Dan’s EPL Predictions Wk12 – Arsenal must not get complacent and Man City will shut Jose up!

Saturday (12.30)

Cardiff 1-1 Brighton
I’m fascinated to see how Brighton will approach this game. Is this one of the few away games where the Seagulls feel they can show some attacking instinct? Being their defensive organised selves might force Neil Warnock to be more ambitious than usual. It could be a case of who blinks first..


Huddersfield 1-1 West Ham
West Ham have decent players but the reason they don’t play at a higher level is because a lack of consistency. The Terriers will set up organised and hard to beat. The Hammers have more quality, but can they match their hosts in terms of work ethic?

Leicester 3-0 Burnley
No one knew how the Foxes would react last week. To a man, their performance was admirable. They played like they wanted to win for their owner, celebrations towards their goal the most emotional moment of the season. Having been to Thailand for the funeral those scenes will be topped this weekend.

Newcastle 1-3 Cherries
The Toon Army know their performance last weekend was not perfect, but it got to the point where they would take a win however it came and will hope that can kick start their campaign. It they follow the same formula as they did against Watford their luck will run out. The Cherries are playing well and will take the chances the Hornets missed. Good to see Calum Wilson called up for England

Southampton 0-2 Watford
Mark Hughes needs to show he can rebuild confidence within the squad. Remembering how his Stoke reign ended it’s been a while since the Welshmen has been able to implement fresh ideas. The Saints seem to be going through the motions. Watford didn’t have their scoring boots on last Saturday but won’t be that unlucky two weeks running.

Crystal Palace 2-2 Spurs
Palace showed against us and at times against Chelsea that they raise their game against the top sides, with Selhurst Park making it intimidating for visitors. Spurs, having put so much mentally into keeping alive their Champions League’s hopes might not fancy this type of game.


Arsenal 2-1 Wolves
I’m not going to keep arguing with arrogant Arsenal fans gloating over a draw at home to Liverpool. The latest boast I heard is Arsene Wenger would never have the tactical awareness to see us come from behind against a top 4 rival. I could point to us doing exactly that last season in the same fixture, not losing to Chelsea in 4 attempts and beating Spurs at the Emirates but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story. It’s going to take more than us being fifth in the League to start me claiming the good old days are back. I’m comforted that Unai Emery agrees with me, stating to being only 50 percent happy last weekend, at least our manager has more ambition then showing off because we drew a game. His attitude reassures me we won’t be guilty of underestimating Wolves. Last Saturday was the first time in the League we started well and that needs to continue. The visitors are a good enough team to punish us if approach it with arrogance.

Liverpool 4-0 Fulham
I saw Jankovic 3/4 times on Monday night talking to his senior players. He’s trying various tactics and personnel but can’t find a way to halt the slide. That’s why I worry for his job during the international break. Having been warned for being inconsistent in the Champion’s League, Liverpool are not going to make the same mistake twice in a week.

Chelsea 2-0 Everton
While gooners boast about a draw that took us 5th, Chelsea, who also finished outside the top 4 and are adjusting to a new manager are hanging in there with Man City. Meanwhile the media seem to think Liverpool are the most likely challengers. It suits the Blues not to have the pressure, being under the radar. Winning games without Hazard will only have helped confidence

Man City 3-0 Man United
90 minutes against Juventus summed up Jose. Still capable of producing results in a big game but then not helping himself, having to make it all about him. This from a man who got angry towards Chelsea’s celebrations. It will only help make sure Man City are not complacent. The champions are scoring 5-6 goals every game and the only hope for those wishing for a title race is their players find things too easy, that they one day fall apart when things go wrong. Not with this manager. His attention to detail is such that the more they win by huge margins, the more he will make sure their focus is on point. Like when he went to Anfield, I also think the memory of losing last year’s Derby will motivate him. UEFA are right to investigate Financial Fair Play, but Pep is right to point out the hard work he and his coaching staff are putting into training.

