Dan’s EPL Predictions League Update and the Euro League format explained

I needed to update the Predictions League table, which I’m very excited to say is very close as we reach the home straight, due to some big scores the week of the North London Derby.

I thought I would now take the opportunity to start to give readers an idea of what our Euro Predictions League tournament will look like.

As I have long stressed the top 24 players in the table will qualify which is the number of teams in the Euros.

Once I have established who’s taking part, I will do a random draw of 6 groups of 4 with the top two and 4 best third place players in qualifying for the knockout stages (like the Euro format).

Everyone will be predicting games for the group stage with the usual points.
So for example winner of group A might face one of the best third place team to predict the last 16 results. Most points qualify to the last 8 and so on.

Best third place will be decided on points. Even points will be separated by most correct scores.

If all tied I will use whoever finished higher in original Predictions League.

At end of season let me know if you don’t want to take part and I can offer your place to the next possible player.

Top 24 qualify for Euros
Dan Kit 165
Sue 155
Highbury Hero 155
Declan 154
Dunchirado 150
EDU 142
ME 142
Shakir 140
Khadii 139
Terrah 139
SJ 137
lykmatt 136
Buchi 135
Samson 134
Davars 130
Easy guys 128
Joe Gunner 127
Sagie 122
Okobino 121
Dotash 120
EM 119
Dhoni 119
Sid 115
Kenya 001 – 111

Herbz 109
Admin 104
Rusty 104
Ernie Blaze 101
Phenom 101
Wyoming 98
FFO 98
MTG 97
Arsha 96
Sue P 96
Olushorlar 90
BT 87
I 82
Kev 82 – 81
Tom 79
Famochi 71
Ackshay 68
Prince 55
Instrooments 54
006 53
Classy Gunner 52
Mambo 52
Baron 51
Once great 49
Toney 46
Gibson Power 45
Innit 42
Jimmy Bauer 38
Kelvin 23- 35
Splendid 35
Uzi Ozil 33
Ash 32
Anie 25
Babasola 25
Gunner Rey 24
Frank Brady 24
Bob 22
S Emirates 20
Quincy Okereke 19
Gunner 4 life 19
Illiterate 16
Vinod 16
Sean 14
Jay 13
Adamjim 13
Musa 12
Third Man jw 12
Pepe 11
Nuisance 10
Elvis 10
ICW – 9
Invader Zim 8
Rain 7
Gerylo – 7
Ba Thea 7
Gold 7
Dendride – 7
Ngu 7
Oluwaskillful 7
Omwabu Robinson 4
Longbernark 6
Collins otanchi masea 6
Khgondroidx- 6
Mark 6
Mtuliva Bob 6
Eastside Gooner 5
Durand 5
Deluded One 5
Labass 5
Kuhepson 4
Nifty 4
One and Only Making Love OnCampus 4
Seroti 4
Chairman Gallani 1
Anti- kev 1



    1. Thank you. It is becoming even tighter with Dunchirado joining the race. There is no way those below Dunchirado will catch up so at least I am guaranteed top 5 finish. Not bad for the first season.

      I am thinking of going completely opposite of Dan’s predictions in one game week and hope he get it wrong and I get it right. That is the only way to catch him.

  1. Admin pat banned me(iykmatt) for a reason i don’t know,so i don’t know how that is going to affect my participation here.

    1. First step is accountability
      Even if you don’t agree , can you see it from that person’s viewpoint?

  2. Thanks Dan, for making this season a lot more interesting with the predictions league.
    Just wanted to know whether we would predict all the games of a round or the matches of a particular group, that is maybe similar as the group you would divide us?
    Also I was really scared that I dropped way out of the race, lol. Glad to see the updated table.

    1. Hey Sid
      Next season will be better now we have a core group who will play every week
      All group games mate
      So week of we will predict all fixtures for say match day one

  3. Lol..
    Dan Kit is like Mancity on the table.. and i’m like our beloved Arsenal
    Hopefully I can step up to top 5

  4. I don’t really understand the process Dan is talking about but nevertheless, it has been interesting seeing different predictions weekly. Kudos to the brain behind this idea.

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