Dan’s EPL Predictions Week 7 – Can Arsenal beat a defensive Everton side?

Dan’s EPL Predictions Week 7

Fulham 2-2 Chelsea

Was I shocked by Tuchel’s sacking? Not really – simply because that’s what Chelsea do, anyone who works there joins with the knowledge that managers only stay for a couple of years.

We wondered if that policy would change under new owners?

What it does is reassure Blue fans, is that it tells us that Todd Boehly has ambition to win things and has a zero tolerance to failure.

His new investment finished third and are only 3 points away from 4th. He’s saying that’s unacceptable.

In contrast our billionaire gave Arteta a pay rise without even knowing what UEFA competition we would be in!

In the history of the Prem, Fulham have only won this Derby once. They might not get a better chance than Saturday to improve that stat.

Cherries 1-0 Brighton

For all their heavy defeats and sacking their manager, the Cherries have 7 points, a total they would have bitten your hand off given their opening fixtures.

Suddenly, is it a good time to play Brighton?

As I write this, reports say Chelsea want to speak to Potter so it’s not clear if he’s even on the South coast on Saturday.

He’s smart enough to know he’s swapping a stable job for one which can be ruthless.

Yet the juice is worth the squeeze.

How many times will a top 4 club show an interest in the 47-year-old?

He’s got to back himself to be a success. Your worst-case scenario is a generous pay off and another job because employers will understand how harsh Chelsea can be.

He’s a future England manager

Leicester 2-2 Villa

Funny how quickly things change.

A year ago, Rodgers would have been one of the favourites for the post at Stamford Bridge.

Now his team are being booed off the pitch by fans who are bringing banners to games, asking for his sacking

Why I never wanted him to manage Arsenal (yes that was a thing) was his inability to stop the slide when things are going wrong.

That’s what’s happening here.

Liverpool 2-1 Wolves

Liverpool know that City are capable of getting 90 plus points, meaning they can’t afford to be dropping silly points.

Sir Alex used to acknowledge his sides would start campaigns slow but find their stride come march onwards.

You can’t do that anymore. It’s crazy to think the standards are so high that you can lose the title this early on.

Liverpool have been playing must-win fixtures every few days for nearly a year now so perhaps it’s natural that mentally and physically they and the Champions couldn’t keep that rate up.

If there was a year where those levels might drop it’s going to be when your players equally have the emotion of a World cup bang in the middle of a season.

They know City have a tough fixture later in the day so I think Anfield will be noisy and get the reds over the line.

Saints 1-2 Brentford

Ivan Toney got his second topflight hat trick last weekend (I love how he took his third)

It led to a debate on should he be on the plane to Qatar?

Southgate doesn’t remind me of the type of manager who’s going to start making changes to his squad so close to November, but it does make you think, this close to a World Cup, a lot of English players are not on form

City 2-2 Spurs

This is where having Conte as manager makes such a difference to Spurs.

Individually and collectively, he will send them to the Etihad believing they can get a result.

That’s the difference, how often do Spurs play the champions believing in themselves?

Spurs have been City’s bogey team over the years, so Pep won’t take this lightly.

And City are not defending great right now.

Arsenal 1 -1 Everton

Arsenal showed why talk of challenging for the title was ridiculous last weekend.

The pressure of a top 4 race was too much for this squad to handle, so why would we suddenly be able to compete with Man City?

On the pitch and off it we were naive.

Someone should have noticed how high our line was and how easy it was for Man United to be clean through on goal.

Now it’s a different pressure, players for weeks who have been told how good they are now are being doubted.

Everton will park the bus and it won’t be easy to beat an in-form Pickford.

We know the Emirates will stick with the players.

I just wish off the bench we had a more senior option to take the pressure off young shoulders.

Our front three need help….

West Ham 0-1 Newcastle

Unlike us and United, West Ham haven’t got the biggest squad to rotate for Europe.

