Dan’s EPL Predictions Week 33 – Can Arsenal finally win away?

Here are Dan’s EPL predictions for this weekend, and i’m afraid he is not very hopeful of Arsenal getting any closer to the Top Four, but he is not always right! If we win, we are in a great position to make the Top Four, but if we lose…..

Here are Dan’s predictions…..

Spurs 4-0 Huddersfield
Pains me to say it but their Champions League win in midweek could give Spurs the momentum they need for the run in. Harry Kane might not play again this season but apart from the City game they should have enough to cope without their skipper. They could not have picked a softer home game in-between a European quarter final.

Brighton 2-1 Cherries
If there were a few more games remaining I would worry about the Cherries due to their form falling off the cliff. They most likely have enough points not to be dragged into a relegation fight at the last moment. Brighton simply need the win more.

Burnley 2-0 Cardiff
The table shows why Neil Warnock was so angry about Chelsea’s equaliser. It’s easy to say officials make mistakes but when you consider the millions at stake, the pressure that puts on your life, it’s hard not to sympathize. Convincing his players they can close the gap might take Warnock energy he hasn’t got (he walked away when he couldn’t keep Sheffield United in the top flight). Sean Dyche on other hand is getting a response at the right time from his men.

Fulham 2-2 Everton
Everton produced their best performance of the season last Sunday , begging the question where that level of display has been all year? It would be very like Everton though to follow that up by dropping points to a side already relegated.

Saints 2-0 Wolves
Wolves were seconds away from a major cup final. Given the talent they have, it’s a chance missed. Man City will prefer to face Watford than them. The loss will hurt too much for them to get over it in a week. Saints need the 3 points more.

Man United 2-1 West Ham
United are losing games again, Pogba’s flirting with Real Madrid, De Gea’s not extending his contract and they might not have CL football next year. This is why I didn’t understand the rush to make your interim manager permanent when there was zero reason to do so. Must win game which they will …..just!

Palace 1-1 City
Critical day in title race as this is one of the few games you can see the champions dropping points, at an hostile venue days after a rare defeat. Pep needs to find some fresh energy levels. Even when winning they have looked either tired or like they are saving their batteries. If they survive this banana skin they will win the league.

Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea
So I picture before kick off that the news arrives that City have dropped points, creating an incredible atmosphere at Anfield. I think that will affect performances. Despite winning, the pressure has impacted how they have played. They can’t keep relying on late goals

Watford 2-1 Arsenal
My fears came back to haunt me at Everton where yet again we were out-thought and out-fought away from home, something that has happened too many times over the last two years to be a coincidence. Why anyone thinks Watford, Wolves, Leicester and Burnley away is a ‘easy run in’ is arrogant, naive or both.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Only Burnley is easy in my eyes and Wolves could defeat us due to their strength at their turf, but Arsenal should be able to handle Watford and Leicester

    Deeney is an aging slow striker and Deulofeu is inconsistent. As long Arsenal can play the offside traps well and defend from the front, I believe Watford are beatable

    I’m just worried about the players’ priority. Some of them might prioritize Napoli due to the match prestige, hence they might not give their 100% effort and play safe to avoid injuries and save their energy

    1. Sue says:

      Deulofeu was awesome in the semi final! Although I did see something yesterday saying he might be injured? Knowing our luck, I doubt it!
      Deeney will be up for It, how he’d love to beat us, then rub it in to his son!
      I’m worried about this game, as I am all of our away fixtures! With Sokratis out, that is a huge blow imo

      1. gotanidea says:

        Deulofeu’s pace is scary, but the three-CB formation should be able to protect the wings

        Deeney is fat, but good in the air. Unfortunately we no longer have Holding to defend against their target man

        1. Sue says:

          He isn’t fat anymore… he’s lost a lot of weight.. and believe me he’d love nothing more than to send us home with nothing!
          Yes but with Mustafi coming back in, makes me even more worried.. having said that, he has got a good game in him & he’s definitely due one!
          It will be a very interesting game to say the the least! Vicarage Road will be rocking… I just hope we turn up!!

  2. Declan says:

    Deeney sometimes reminds me of Ian Wright and certainly has the balls to harm us and Deulofeu is consistently brilliant. Our players priority should be to win every game, not pick and choose as you appear to suggest.

    1. Declan says:

      Comment was directed at gotanidea.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Yeah let’s see what would happen in the next two games

        I hope for a win in Watford and at least a draw in Naples

  3. Kenny says:

    Arsenal can at least get a draw if the team can performs like what they did in away matches against Man U and Tottenham.

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I expect Spurs to be held by Huddersfield who have nothing to lose anymore in this League. They should play in the match with freedom but no longer under tension as was the case before they were relegated.

    Liverpool will beat Chelsea to keep this PL title win hopes alive. On the contrary, I think Crystal Palace will beat Man City to slow them down a bit in their PL title win charge. But this depends if Palace will raise their game level in the match above the level they are currently playing at. Zaha should adhere strictly to team discipline in the game for C Palace but not arguing with the opponent players during the match. In their away match to Spurs at the NWHL opening Stadium match. Zaha lost team discipline to start arguing with Spurs players. Thus, causing his team distractions in the game.

    Arsenal will beat Watford at the Vicarage Road in the PL on Monday night. And all the participating Watford players in the match will be overpowered in the game by the Arsenal players. And L believe us Gooners know this? If we don’t, it means us know little about Arsenal. For, the Gunners are more than charge to render all the Hornets cojone-less in the game, making them unable to discharge any goals into the back of the net in the match.

  5. jon fox says:

    Dan I really do not see either of top two failing to win. I agree with the vast majority of Gooners who believe Emery should play attacking line ups away from home, same as hre does at home, though not necessarily thrprecise same start eleven. The reason is because we cannot defend and have shown this time and time again. Therefore, far better to concentrate on what we do well and attack with more creative players and play fewer “so called defenders” as IMO not a single one of our available outfield defenders is remotely both good and reliable enough. Not even Sokatis nor Bellerin, when both are available. The only ONE outfield true defender at the club, whom I seriously rate, is the injured HOLDING, though I hold out hopes for MAVROPANOS to come through too. LENO IS REAL CLASS, BTW!

    1. David Rusa says:

      Jon that is your opinion which I can’t dispute. However facts are facts. Since Holding got injured we have won several games and even got clean sheets. It is not fair to denigrate all our players because by and large they have done a good job on a limited budget and in a very competitive league. It is not possible to please everyone. That is why we should always try to tone down our criticism lest we appear offensive.

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