Dan’s EPL Predictions Week 11 – Will Wolves put more pressure on Emery?

So, after the crazy events at Arsenal in the last week or two, Unai Emery and his players have a chance to get themselves back in the good books with the fans, but the way that Wolves are playing could they put more pressure on Emery this weekend? This is what Dan is predicting….

Cherries 1-2 Man United
It’s uncharacteristic for the Cherries to be as shy in front of goal as they have been recently, they have struggled to even make chances. With the talent they have that won’t continue for long but there just not getting the breaks at the moment. Rashford to be the difference maker again? He’s stepping up as a leader…

Arsenal 1-2 Wolves
I’m really worried about our next two League games; it could leave Emery under serious pressure. It shows how far we have we have fallen that I think Wolves will see this has a winnable fixture. I just hope that Gooners realize that their players need their help, my fear is it won’t take a lot for the Emirates to turn toxic. Our manager’s team selection has probably never been under greater scrutiny…

Aston Villa 0-1 Liverpool
So much happened last week, I don’t think Liverpool got enough credit for how massive their second half comeback could have been. Having been 8 points clear, they were poor at Old Trafford and at 1-0 down to Spurs suddenly their gap was down to 3. So, to find the mentality to handle that pressure could prove vital. Villa will give a spirited performance, but the Reds will find a way to get over the line.

Brighton 3-1 Norwich
I was critical about how Brighton treated Chris Hughton, but to be fair under Graham Potter they are scoring goals which you wouldn’t normally say about the Seagulls. Norwich can’t defend so it’s better for them to make this an open game.

Sheffield United 2-1 Burnley
I was shocked how easy it was to score against Burnley last weekend. Chris Wilder Is smart enough to know his team will go through a bad patch, at which point you want enough points in the bank while there is this feel-good factor. I think the way Chris Wilder speaks up his squad, challenges them, doesn’t let them hide behind being newly promoted has been refreshing

Man City 2-0 Saints
One of those games where the Saints have just conceded 9 at home so everyone assumes this will a cricket score. Football never works like that and Saints might shock people by putting up a fight. Not enough though…

West Ham 1-0 Newcastle
The Hammers haven’t been happy with recent performances and will see this as a chance to get back to winning ways. Newcastle have not scored more than 1 in any game this season which means the opposition are always in the match. This will be scrappy, but the home side have individuals who can provide that moment of magic.

Watford 1-2 Chelsea
I think part of the reason there is more pressure on Emery is because of how quickly Lampard has found an identity. It’s making gooners think what would happen if we employed one of our own, someone who knows what the club is all about. I think Watford are too good to go down but at the moment just are not getting their share of luck.

Palace 1-2 Leicester
Remember a few years ago where every week you were just waiting for the Leicester bubble to burst? While I’m not saying the Foxes will be champions, they have the personality in the squad to cope with suddenly being expected to win at Selhurst Park. Palace were good at the Emirates, but you should remember they got lucky with VAR.

Everton 1-2 Spurs
I think people were a bit harsh on Spurs last weekend. I just don’t understand why having started so well they went negative and into their shells. They won’t make that mistake at Goodison where I think they will have better composure then Everton.


  1. gotanidea says:

    If the Gunners want to kick Emery out, they just need to play half-heartedly in the Wolves game

    But I hope not, because Emery has given a lot of chances to the youngsters

    1. GuuneRay says:

      Very true, Emery has given the youngsters a great opportunity. I would like to see more of Smith- Rowe. I thought Ska would have tried a little harder against Liverpool though. Willock is also performing well though. The future looks bright, even if the present doesn’t!

      I just fear a bad performance leading to a bad result will bring the house down. I don’t mid a bad result as long as the performance is good and everyone works for each other.


    2. RSH says:

      Freddie is the likely replacement until the end of the season is what the most reliable Arsenal source (ornstein) has said. So Freddie would definitely still play all the youngsters. I agree that using youth is the one thing I’ll give Emery credit for and I wish he implemented them even earlier last season when our first team players were blowing 4th place.

    3. Malaysian gunner says:

      It’s very well to play youngsters. Currently the gunners are going through a difficult period. There are no easy games.
      The defence has been a perennial problem the last 10 to 15 years. Unless the defenders step up to protect leads and win, Emery could
      be axed by Xmas.

  2. Sue says:

    Tough game tomorrow…we were very lucky to scrape a draw against them last season…
    We can’t afford to drop anymore points (Ha, I said the same thing last week 🤣)
    Let’s get back to winning ways! 👊

  3. Sue says:

    About time we had some good fortune!

  4. jon fox says:

    All those who choose not to self fool themselves can plainly see that the team is playing WAY BELOW the sum of its parts. A top manager makes a team play better than the sum of its parts; Emery regularly does the very opposite. We have many talented players who are simply confused and scared to play. The solution is very clear. Sack Emery now!

    1. ken1945 says:

      Jon, couldn’t agree more and admire you for changing your views on UE…I have answered your questions regarding our previous conversation and await your replies to mine.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Still waiting Jon, surely your going to answer this time, otherwise what’s the point of trying to converse with you?

  5. Gily says:

    I don’t want my Arsenal to lose this game nor any other game. But with all the odds against us: the confusing ever changing tactics from the coach, the terrible selection and substitutions, lack of confidence at the moment, and the vicious judgements from the PGMO and their puppet referees, I am being realistic that we might still lose this one, but that won’t be the end of the world for my Arsenal.
    One thing that is certain to me is that we are not lacking at all in quality players capable of winning the EPL. So let’s go out there and show them that we are the ARSENAL!

  6. David Rusa says:

    I am greatly surprised by Jon Fox’s turn around. It is actually a circle. In case Emery doesn’t know it, he has lost a great ally in Jon because of his poor tactics and poor team selection! Who is with Emery now? Perhaps a few coincidental factors might help him this weekend. Xhaka’s problems mean that Torreira will start and Kolasinac’s injury means that Tierney will start. These two changes could greatly help the team. I have never quite understood why Emery prefers Bukayo Saka to Gabriel Martinelli. Perhaps he will now come out of his slumber and make the correct selections before it’s too late.

    1. Clueless Emery says:

      Emery sees saka as a winger while he sees as a striker.

      That is why he always play saka

      1. David Rusa says:

        Martinelli can also play as a winger and even better than Saka.

  7. Kingojode says:

    In my own opinion and observation, I think unai does what is so much unnecessary. He wants his team to be competitive yet he leaves out the basics and does the superstructure; nobody builds a castle in the air. When you are conceding goals like we are doing currently, common knowledge suggests that the leakage has to be blocked, but Unai is not a coach that will do that. If it is lack of awareness of such a thing or unwillingness to fix the problem is what Emery is suffering from, i haven’t got a proper information as to be sure which one he suffers from.
    However, i think the former might be the case. I just feel he is not a talented coach.He is a coach for the Sevillas, Valecias etc.

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