A big pitch, in front of unhappy Hammers, is a good time for Newcastle to play them.

Palace 1-1 Man United

I don’t think people have given Ten Hag enough credit.

Gooners saying Man Utd were negative last Sunday are eating sour grapes.

A manager’s job is to get the best out of his resources and give them the best possible chance of getting a result.

He’s also expected to be able to adapt his system if he sees a weakness in the opposition’s tactics.

He simply saw how high Arsenal’s line was and realised every time we lost the call, United had the pace to be in on goal, based on one ball.

So of course, he was going to let us keep possession.

In a way this is tougher to prepare for than Liverpool or the Gunners.

What do Palace like to do?

Let the opposition have the ball and hit on the counter.

A stalemate….

Leeds 2-0 Forest

A packed Elland Road under the floodlights.

This is where bringing in 20 players in one window is an issue for Forest.

You need spirit and togetherness to win a fixture like this.

You’re not going to have that with so many faces still settling in.


SJ 52
Indian Gunner London 50
Sid 49
Phenom 46
Zeek 45
Terrah 45
Longbenark 44
Die hard 44
Anti virus 44
Uzi Ozil 43
Toney 43
Okobino 43
Quincy 42
Prince 40
Kuhepson 40
Matthew 40
HH 40
Kenya 001- 39
Labass 39
Misgana 39
Ba thea 39
TN Arsenal 38
Ackshay 38
Rob 49- 37
JRA 37
Gotanidea 37
Yayo 37
Oluseyi 36
GB 36
Onyango 36
Dendrite 35
Sue P 35
D Kit 35
Goonersia 34
Splendid 34
Gundown 34
Me 34
Famochi 34
J Gunner 34
Loose Cannon 34
I 34
Tom 33
MTG 33
Stephanie 32
Savage 32
Edu 32
Flash G 32
K Tyson 31
Sagie 30
Dotash 30
Nemesis of a Spud 29
Angelo 29
Taiwo 4321- 28
J Bauer 28
Ruler system 28
Khadi 24
Ayan 24
J Gunner 23
Arsha 23
J legend 23
E blaze 23
Admin 21
Adeybayo 21
Chuck 21
Olushorlor 20
Ruler System 20
Adiva 19
Kobin 19
Dunchirado 19
My name is Lehman 18
Lucia 18
Drayton 18
Rusty 17
Illiterate 17
Samson A 17
Gibson Power 15
Easyguy 15
Jo Gunz 15
Baron 15
Elsammy 15
lima 13
J Moati 13
Mishael leashim 13
K Hristov 12
Adajim 11
koktafo 10
Zeus 10
Martin’s Wakona 10
Royal Challenger 8
Mr Fox 8
Top 4 Never Again 8
ST Joachim 8
Surajo malah 7
Joebaba 6
Mide 6
Azeez Omerah Cole 6
Zig -5
Big Sam 4
tesfie 1

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  1. The juice is worth the squeeze.

    I like these kinds of managers who improve players when they recognize the talent is there.

    Two seasons ago when we lost the first three games in a row, I was warming to the idea of having Graham Potter’ at the Emirates.
    The English man is a top coach and I rate him highly, he seems not to overly rely on marquee players to join him and that is what make his appointment interesting.

    Like Wenger he seems not to compromise the beautiful game,
    But as the writer says the juice may well worth the squeeze.

    Yes we will resume our winning ways at goodison park, if I get my facts right this is the most dominant fixture for Arsenal in the premier league.