Dan Smith


  1. “I’m not going to keep arguing with arrogant Arsenal fans gloating over a draw at home to Liverpool. ”

    Once I read this statement, I knew it’s only Dan Smith that’ll make a dumb statement as this and I stopped reading the article. I strolled down and saw his name.
    Man you’re doing such a great job replacing Konstantin.
    So fans felt good after the Liverpool game and showed belief and enthusiasm, and you label them arrogant??
    I don’t know what to say, but you’re free yo wallow in your own world of being such a sore person

      1. Yes Dan I still left a comment, just ad you’re free to make posts and comments, I am also free to make those, regardless of the situation. You might want to keep calling the fans names like arrogant and all sorts, but you should be ready to get back a dose of your own medicine

        1. I deal with facts
          I heard a fan say we never had tatics under weger to come from behind against a top side
          Should I ignore thats not true?

    1. Have to agree with Eddie here so it was a draw same as last year but the difference is the way we played stuck it to a team that tore us apart last year and in the end should have won just about so its looking good after that we shut sporting out for most the night when last year we looked like letting 2-3 goals a game in but we were solid again so lets get excited…

  2. Well Dan Smith, I really hope you’re right with your Manchester derby prediction! Also Palace too!
    I really hope we have a good game & pick up all 3 points COYG

  3. Arsenal’s last three games ended in draws, but I’m confident with the Wolves game. My only concern is just Adama Traore, the Wolves’ super sub that once tested Bellerin with his speed

    Unfortunately Arsenal lost their super sub, Danny Welbeck, so we can only hope from our CBs and Xhaka to score from the set-pieces

    1. Well heres looking on bright side of bad situation theres chance someone maybe smith rowe maybe another to come in more now and show what he can do or maybe Mika can step up a bit either way tho i feel for DW i excited by who will fill his spot still i wish DW a speedy recovery as hes a top pro no matter how good he is.
      which ive always thought he was a very decent premier player

      1. Mhikataryan has been disappointing and in particular appears to have lost all confidence in front of goal.

  4. So pleased to see Wolves back in the top league where they belong. A team of great memories and tradition. My own memories go back to their hey days of of the late fifties, watching half an hour highlights on BBC television of their wonderful European night games at a packed Molyneux against the likes of the great Honved side featuring many members of the Hungarian Magyars. Wolves, captained by former Arsenal manager Billy Wright and containing the likes of Goalkeeper Malcolm Finlayson, Right Half Bill Slater, Left Half Ron Flowers and Forwards such as Norman Deeley, Barry stobart and Peter Broadbent. Glued firmly to the television as an eight year then watching them live for the first time as a nine year old on New Years day 1960 against Arsenal in a thrilling 4-4 draw at Highbury. Wonderful memories.

  5. Dan, why are fans who was happy with the performance against Liverpool classed as arrogant in your article?

    I have read many people who have recognised the ex manager also go results but they then point to the work ethic of this year’s team that made the draw enjoyable, we was the protagonist in the story.

    Liverpool game wasn’t a game to say we can win the EPL, it was a game to show how much we have improved as a team from the start of the season, to see the development against a recognised impressive team. I am not the only one who is excited about future development under Emery, the Liverpool game was a good benchmark for how we are progressing. Not if we are better or worse than last season but compared to the City game which was Emerys first EPL game, development under him.

    I am an Arsenal supporter and I was proud about the result against Liverpool, I am not proud only after wins, I am proud when the players try and make me proud. If that is arrogant then yeah I am, I honestly thought I was arrogant anyway but I didn’t realise this was why I am arrogant, thank you for enlightening me. I guess any football fan who was proud of their teams effort are also arrogant, darn! It isn’t such a nice exclusive club 🙁

        1. Midkemma, I’m with you, pubgooner and Icebox; I now see a fit, determined and committed Arsenal team playing for the badge and each other under Unai Emery, something that I didn’t always see over the last few seasons.

