Dan’s EPL Predictions Week 10 – Arsenal to scrape another win?

Arsenal scraped a last-minute win last night and Dan’s EPL Predictions this week are saying we will do it again on Sunday. What do you think of these…..?

Saints 1-1 Leicester
Everything points to an away win, and if the Foxes want to finish in the top 4 this is the type of game they have to win. They still need to show that they can handle the expectation of going away from home and winning these type of games.

City 4- 1 Villa
City know a win here means Liverpool go into Sunday with the gap only 3 points, which mentally is big. Only Pep Guardiola would play 2 midfielders in a back 3. That will catch up with them eventually which is why they need to spend money in January to replace Kompany, but they will get away with it here .

Brighton 1-1 Everton
Silva needed that performance last weekend; it was their best of the season. From the first minute to last they fought for their boss, proving he hadn’t lost the dressing room. They still have to prove they can do that consistently and it would be very them to not show up at Brighton.

Watford 2-0 Cherries
I know they only have 4 points, but I have sensed in last few weeks Watford are finding their mojo and are due a day to go their way. Eddie Howe’s men haven’t been their usual creative selves in the last few weeks .

West Ham 1-1 Sheffield United
A lot of West Ham fans have been saying how their players don’t like to battle, how they lack fight, so the last thing they need is Sheffield United 5 days after they beat Arsenal. A nightmare for Pellegrini.

Burnley 0-1 Chelsea
Not just does Frank Lampard have Chelsea playing beautiful football he’s got them picking up their old habit of finding ways to get over the line. Something you need when you go to Turf Moor. I have got to say, Sean Dyche’s ruled out equaliser last Saturday was the worst VAR decision so far.

Newcastle 1-0 Wolves
Going to use my Europa League theory here. Unlike United and Arsenal, Wolves played their strongest line up on Thursday and will field similar personnel this Sunday. A trip to Tyneside 3 day after a trip abroad is hardly ideal. A home win if Newcastle show some ambition.

Arsenal 2-1 Palace
After Monday night, and considering Palace won here last season there should be absolutely no excuse for us to take anything for granted. Surely the visitors won’t be as negative as they were at home to City. I thought they would have seen how Norwich and Wolves beat the champions and just keep Zaha up top on the defenders shoulders, instead he was well deep. The Arsenal team news this Sunday will be fascinating, Emery can’t keep leaving out certain players while we are playing the way we are.

Liverpool 1-1 Spurs
Not playing well yet getting a result at Old Trafford is hardly the end of the world, but I asked two questions going into that game. Did United have a response in them? And how would Liverpool cope now they are being the hunted, suddenly everyone’s favourites to win the League? Just like when they had a gap in the last campaign they followed up with a couple of below per performances. Is it a coincidence that suddenly they were so sloppy the moment everyone says the title is theirs to throw away? Plus, Spurs are due some luck at Anfield.

Norwich 0-1 United
That was a massive performance for Solskjaer last weekend. It proved the players are still battling for him, and we learnt they had the personality to respond, suggesting the likes of Rashford could become the leader they want him too.
None of that matters if they can’t follow that up here though. It would not shock me if they won comfortably or made a mess out of it.


  1. I can’t see anything other than burley win or draw, that’s my banker this weekend, if Silvia use the same players as last week then am going for an Everton win, I think that’s Walcott best performance for Everton, the way him and iwobi controlled that midfield was a joy to watch, am also going for a Liverpool win they are too strong for toth.

  2. Poor old Welbeck. Flores reckons he’ll be out for months. So unlucky.

    I don’t even want to predict a score for our game!

  3. i am keeping a check on our results compared to last season. we have 15 pts right now compared to 22 last season in the same fixtures(we won every game vs promoted sides so easy to compare). If we had performed better with 22 pts we would be just 3 pts behind liverpool. This week we have a chance to close the gap of 7pts because we lost vs palace last time.

    I am/was an emery supporter because even while the playstyle wasn’t pretty and we were scraping for wins the results were here and after years of pretty football and little results i didn’t care much. Right now emery is under real pressure because the 2 things protecting him which were injuries and good results are disappearing and there is no improvement till the end of the year i don’t see him lasting the season.

  4. I don’t know. My patience with Emery is waning

    If he puts out a side like against Sheffield I don’t see us winning. CP is just 6th place behind us.

    IF he starts anything close to this then we can win:


  5. Like that team too but the clown will go something like this..

    Chambers sok luiz kolas
    Gundezz. Xakai
    Pepe. Auba. Saka

  6. Your probably right JW but for me Chambers deserves to start preferably at centre back with Holding who has to play regularly to get match fit as do Bellerin and Tierney.

  7. Team now up to new year…
    Bell. Holding luiz. Tierney
    Guddenz. Cabbello

    Peppe. Auba..

  8. If Emery starts with the right team I think we will beat Palace. But Emery’s thought processes are a bit weak. Against both Watford and Sheffield United he bottled it and therefore never got a chance to dominate the games. If he wimps out we will struggle. If he bring’s Tierney in, gives Martinelli a chance and tells Xhaka to £$%& off, we have a chance. If he plays Xhaka, Crystal Palace will break too quickly and do us. Xhaka is a shite player. We need every position at full power. No place for slow minded, slow bodied players. Saka and Willock are NOT ready for too many games at the moment. You will cause them problems. Please Emery…put Ozil on the bench…you are beginning to look a right numpty at the moment.

    1. “Emery’s thought processes are a bit weak…..” Kind sir, you must be the champion of understatement. IMHO, thought prossesses and Emery in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Judging by team selection this season alone, it is impossible that any thought at all could have gone into it.

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