Dan’s EPL Predictions Week36 – Will Arsenal blow their very last chance?

Here are Dan’s EPL Predictions with just three games left in the title race. This would seem like a last chance saloon for Arsenal, and even a win will still leave us nail-biting on the result between our rivals, Chelsea and Man United. There will be a lot of nerves around this weekend….

Dan’s Predictions….

Liverpool 5-0 Huddersfield
I keep making different narratives for the title race but we might have to accept that both City and Liverpool might simply win all their games. It means you have to feel sorry for who finishes runners up as this is not a case of one side bottling it. In a run in where you have to be flawless, could you pick a better game? Even if Anfield feels the nerves, I just cannot see the visitors holding out for 90 minutes.

Spurs 1-0 West Ham
Forget the race for 4th, Spurs allowed themselves to be overtaken and no one took advantage. That allows them to have more than one eye on midweek. They are just a win against Ajax from a CL final, will Spurs ever get a better chance? It’s only natural they will be distracted, which means they might make harder work then this compared to usual.

Palace 1-0 Everton
In theory both should be buzzing after their shock wins last Sunday. Yet both sets of fans will tell you it would be like both of them to follow it up with not showing up at Selhurst Park on Saturday.

Fulham 3-1 Cardiff
So since relegation has been confirmed, Fulham look a threat on the attack which I been waiting for all year. In other words, individuals are playing for moves away from the Cottage. Cardiff have to chase the win which plays into the home sides hands.

Saints 3-1 Cherries
Can’t see Cardiff doing enough to drag Saints back into the dog fight, meaning they should enjoy this derby.A few more games left or a few less points and I would worry about Eddie Howe’s men, they don’t want to take this form into the start of the next campaign.

Watford 2-Wolves 3
Could be the game of weekend. If not for standards of top 2, two contenders for manager of the year. With zero pressure, no reason why this can’t be ‘you play we play’. Wolves to edge it, which will just make them think they should have won that FA Cup Semi Fina.l

Brighton 1-0 Newcastle
Brighton are tip toeing to safety. Only Cardiff winning can force them to be more ambitious. Newcastle are the ideal visitors and they equally won’t mind a conservative game. Both managers would take a 0-0 now if you offered it to them.

Leicester 3-1 Arsenal
A month ago I got hammered for accusing our fan base of being arrogant in the assertion that we had the easiest run in. Our away form over the last two years shows the Everton and Wolves results should shock no-one. Where Emery can earn his money is by preparing his men for this Sunday like it’s a cup final. Despite losing 3 out of our last 4 league games, we are not out of the equation. Win and Chelsea have to win at Old Trafford for our fate not to be in our own hands. Whoever finishes 4th will do so based on the other two not taking advantage, not anything great they have done. Still, there is no point feeling sorry for yourselves if there is still so much to play for?

Burnley 1-1 Man City
Liverpool have gotten a lot of credit for their late goals, etc but don’t overlook what City have done in the last week. They went out of Europe against a side they were expected to beat, in a competition they are under pressure to win. They then had to face the same opponent and a Manchester Derby knowing there was zero room for failure, with most of the country willing Liverpool on. Where Klopp wants to be champions, Guardiola has to. If they are top after this weekend I make them favourites, but this is type of game is a one off where you could be bullied, especially with Burnley now safe.

Man United 1-2 Chelsea
The praise in midweek bordered a bit on patronising. They worked hard, they battled, etc….. This is Man United. Once you accept your rivals comfortably winning 2-0 at your ground you become ….well, Arsenal! This is another game where I can see Hazard making the difference. For all the criticism Sari gets, his team are slowly putting a run together.


  1. Leicester need man city to do them a favour if they’re to qualify for Europe, also they have the hardest run in compared to Wolves, Watford and Everton.
    They might well write off the last three games.

