Dan’s EPL Predictions WK1 – How will Arsenal do at Fulham?

I was equally going to predict how each side would fare this season but for most clubs it’s really a case of too soon to judge while the transfer Window is open. So I’m going to wait till October to offer you a proper prediction of each side’s positions.Admin

I know gooners who follow Arsenal away from home would have found Fulham a great away day. Where better to be on a hot day than along the River Thames?

At least though (for September at least) the government has convinced the Premiership to broadcast all games live on TV.

Here is my breakdown on this weekends fixtures…

Fulham 1-3 Arsenal (Sat 12.30 pm – BT Sport)
The two youngest managers in the Division kick off the Premiership season on Saturday lunchtime.

Sometimes you need some luck that you can’t control.
You would much rather be facing a newly promoted team in an empty stadium compared to a full house at Craven Cottage. A lot of Gooners are getting over the top in their expectations, but good luck to them if they are starting this campaign in a positive frame of mind, it’s not for me to take that away from them.

As long as any confidence from our players doesn’t turn into arrogance we should win this. It would be very Arsenal like to believe in their own hype and get slapped Around the face.

By the way he celebrated winning the Playoffs, you sense Scott Parker is aware that his side are ahead of schedule, with the club more conservative in their spending compared to the last time they were in the top flight.

I just sense they might be too nice to do what you have to do to get a result against one of the top names (apart from Mitrovic)…

Palace 0-2 Southampton (Sat 3.00pm – BT Sport)
This is a fixture which highlights while it’s a new season, there has been such a quick turn around, what form you had at the end of the last campaign might still be a factor.
Saints were actually getting better results on their travels then at home and in Danny Ings, they were one goal away from having the Golden Boot Winner.
The Eagles have one of the oldest squads in the division and have tried to freshen things up with some young signings mostly from the Championship.
Yet again though they will be relying on Zaha who yet again might be unmotivated by being priced out of a move.
Roy Hodgson could be one of the first to be sacked.
It’s gone stale at Selhurst Park.

Liverpool 2-1 Leeds (Sat – 5.30 – Sky Sports)
I do think some have overreacted to Liverpool losing the Community Shield on penalties.
Your still talking about a side who have recorded 99 and 98 points in the last two years.
As Man City showed though, it’s hard to maintain those levels and it only takes a couple of players to switch off in focus.
If Chelsea and City buy a defender by October that might be enough but at the moment not enough business has been done to bridge that gap.
I can see the Champions not playing well but still winning as I think the visitors will give it ago at Anfield.
It’s rare for me to predict a promoted side will stay up purely based on who their manager is, but in a division which can be decided by small details, his coaching and insistence on his squad being extremely fit will be crucial.
The quicker they can get Elland Road full the easier they will beat the drop.

West Ham 0-2 Newcastle (Sat – 8.00pm Sky Sports)
I have said it since March, West Ham are one of the view sides to benefit without having to play in front of their own fans.
There are some unhappy Hammers right now, not impressed the owners cashed in on youngster Grady Digangana.
You just feel with David Moyes in charge, the club are going through the motions.
He doesn’t play a style of football the fans like and you sense once he hits a bad run, Brady, Gold and Sullivan’s ethos will change again.
They only gave him a long contract to get him to agree to a rescue mission. Deep down he knows he’s not wanted.
It’s a good time for Newcastle to go to London. The capture of Wilson and Fraser means the Toon should be more positive but why do I sense they won’t be?

West Brom 1-1 Leicester (Sunday 2pm – Sky Sports)
Another game which just isn’t the same without a crowd.
Imagine a Sunday afternoon, a packed Hawthorns welcoming their Midland rivals on their return to the top flight.
I probably would have gone for a Baggie’s win if that was the case, as Brendan Rodgers hasn’t had long to lift the spirits after his men threw away a golden chance to be in the Champions League.
Still, a draw will be a positive enough start for Bilic.

Spurs 1-1 Everton (Sun 4.30pm- Sky Sports)
On paper the game of the weekend.
There’s a lot of attacking talent on show and I’m really intrigued to see Rodriguez in English Football (If Arsenal had brought him and Dacoure I be delighted).
You just wonder with all that flair that both teams have, do they suit the men they have in their dug outs.
As much as both have the players to win this match, they are coached by two managers who might prioritize not losing instead of going for the win.

Sheffield United 0-0 Wolves (Monday 6pm – Sky Sports)
Two sides who have struggled since the lockdown.
I think Sheffield United didn’t have the squad to play every few days when the sport returned, while Wolves might mentally take time to recover from how much they put into last season just for it to fall away.
Not like they had a long pre-season either so these two might take time to get going.

Brighton 0-3 Chelsea (Monday 8.15pm- Sky Sports)
If you wanted to pick an away game, this might be high on your list.
For all their talk about wanting to change their style of play, Brighton tiptoed to survival last season and it’s too quick a turn around for them to get out of the poor form they were in.
It’s a great chance for Frank Lampard to show off his attacking talent he has brought in, but it’s improving at the other end that will determine if he can challenge for the title.
We won’t find that out here due to the home sides lack of ambition.

Put in your predictions and I’ll add up your points
Let’s say 1 point for correct result, 3 for correct score

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  1. Fulham 1 Arsenal 2
    Palace 0 Saints 1
    Liverpool 3 Leeds 1
    West Ham 2 Newcastle 1
    West Brom 1 Leicester 2
    Spuds 1 Everton 1
    Sheff Utd 0 Wolves 2
    Brighton 0 Chelsea 1
    Ha, I’ll probably be nowhere near, just hope I haven’t jinxed us 😀
    Great seeing this again, Dan 👍

    1. Don’t be considerate to hurt Fulham feelings Sue, they are facing the unavoidable tomorrow. I see a first half hat trick for Mr Arsenal.