    1. I wouldn’t mind Graham Potter….he could win us the EPL title…..it will be nice for an English manager to win the EPL

  2. Fulham 1-2 Chelsea
    Cherries 0-0 Brighton
    Leicester 1-1 Villa
    Liverpool 1-1 Wolves
    Saints 1-2 Brentford
    City 3-1 Spurs
    Arsenal 1 -0 Everton
    West Ham 2-1 Newcastle
    Palace 1-1 Man United
    Leeds 2-0 Forest

    1. Fulham 6-0 Chelsea
      Cherries 5-5 Brighton
      Leicester 0-0 Villa
      Liverpool 1-9 Wolves
      Saints 4-4 Brentford
      City 7-7 Spurs
      Arsenal 12 -0 Everton
      West Ham 8-8 Newcastle
      Palace 13-0 Man United
      Leeds 0-0 Forest

      Just for fun 😅😅

  3. Fulham vs Chelsea. 2 – 3
    Cherries vs Brighton 1 – 1
    Leicester vs A/Villa. 2 – 2
    Liverpool vs wolves. 2 – 0
    Saints vs Brentford 0 – 0
    City vs Spurs. 3 – 1
    Arsenal vs Everton. 3 – 0
    WestHam vs N/castle. 1 – 1
    C/palace vs Man U. 2 – 2
    Leeds vs Forest. 3 – 0

  4. Fulham vs Chelsea. 2 – 2
    Cherries vs Brighton 1 – 1
    Leicester vs A/Villa. 2 – 1
    Liverpool vs wolves. 2 – 0
    Saints vs Brentford 2 – 2
    City vs Spurs. 3 – 1
    Arsenal vs Everton. 3 – 0
    WestHam vs N/castle. 1 – 1
    C/palace vs Man U. 2 – 2
    Leeds vs Forest. 2 – 1

    Admin pls what’s my score, 20 or 19 so far?

  5. Mr. Dan, I scored 11 points in week 6 (last weekend), you have not added the score to my previous 34points. I should be on 45points going into week 7.
    Please look into it and effect correction.

  6. I think there’s a lot wrong with my scores, how are my still on 44, I think calculations ain’t right , in game week 3 and 6, please check.

  7. Hi Dan….have to disagree with you….I think the team will analyze the mistakes that led to the goals and improve…we played better and next time around we will beat them…you seem to be the only one here that think Arsenal won’t beat Everton….sorry mate…have a rethink

  8. Fulham 1-2 Chelsea
    Lester 2-1 Villa
    Bournemouth 1-1 Brighton
    Liverpool 1-0 Wolves
    Soton 2-1 Brentford
    ManC 2-1 Spuds
    Arsenal 4-1 Everton
    Westham 1-1 Newcastle
    Palace 2-2 ManUre
    Leeds 2-1 Forest

  9. Fulham 1-2 Chelsea
    Bournemouth 2-1 Brighton
    Leicester 2-1 Villa
    Liverpool 2-1 Wolves
    Southampton 1-0 Brentford
    City 3-1 Spurs
    Arsenal 2 -0 Everton
    West Ham 2-1 Newcastle
    Palace 1-1 Man United
    Leeds 2-0 Forest

  10. Fulham 1-2 Chelsea
    Cherries 0-0 Brighton
    Leicester 1-2 Villa
    Liverpool 2-1 Wolves
    Saints 2-2 Brentford
    City3 -2 Spurs
    Arsenal 3 – 1Everton
    West Ham1 -2 Newcastle
    Palace 1- 2Man United
    Leeds 2- 0Forest

    Adebayo not Adeybayo

  11. Fulham 1 – 0 Chelsea
    Bournemouth 1 – 1 Brighton
    Leicester 0 – 2 Villa
    Liverpool 3 – 0 Wolves
    Southampton 1 – 1 Brentford
    City 2 – 1 S@!%s
    Arsenal 4 – 1 Everton
    West ham 1 – 1 Newcastle
    Palace 2 – 1 Utd
    Leeds 2 – 1 Forest

  12. Fulham 2-1 Chelsea
    Cherries 1-1 Brighton
    Leicester 1-1 Villa
    Liverpool 1-1 Wolves
    Saints 1-2 Brentford
    City 3-2 Spurs
    Arsenal 3 -0 Everton
    West Ham 1-1 Newcastle
    Palace 1-1 Man United
    Leeds 2-0 Forest

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