Dan’s EPL Predictions Week 10 – Arsenal to keep run going and Tottenham going down?


Brighton 2-1 Wolves
Defeat at home to Watford was the first sign of Wolves showing complacency. The same 11 had started every week, a statistic their players had earned, the danger of which is your squad get too comfortable. Wolves have won many admirers this season but having had so many plaudits, the test now is how they react to an unexpected loss.

Fulham 3-3 Cherries
Fulham play the game the right way but need to start showing they can set up as a team tough to beat with some organisation. Things you get away with in the Championship you will get punished for at this level. In terms of my over 1.5 goals accumulator this is a banker.

Liverpool 4-0 Cardiff
You sense Neil Warnock was relieved to get his first win of the season knowing this trip was next? He’s the kind of manager who will identify this as a bonus and will not let it impact on confidence, even if it’s a drubbing. Unfortunately for the Welsh side, Liverpool’s strikers warmed up their scoring boots in midweek. The earlier they score, the bigger the margin.

Saints 1-0 Newcastle
Two managers under immense pressure to the point you would worry if one loses here. It’s not just losing games but the manner of how both sides are being set up. The negativity has knocked the spirit out of both sets of fans who are in desperate need of hope. A win could change eithers outlook. In a cagey game I think the Saints have more of a cutting edge.

Watford 2-0 Huddersfield
One of those fixtures where Watford need to handle the pressure of expectation, fans will be showing up assuming three points. Despite no wins so far, Huddersfield have not lost their confidence in terms of being hard to break down. Their problem is who’s going to score the goals for them? The earlier the break through, the easier for the Hornets.

Leicester 3-1 West Ham
Hard to predict which West Ham will show up. They battered Spurs last week but have had performances where they simply don’t show up away from home. On another day at the Emirates the Foxes would have won a penalty while 1-0 up, with a man advantage Hard to pick as it’s two teams who are Jekyll and Hide,

Man United 2-1 Everton
Jose continues to misunderstand at Man United; it’s not just results but performance levels which matter to a club that size. However good Juventus are, being negative on a European night at Old Trafford, goes against the history/tradition of the club. How Everton approach this is fascinating. They have the creative players to hurt United considering how the Red Devils are playing but will Marco Silva’s men play to the occasion or what’s in front of them?

Burnley 0-1 Chelsea
It looks like Chelsea will be without Eden Hazard this weekend, aka; the best player in the League so far this season.
Chelsea have enough experience in their squad to roll up their sleeves and fight, something you need to do if you want to win at Turf Moor. Who will replace Hazard in terms of providing that bit of magic?

Palace 0-1 Arsenal
All 7 Premiership victories have seen us not leading at half time. That tells me that as much as performances are improving, we are dealing with the tough periods of games, showing Uni Emery is creating a stronger mentality compared to years gone by. This is a fixture we would have slipped up in over the years. We would have been intimidated by the Selhurst Part atmosphere or not prepared to battle. If we score early, we can play free flowing football but what’s great about us at the minute is we are prepared to scrap as well.

Spurs 1-3 Man City
As they have shown in Europe I’m still not sure Spurs are mentally strong enough in the key moments to win the big games. Do they believe they can win this game? I can’t see Pep Guardiola changing his tactics like he did going to Anfield. On the big Wembley pitch, he will back his players to play their usual game. If Spurs continue to make defensive mistakes they will lose.

Dan Smith


  1. Innit says:

    I hope we do better than 0-1 but a win is a win and it would be awesome to continue the winning streak

    Looking forward to CP away

  2. Joey27 says:

    I really think the game at selhurst will be different as slowly but surely arsenal have showed glimpse of improvement in the first half showings. They were times we got lucky to go level at half time but now the issue has drifted from depending on luck to imposing our game in half halves. Against Leicester and Sporting we were not outplayed as we were when we played Everton and Watford rather we just could not find spaces in behind their defenses that often.. I’m think we will not only dorminate possession but also the scoreline in the first half this Sunday and then when klopp’s army comes around we will take em toe on toe. Even if we don’t beat Liverpool, I don’t see us losing that game

  3. gotanidea says:

    I predict the Crystal Palace game would not be a breeze, but I think Arsenal would win

    Their most threatening attacker, Wilfried Zaha, is the most dispossessed player in EPL. Hence I believe our DM, most likely Torreira, would be able to handle him

    I’m more worried of Benteke’s aerial ability in set pieces. This should be the job of our towering CB, Mavropanos, but I think Holding is strong enough to handle Benteke

    1. jon fox says:

      Benteke is unfit , has been so for some time past and will remain so for some time to come, apparently. Though, as possibly the most physically powerful BUT MOST INEFFECTUAL TOTAL WIMP AND IDLER IN THE PREM CURRENTLY, it is a shame he will not play. He almost – mind I say almost – makes Walcott look macho, BY COMPARISON.

  4. lcebox says:

    OT. But i was just reading on a Portuguese sports site about how last nights draw makes the next game the decider on who will top the group lol just had to post about it ….
    What are they smoking over there?

    1. lcebox says:

      The draw leaves both sides on seven points in Group E, with the return fixture at the Emirates Stadium in a fortnight now seemingly pivotal as to who will become favourites to progress in first place.

      This is the quote.

  5. jon fox says:

    Apologies – as someone who is certainly an arch realist on Arsenal matters – for the following thought, which may or may not be just my own fantasy. And probably is too! But should we win against Palace, Wolves and Liverpool AND Spuds turn over City, we may top the table. Just writing this, which SHOULD be nonsense but is becoming a distinct possibility, sends a shiver down my spine. The sensible part of my brain tells me that we should all be hoping , and expecting, a City win over Spuds, as City will be way ahead and out of sight in the Prem by May in any case, while Spuds and us may well be in a close race for fourth place. But having spent regular time on this site telling off the many Gooners who self indulge in fantasy, I am close to doing so myself this time. Hence the apologies, because with brain in gear as it SHOULD be, I realise it is very, very unlikely. But NOT impossible. Winning the title is still impossible in reality land but leading the table , even for a few days, is not QUITE impossible. But imagining this to be a possibility straight after the defeat at Chelsea would have been impossible to all but serious fantasists. And we do have some on here. I need not name them!

    1. Sarmmie says:

      It’s winning fixtures like this that makes one a serious title contender, and I believe with our players playing well, we should beat palace confidently, as in confidently, they have their strengths, yes, but if we look at our own strengths too, especially our midfield, then we should beat them well, very well

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