    1. Dan. I’m not sure I would have the daftness to call Arsenal fans, en block as you have done, arrogant for being happy about our perf against Liverpool. i think most of us were pleased, relieved , even thrilled but NOT ARROGANT. Insulting a whole teams fans is not a bright thing to do. Not as bad as got an idea , who posts on here who called us ALL RACISTS, a few weeks back which was, by the way, something the ADMIN in his answer to my email to him, thought perfectly allowable. It was all of us mind , not just some of us. People who damn or accuse a whole fanbase are, shall we say, not the most deep thinking fans around All arrogant, all racist! How far do we allow mass slander of our entire fanbase, to go before refusing, in Mr Admin style, to accept it? Who agrees please? Btw, Dans precise phrase was not certain or particular Arsenal fans but merely “arrogant Arsenal fans.” They say the pen is mightier than the sword and I have never, ever, doubted that truth.

    2. Good post Midkemma and pride , natural pride for a good reason, which I imagine we nearly all felt at our perf, is quite different . Arrogance is then saying we are going to beat everyone (as a certain man once on here, who is now banned , boasted that we were going to do against City, even being sure we would win 5-0). Pride, on the other hand is what all humans rightly feel whenever someone , some team, some entity of which they feel a part – as all fans everywhere clearly do – does them proud. Pride is normal, natural, healthy and desirable and felt by all normal humans at times; indeed is a prime reaon we so love Arsenal and football in general. Arrogance is something a certain USA President has made his trademark and is widely ridiculed for doing do. I address this to you, merely to comment on your post, even though I know full well you already know the complete difference between arrogance and pride. All normal humans easily do too.

      1. Cheers Jon 🙂
        When Emery can get opposing fans as ourselves unite then I can’t praise it enough ^.^
        That performance was one which is feeding that hope I’ve locked deep inside for a while, while it wasn’t perfect, it was an improvement I was very happy to witness.

        It got me bouncing lol.

        When we attacked my backside was on the edge of the seat, nearly slipping off, encouraging the team forward and to grab that goal… When it happened it was like the good good times under Wenger. Fist pumping, primal yells of joy, jumping about like a chimp XD

  6. dude you are too negative.
    anyway it’s not like you get any predictions right.

    you are the same guy who said fulham would beat us 3-0 ???

  7. I remember a game where Liverpool came from 2 goals down to draw West Bromwich or so and the celebrated like it was a win. The team was in transition during that period and Klopp was still fixing them. If we celebrate a come back against a good Liverpool side at a time we are developing and improving, it is not arrogance in my opinion.

    1. Liverpool is still being fixed because it hasn’t yet won anything. The writer should use formal team names and not slang like Cherries because not everybody is familiar with such. He should avoid ridiculing individuals who gloat about their team’s new found spirit. You can’t stop people expressing their emotions just like we have got used to his pessimism. For every pessimist there is an optimist and that’s what makes life interesting. I would rather have an over zealous optimist than a perpetual pessimist. Optimism is what propels people to greater Heights while pessimism pulls them down. I believe we all dream of better things. Anyone who doesn’t dream will never develop. So what is wrong with Arsenal fans dreaming of better times ahead? Do you want all of us to moan even after winning 11 games in a row? What miserable life would that be? There is no arrogance in enjoying your success. That is excitement. We spent recent seasons downcast so why not be upbeat for a good reason? Let us appreciate one another as supporters of one team and move on.

  8. Dan, agree with you that Crystal Palace do raise their game in big matches but they don’t have the firepower to trouble spurs.1-0 spurs.
    Brighton to keep another clean sheet against Cardiff and might steal a win.
    Arsenal/Wolves would be a tight game. Wolves like Crystal Palace do raise their game against the top sides. They did draw Man-city. Our defenders need to be on top of their game as Wolves will take any chances we give them. 2-1 Arsenal not a bad prediction.
    Man-city 3-United 0 is too ambitious. Mourinho seldom gets beat that heavily as he will justifiably park a double Decker bus! A draw would be just what the doctor ordered.
    Liverpool 5-Fulham 0, there would be no place for Fulham to hide. Jovanovic overestimates his attacking ability and should instead concentrate on his defence. I would not play the talented left back Sessegnon as a winger but instead as an attacking minded left back or a wing back in a 3-5-2 formation. Mitrovic is very good at holding up the play, hence he would be a perfect outlet for such a formation.
    Chelsea 2 Everton 1, my money would be on Pickford being the man of the match after saving yet another penalty.
    Bournemouth 3 Newcastle 2,

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