Dan’s EPL predictions Week 5 – Arsenal to slip up away from home again?

Liverpool 5-1 Newcastle
Steve Bruce will have to use Toon’s shock win at Spurs to make his players believe, yet I think we are at the stage where some teams are already beaten in the tunnel at Anfield. If Liverpool score early this could get messy. The spotlight will be on Salah to see if he passes to Mane, but I have to ask if that was Pogba or Ozil having a tantrum when being subbed is it reported different?

Norwich 1-2 City
Norwich will have a go and with their squad having been all round the world, arriving back at various times this might be a scare for City. The injury to Laporte could be the slice of luck Liverpool needed in the title race, it’s the one area they can’t just swap with another world class player. Even before this setback, Pep put in a bid for Maguire, so he’d already identified defence as an area to improve. It could be costly but not here.

Man United 2-2 Leicester
As much as teams might get beaten at Anfield in the tunnel, that fear factor is gone at Old Trafford. If you’re a Leicester fan you expect your team to give this ago and it’s a test of Brendan Rodgers to see how positive he is here.

Wolves 1-1 Chelsea
Chelsea are so inconsistent that no result would shock you here. Like Leicester at Old Trafford though, Wolves fans might think they can put down a marker here. I like how Chelsea play but am quick not to overhype their youngsters based on them being English. For example, Abraham yes is technically scoring in the Prem, but those goals were against Norwich and Sheffield United, two clubs he was in the Championship with last year.

Spurs 1-0 Palace
Can see Spurs again not playing great, but having too much firepower and winning in the end. Not enough to make Poch smile though

Watford 2-2 Arsenal
Watford won’t get a result based on the lift of a new manager. That would imply fans were unhappy or the dressing room had been lost. You really have to view the Hornets as a separate case when discussing sacking coaches. If you work there you know your best-case scenario is a one-year job with a decent pay off and your reputation has grown. Yes, their last boss did a good job, but their last 3 coaches did the same. It’s simple, if the owners feel momentum has been lost, they will freshen things up. So no, we won’t slip up because of a new manager, we will because we are poor away from home. Forget Liverpool or Spurs these are the fixtures Emery should be judged on when it comes to. discussing an option of an extension next summer. Has he made us mentally stronger? Or are there too many times we show up with the wrong attitude not willing to battle?

Sheff United 2-1 Saints
No reason why United cannot make Bramall Lane intimidating this season. The way Chris Wilder speaks, I think he will approach this as winnable game, which if he does will be a great early points tally.

Brighton 1- 1 Burnley
Favourite to be last on MOTD? Could be a case of whoever is most positive wins, which could be neither. Danny Drinkwater is lucky his loan hasn’t been cancelled after injuring himself in a pub brawl. This was meant to be the move where he rejuvenated himself. He should have never left Leicester.

Cherries 2-2 Everton
Often a high scoring game and this will be no exception. Silva needs to win this type of fixture though if he wants Everton to be taken as a serious threat to the top 6.

Villa 2-0 West Ham
A few weeks ago, Villa were on Friday night Football and the atmosphere got them over the line. It reminded me how big a football club it is, and it was nice to see fans rejoicing after a miserable few years where maybe they thought the good old days were over. We saw Villa players drown when they faced backlash, but now the fans are behind them..

Dan Smith


  1. gotanidea says:

    If we go there with a three-CB formation or with three DMs, I also predict a draw

    Unfortunately Xhaka would most likely start ahead of Guendouzi or Willock, if Xhaka is fit to play

    1. Ackshay says:

      Emery has removed lichtsteiner, mustafi, ozil, elneny and iwobi from the starting 11. he has replaced kolasinac so its clear he is able and willing to remove players who do not contribute enough to the team. But why the hell does he keep playing xhaka when he quickly disposed of the other bad players.

      He has done a very good job up till now but until he removes xhaka and the 5-3-2/3-4-3 defensive formations he will get criticism from the fans.

      1. gotanidea says:

        I think Wenger and Emery like Xhaka’s passing ability and his willingness to roughen up the opponents

        The problem is Xhaka rarely created assists and goals. His movements and passes are not creative as well

        That’s why Xhaka should be tried as one of the CMs in 4-3-3 formation. He doesn’t have to do playmaking and defending too much there, just needs to focus on creating crosses

        1. Declan says:

          I don’t believe Emery will go with a 3-5-2 formation but if he does I will be calling for his head!

        2. 350oz says:

          The problem with Xhaka is when the opponents overload the midfield area, he can’t operate in tight spaces. Defensively, he lacks pace to cover the empty spaces and concentration to make a right call.
          Willock has a better first touch and can pass the ball, of course not as good as him but suffice.

  2. Geofrey ayo says:

    Though he makes crucial mistakes but I don’t think arsenal will ever regret signing Liuz

    1. 350oz says:

      I’ve been regretting the signing since his announcement ?
      Gary Cahill is better, but once again UE prefers to work with his previous player. I heard he favored Nzonzi, Banega, and D.Suarez (over Torreria, Ozil/Ramsey, and Carascao respectively), he needs to move on.

      1. 350oz I doubt you are thinking with your head, how on earth would someone with a thinking faculty prefer Cahill to Luiz?

  3. SAGooner says:

    Why is this irritating DAILY poll thing asking if Arsenal will regret signing Luiz still on here? What does “daily” actually mean if it has been here for weeks if not months?
    And with regard to the subject article, I do believe it is time that we put the notion behind us that Arsenal are doomed to draw or lose away from home. Let’s take a positive attitude – my prediction is 1-3 to the Gunners. COYG

  4. John0711 says:

    If Chaka plays I predict a draw at best
    Go with our best 11 and we will win
    This is on emery

  5. Ade Samuel says:

    why are we all accepting defeat even before kickoff…this is not the gunners fan base i use to know..whether xhaka plays or not, 3 points is all sure for the gunnners.

    1. Jof says:

      Agreed 100 percent

  6. Rkw says:

    This Emery guy has no footballing philosophy which is why I think he will be out of his job come end of season … But particularly with an unbalanced team you have to play to your strengths … With the defence we have that means scoring goals … If Emery plays xhaka we won’t win … If he is bold and finds a way to link ozil Ceballos and torreira we have a chance

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