our time. Leicester is in no hurry to sell as he just signed a new contract last season. Odegaard for me is too light for premier league. Same thing happened to ceballos. If there is one player Arsenal should sign it should be fekir, affordable. It’s clear that our starting RB is chambers and rightly so. I don’t trust parttey which is why we need to go and sign bissouma. Fekir,bissouma/camavinga, pope and florenzi…now that is a realistic, more cheaper deal to do. (Fekir is similar Santi)

    1. MartinelliTheBench says:

      The issue is definitely with our training methods not where players come from.

      There’s no chance that just a few games in the EPL is enough “wear and tear” on a player to create ongoing injury problems. Maybe after a year or two yes.

      The fault lies with us, other EPL teams generally don’t struggle like we do.

    2. GunneRay says:

      Leicester / BR rate Maddison at £100m now!

      We can definitely scratch his name off the board!

      Looks like it’s Odegaard then because these are the only two that MA is looking at as far as I’m aware?

  8. GunneRay says:

    Nice one Dan! 👍

    I was terrible last season and missed so many entries. This time round though I’m going to give it my all! Will still be crap mind! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. GunneRay says:

      Congrats @ Dan Kit BTW 👏

  9. Ackshay says:

    Bring it on

  10. Mrcool says:

    Training method that doesn’t produce consistence winning but injuries?

    What sort of training method is that?

  11. Sid says:

    Thanks again for the initiative, Dan and Just Arsenal! Will try very hard this year to finish higher.
    BTW if it returns for the 22 23 season, then what would be the tournament that the top qualifiers would play for? Or it would be like a normal PL season?

    1. Dan says:

      Don’t worry I have a plan for that season

  12. Dan kit says:

    Yea can not wait Dan
    Cheers buddy 👍

  13. Goonersia says:

    Hello Fellow Gooners!
    I’m from Malaysia.
    Can I join in this Prediction Competition?

    1. Kenya 001 says:

      Yes Goonersia you can and welcome to just Arsenal

  14. Paul Blinkhorn says:

    Well up for this sounds great fun. If I do a mark lawrenson for us I’m not making the world cup yeah 😂

    1. Sagie says:

      I am looking forward to the new season. Very excited about it on both fronts.
      Hope to play with my head and not my heart, this time around.

      1. Kenya 001 says:

        Just balance between your heart and head sagie! Both are sometimes right 😀

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