  2. Sounds like fun, I will have a go!

    Fulham 0 Arsenal 2
    Palace 1 Saints 2
    Liverpool 2 Leeds 0
    West Ham 0 – Newcastle 1
    West Brom 0 – Leicester 2
    Spuds 1 – Everton 2
    Sheffield United 0 – Wolves 0
    Brighton 2 – Chelsea 2

  3. Ful 0-3 Ars
    Palace 1-2 Saints
    Liverpool 1-1 Leeds
    W Ham 1-2 Newcastle
    West Brom 1-3 Leicester
    Spuds 1-1 Toons
    Sheffield 0-0 Wolves
    Brighton 1-2 Chelsea

  4. Il have a go also;

    Ful 1 – 3 Arsenal
    Pal 2 – 2 Saints
    Liv 2 – 0 Leeds
    Wh 1 – 2 New
    WB 0 – 1 Leicester
    Spuds 1 – 1 Everton
    ShU 1 – 2 Wolves
    Bri 0 – 4 Chelsea

  5. Let me join in

    Fulham 1 Arsenal 4
    Palace 2 Saints 2
    Liverpool 3 Leeds 1
    Wh 1 New Castle 1
    WB 0 Leicester 2
    Spuds 2 Everton 1
    Shu 2 Wolves 1
    Brighton 0 Chelsea 3

  6. Fulham 1 Arsenal 3
    Palace 1 Saints 2
    Liverpool 2 Leeds 1
    West Ham 1 Newcastle 1
    WB 0 Leicester 2
    Spuds 2 Everton 2
    SHU 1 Wolves 2
    Brighton 0 Chelsea 2

  7. Wow, I love this, its means premiership have started… I don’t like predicting scores but I don’t think Chelsea will win their first match… Just to make it more fun in their game against Liverpool…. Best of luck to you gunners, get that 3 points for us pleaseeeeeee..

  8. Fulham 0 Arsenal 7
    Palace 2 Saints 1
    Liverpool 4 Leeds 0
    WesHam 2 NewCastle 1
    WesBrom 1 Leicester 1
    Spuds 2 Everton 1
    Shu 1 Wolves 1
    Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

      1. If they are to contend for the title and top 4 its vital to get the momentum from the very start. I am confident they are going to win comfortably.

  9. Fulham 0 Arsenal 17
    Palace 1 saints 1
    Liverpool 2 Leeds 1
    West Ham 1 Newcastle 3
    Westbrom 0 Leicester 2
    Spurs 0 Everton 21
    She’d Utd 0 wolves 0
    Brighton 0 Chelsea 3

    1. 😁😁😁😁.

      I see what you did there. We hammer fulham while spurs get hammered.

      Lets just get the three point and put out a decent performance even as it is the first game of the season with some players out or not fully fit…. i will take the 17:0 against Fulham but I prefer 1:0 in our next 17th game. 😊

  10. I am very happy that so far everyone has given Arsenal a win. I am confident we are very happy people this time tomorrow.

  11. Man, was fired up for this very early game on Saturday.
    Now, with Emi not travelling, and Luiz out, I am a bit concerned it will mess with team cohesion. (Yes, I said Luiz, but in a back 3)

    If Leno does not play the well, there will be hell to pay on so many levels, blogs, twitter, that it will make the season ending trophies feel like a year ago.

    Play well, 2-0 to AFC
    Do not want to post the alternative start.

    1. No concerns about our defence tomorrow. Fulham will be playing in their own half for 90 minutes. It will be adorable to watch them fighting the giant with their little hands.

  12. Fulham 0 vs 3 Arsenal
    C Palace 1 vs 1 saints
    Liverpool 3 1 Leeds
    West Ham 0 vs 2 Newcastle
    Westbrom 1 vs 1 Leicester
    Spurs 2 vs 1 Everton
    She’d Utd 0 vs 0 wolves
    Brighton 2 vs 1 Chelsea

  13. let me have a go
    spurs 0 -everton2
    leeds2- liverpool2
    wolves1 -sheffield0
    brighton 0 – chelsea4
    i think were strong enough to get all 3 against ful and also i think leeds will give liv a though time and make them think about this season while chelsea will destroy brighton wolves sheffield gonna be a late goal for wolves while spurs will get destroyed by evertons new signings

  14. i think that if arsenal play very well very consisntent we gotta think about man u they arent consistent and make a lot of mistakes we could break into TOP FOUR my top four mancity first chelsea second liv third arsenal FOURTH

    1. It shouldn’t be a worry. There was a time it was only RVP getting goals for us and we still did fine.

    1. Wrighty and Lescott reckon we’ll make it 🙂
      Imagine if Chelsea don’t after all that money they’ve spent, omg I will laugh so hard!

      1. Haha! We are all hoping Chelsh*t flops hard! I don’t see it though, so many good buys they made. Am happy though with our defensive additions..they are really promising as well.

  15. Fulham 1:4 Arsenal
    Palace 0:2 Saints
    Liverpool 2:0 Leeds
    West Ham 2:1 Newcastle
    West Brom 1:1 Leicester
    Spuds 1:1 Everton
    Sheff Utd 1:1 Wolves
    Brighton 0:2 Chelsea

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