  2. The players would most likely want to redeem their defeats in Leicester. As usual, this cycle of guilt and spirited feelings has been revolving in the last decade

    Lost two games in a row, then win the next one. Win a set of easy games, then repeat the same pattern

    That’s why Arsenal are stuck in their merry-go-round football style. No urgency and getting too comfortable with their huge salaries/ lack of internal competition. I’m waiting for the new Spanish regime to change the club’s culture

    1. I thought they’d want to redeem themselves after the Palace game, but no! So there’s no chance we’ll beat Leicester!!

      1. I thought so too and that was a total disappointment

        But I believe they would be more motivated in Leicester because this could be their last chance to re-enter Champions League

        Unless they let their b4cks1de leaked again and if some of them want to conserve their energy or avoid injuries for the Valencia game

    1. Probably City Sue because Alex Ferguson’s mission was to knock Liverpool off their perch and utd have been obsessed ever since and the fact if Liverpool win the league they will be one title behind I think and 3 European cups ahead of them if they win it this year

      1. It’s bizarre though! Although my son in law is rooting for City as he can’t stand Liverpool (not quite as much as me though!) ?

        1. Well if they can beat Burnley on Sunday then the title is as good as over they’ll beat Leicester and Brighton and Liverpool’s challenge is over for another year! Klopp will be angry and you’ll be happy haha and Liverpool fans “next year is our year” lol

          1. It’s tense ? so have you watched Cobra Kai? I had to subscribe for a free month’s trial to premium!!! I watched 2 episodes last night… it was really good & really funny ??

            1. But more tense for us and Valencia on the horizon ? haha why Sue ?? No I haven’t seen it yet, I watched Jeepers creepers 1,2,3 today ?

              1. So p****d right now don’t even want to think about Valencia!! You can’t buy the episodes individually this time.. I will cancel once I’ve watched them ?
                Bloody hell you really are at a loose end ??

                1. I’m laid up Sue can’t even turn to my left side ? oh I wouldn’t buy them I’ll just watch them ? I don’t blame you Sue after that performance the other night bloody disgrace the lot of them!

                    1. God no I woke up with a stiff neck I think I must have done a Reagan head turn in my sleep ? no not at all watched it on Kodi ? I watched that martinelli kid that we’re supposed to sign he doesn’t look anything special at all ?

                    2. Christ what a week you’ve had… Arsenal have lost twice, so you were in a bad mood.. you’re laid up & as a last resort, have bingewatched jeepers creepers!! ?
                      Haha head turn – just don’t do the crab up the stairs ??

                    3. Lol the week is not over yet ? 2 defeats could be 3 on Sunday ? wasn’t a last resort the first one was on some American channel so I thought I might as well watch the other 2 ? that’s not a good idea at my age I’ll be 37 in 2 weeks that’s just asking for trouble ? Sue what broadband you on ? I’m on VM and it’s bloody expensive I don’t use their TV service and still pay almost 70 quid a month

                    4. It probably will be 3 come Sunday! Haha no probably wise not to… be a bonecruncher!!
                      I’m with BT (for BT sport obviously!) wouldn’t touch VM with a barge pole! Don’t pay that much, only because i threatened to leave…

                    5. Haha they don’t like that Sue ? guess I’ll look up sky ? the back of my tv looks like something out of NASA control center with 5 set-top boxes ? don’t blame you bloody sharks ? probably but I’m gonna believe we can win I know that sounds crazy but crazy things do happen.. I’m still behind Emery ? haha bonesnapper ?

                    6. NASA ??
                      I’m behind Emery too (& the team, believe it or not) Arsenal are like a drug..the highs, the lows.. waiting for your next fix!
                      You wait all week to watch them, they underperform & lose, leaving you distraught.. so then you’re angry, p****d off, after a couple of days, you forget about it & are looking forward to the next match…. that’s how it goes for me ??

                    7. It certainly is like a drug ? I do think we need a performance this Sunday to take confidence into the Valencia game! We might need to win this game bigger than the Napoli result because our record in Spain is truly awful ? 3-0 should be enough ? well Sue, my battery is at 3% so I will chat to you later ? come on Huddersfield ?

  3. We really have to get top four as this in itself would be a major boost for our players and staff. We just have to hope the team selected can cope. I really love the game of football and watching my team play at the highest level is a no brainer. Come on tinker man get it right this time. ??????

  4. I don’t fancy Chelsea beating Man Utd. C’mon, it should be a little too much. Won’t be surprised to see united hitting 2 past the blues. They’ve got an ok chance of making it given that Arsenal and Chelsea have got Leicester and Chelsea has a Watord who want 7th and Burnley who would do all to win a last day game at home. I bet they would prefer drowning with Chelsea though and it’s at Old Trafford. Chelsea is no City and there is no -loosing to deny Liverpool this time-. It’s only sad that we would loose Burnley for sure

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