Dan’s EPL Predictions WK13 – Arsenal to get back to winning ways?

Man City v Chelsea may be the big game this week, but for Unai Emery, it is imperative for Arsenal to get back to winning ways at the Emirates. Can they do it against lowly Southampton? Here are Dan’s Predictions….

West Ham 0-1 Spurs

If I had written two weeks ago that the next time I did my predictions we would be talking about Mourinho as Tottenham manager, you wouldn’t have believed me. I Feel sorry for Poch. He was looking miserable and failing to lift his players, because he wanted ambition from the owner to take Spurs to the next level.

Now they have given his job to Jose, meaning Levy is prepared to release serious funds. Jose only takes jobs where he has an unlimited cheque book, it’s not like he was so desperate for work he has to accept a limited budget. He would only take the job if he thinks he will one day be a champion and to do that he needs millions. I think there will be Spurs supporters who would have preferred Poch to be given a chance to splash the cash.

In the short term the Portuguese has the ability to win an FA Cup, there’s still no one else you would want to lead you in the knockout stages in Europe, and he has it in him to grind out wins without playing well… starting this weekend. It’s in long term you have to worry, but his record shows that when things go wrong, he just makes things work. I think the boost from Mourinho will get them back to winning ways.

Arsenal 3-0 Saints
Arsenal couldn’t have picked a better game to get back to winning ways. Southampton’s confidence is even worse than ours. The only issue is the Emirates has reached a point where it wouldn’t take a lot for the fans to grow restless. There is huge pressure on Emery to name a positive line up, no need for 5 at the back or 3 DM’S. If you can’t play Ozil behind 3 strikers in this fixture he never will.

Brighton 1-2 Leicester;
Leicester still have the heartbeat from their title winning squad so know how to deal with the sudden expectation of winning these types of games. Graham Potter has Brighton playing positive at home, but a free-flowing game might suit the visitors.

Palace 0-2 Liverpool
The fact that City are playing Chelsea later in the evening will ensure there is zero complacency from the League leaders here. I remember thinking Palace were really negative at home to Man City and I can see the same here.

Cherries 0-1 Wolves
You associate Eddie Howe’s team with free-flowing football but it’s not quite happening for them in front of goal. In the summer they made themselves more aggressive in midfield as the accusation was they couldn’t do the dirty side of the game. They just need to find that right balance. Wolves on the other hand are more clinical.

Everton 1-0 Norwich
I often say this about Everton, but they are not comfortable when being favourites. Norwich will turn up at Goodison bottom of the table, struggling to keep clean sheets with the locals expecting a decent win. It won’t take long for fans to turn on the home team the longer it’s goalless. I make it a home win but Everton to make it hard for themselves.

Watford 2-0 Burnley
I don’t like to say a team is too good to go down, but I have always felt Watford have good players who just needed a win to boost their confidence. Now I think they will kick on and get away from the drop zone.

Man City 1-1-Chelsea
So much has happened this week that not enough has been mentioned about how much of a big game this is. The Champions could be 12 behind Liverpool by the time of kick off. That pressure, with injuries, against an in-form Chelsea might be asking too much of Pep’s men.

Sheffield United 1-1 Man United
We seen enough of Chris Wilder to know how he approaches these games. He doesn’t play the underdog or hide behind being newly promoted. He knows his team has its strengths and if they do their jobs right, he expects to get results. It’s refreshing. It’s got to a point where them holding United would hardly be a shock.

Aston Villa 1-0 Newcastle
Newcastle have proved me wrong in their last couple of games by being free scoring. I just think on a Monday Night, with the floodlights on, cameras there and being sold out at Villa Park, this is a winnable game for the home team.

Dan Smith


  1. gotanidea says:

    Nelson is fit. He must start ahead of Saka or Pepe, because those two wingers did not play well in the last couple of EPL macthes

    Another high risk taker that should be given the opportunity is Martinelli. We will play at home, so we must start gutsy wide players like Tierney to beat Soton’s fullbacks

  2. Innit says:

    Can’t wait to read the moaners’ comments that we will definitely lose….NOT. We are playing Southampton at home. Nothing is guaranteed but there is a high likelihood of success for us

    4-0 is my prediction

    Let’s start a winning streak with a bang


  3. We are definitely winning. 3-0 sounds an ideal prediction. But Emery should play KT and Ozil. Let us hope this is the beginning of a long winning run.

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