Dan’s EPL Predictions Week 11 – Man United to slip up and Arsenal to draw?

Cherries 2-2 Man United
The biggest compliment I can give the Cherries is they are playing so well that I’m not sure how the visitors will approach this. United fans of course prefer their team to attack but Jose might pay the hosts the respect of being cautious. On current form, the likes of Wilson, Brooke, Frazer, etc can hurt United’s back four.

Cardiff 1-0 Leicester
Hard, even uncomfortable to predict how Leicester will respond to the events of last Saturday. How can you envisage how people respond to grief? Some will find playing an escape, other heads will be elsewhere. Like Claude Puel says the result really doesn’t matter, it’s about remembering the five they lost ……. An emotional day either way.

Everton 1-0 Brighton
I have often had the theory that Everton struggle in the type of games where they are the favourites. They have the flair to break down an organised Brighton, but their fans will have to be patient. Often, they get nervous early and not all their players have the character to deal with it. The earlier they score, the more comfortable an afternoon.

Newcastle 0-2 Watford
What was so depressing about last weekend was how predictably negative Newcastle were in their tactics. Worse was hearing Rafa try to offer positives to Geordies who had travelled the length of the county to see a dull 0-0. They love their manager but there will come a point where they will want to see some ambition. The whole situation can play into Watford’s hands.

West Ham 2-1 Burnley
The fixture where West Ham fans last year disgraced themselves. Nothing has changed in terms of, a lot of their fortunes depends on how they start games. Sean Dyche will feel it’s unlike his team to fall apart like they have in their last two games. No matter the opposition, organisation is their strength. Lose that, they are in trouble. It could be a good time to face the Burnley defence if West Ham can take their chances this week

Arsenal 2-2 Liverpool
For weeks we have pencilled in this fixture as the game which will tell us where we stand. We are in danger of putting too much emphasis on this game, Liverpool are not Barcelona. Even if we lost it would confirm that this group of players beat who they should but fail to win against a top 5 side. Keep that up and it will be enough to finish in the top 4, our main target. To triumph Saturday evening, we need to do things we haven’t done in our unbeaten sequence. This is a first half where we can’t afford to start slow and quite simply, we must defend better that at any point under Uni Emery.

Wolves 1-1 Spurs
Spurs blamed the state of the pitch for their loss on Monday night, failing to mention how Man City had the same disadvantage.
It’s Daniel Levey’s job to manage the club. He asked for the fixture to be at Wembley, knowing full well it would be 24 hours after an NFL game.
Wolves have the type of individuals who I feel will be motivated by playing a top 6 side, rather than the likes of Watford

Man city 5-0 Saints
Anyone’s starting to think like last year there will be no title race?
The champions never looked like conceding at Wembley.
If Mark Hughes was negative at home to Newcastle, imagine his tactics going to the Etihad?

Chelsea 2-0 Palace
You would think the events of last weekend would have reminded all supporters that there are some things more important than football?
Yet still some individuals felt it okay to threaten and racially abuse Zaha on social media?
Chelsea have the best player so far this season in Hazard but in his absence the likes of Barkley and Loftus Cheek are thriving.
There’s a momentum about the club right now.

Huddersfield 2-1 Fulham
Fulham try to play the right way, but the fear must be setting in, in terms of do they have the discipline to adapt when things are going against them. If the answer is no, a new manager will have to be brought in to change it.
Home against a team shipping goals, TV, cameras, flood lights, a passionate crowd…. If Huddersfield don’t win now, when will they?


  1. gotanidea says:

    Don’t care in the slightest about Man United, Spurs or Chelsea, but I predict Emery would use the line-up below and maybe they would win by one set-piece goal:

    Lichtsteiner . Mustafi . Sokratis . Maitland-Niles
    ……………Torreira ……….. Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan ………….Ozil…………..Iwobi

    1. jon fox says:

      Why don’t you care, when their results affect our own top four challenge? I do care and also think more deeply about all matters concerning Arsenal. I also realise you did not say you don’t care about their results but just not about them. But those two thoughts are linked. Do you not see that? It is this lack of deeper thought that I and many others find so trite and silly in many of your posts. I am not trying to verbally trip you up but to show you much more real thought should accompany all posts, at least if you want to be taken more seriously.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Don’t care because I don’t like to watch them, despite knowing that they are Arsenal’s biggest competitors in England

        I just like to post and usually do that quickly to be the first poster

        1. jon fox says:

          Oh well, it takes all sorts. No one is forcing all Gooners to worry about our direct title opponents, but it seems odd not to be concerned at all. Perhaps being the very first to post is actually more important than who our club and virtually all our fans- though not you – ARE concerned with, ie, opponents, and trying to beat them.

          1. Angus says:

            You still think Emery should be sacked Jon? He plays Mustafi every game? According to you he’s not our best defender yet Emery holds the same opinion as me so should he be sacked?

  2. Okiror says:

    now even SOkratis is out injured ? am now worried i wanted to see SOkratis and HOLDING in the middle of defence

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