Dan’s EPL Predictions League – Table after Week 3

Hey Peeps, check out the latest EPL Predictions table after week 3.
The top 32 qualify for the World Cup, but starting next season the champion will be decided in a brand new play-off format
I’m very proud of how big the game has become. I work in a medium secure Unit, long days and a stressful job so it takes me long time to add up the scores. So just stay with me in terms of any mistakes I make.
Just carry on what you are doing, keep track of your own score, message me a breakdown if I have made a mistake, and Im quite good at correcting it.
Top 32 Qualify For the World Cup
Mambo 33
Samson 31
Angus 29
Stephanie 29
Kedar 27
OsloGunner 27
Ernie Blaze 26
Toney 26
Voyageur 26
Adiva 26
Dotash 25
Me 24
Goonersia 24
Sid 24
Sue 24
I 23
Admin 23
AdamJim 23
Khadi 22
gotanidea 22
Terrah 22
Edu 22
Phenom 21
Ackshay 21
J Gunner 21
Onyango 21
Gunner Rey 21
Owei 21
Easyguys 21
Dhoni 21
Matthew 20
Uzil Ozil 19
Gogo 19
Blue 17-19
Kev 82-19
Declan 19
Prince 19
Hackiubee 19
Elvis 19
Third Man JW 18
Sue P 18
Shakir 18
Seroti 18
Famochii 17
Drayton 16
Instrooments 16
Phil 16
Turbo 16
Indian Gunner London 16
Illiteraite 16
Sagie 16
kobin 15
MTG 15
Okobino 15
Rusty 14
Guy 14
Abbas 14
SJ 14
Lucia 14
Dan Kit 13
Dunchiradho 13
Zeek 13
Splendid 13
Adeski 12
Kuz 11
Montana 11
Baron 11
Diddie 11
Goonersia 10
Timonthy 10
Davars 10
Turbo 10
Abbas 9
Tom 9
Quincy Okebe 7
Labass 7
Geo 7
Yayo 6
Musa 6
Gooner 19-6
David 6
Toney 5
Charlie 5
Famochi 5
Btg 5
Lisg 5
Kelvin A-5
Kondwani Tyson 4
Collins 4
Leno Happy 4
blue 17 4
Girl 2
Varka 2
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  1. Sid says:

    A real fast start! Looks like DK has a tough road ahead to be return champion😂😂

    1. Sid says:

      Also really grateful to you Dan, for accomodating this game in your busy schedule. Really fun and relaxing activity for the sole reason that we dont confront others over scores and there are no arguements😂😂

      1. Ackshay says:

        Wait for it there will be fights about people who always choose an arsenal win or arsenal defeat

  2. GunneRay says:

    Cheers, Dan! 👍 Keep up the great work 😁

  3. Mambo says:

    Hey Mambo Jumbo, top woohoo.

    not for long probably as I only watch our games.

    Thanks for fixing Dan 👏

  4. Kedar says:

    Hi Dan
    Can you please let me know how do we calculate score.
    Actually I am not aware of it
    So henceforth I will also keep track of my own score

    1. Matthew says:

      3points for correct score prediction&1point for correct result

  5. Matthew says:

    I suggest relegation for one season for the bottom 5 to increase the intense of the competition

    1. Mambo says:

      no please this is a suoer league, no relegation.

  6. Sue says:

    Nice one, Dan 👍

  7. blue17 says:

    Hi Dan… I don’t think you’ve added my points from GW3, up there it’s still 19 which should have been 23.
    Or are there deductions I’m missing???

  8. Rob49 says:

    Hi Dan, Big thanks to you for running this compo, you’re putting a lot of work in and it’s much appreciated.

  9. Turbo says:

    Hi Dan – Thanks for your hard work on this. I think I’m on 26 total. You’ll see you have me listed twice, once at 16 and once at 10, so probably should be added together.

  10. ThirdManJW says:

    Well done Dan! (Not Dankit, never him!)

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