Dan’s EPL Predictions Wk15 – Are Arsenal due some luck against Brighton?

Burnley 1-2 Man City
The weekend showed why I doubt the Champions can put the winning run together they need to catch Liverpool. With the injuries in their defence you can’t rule out lapses in concentration, even in games they are dominating.

Palace 2-1 Cherries
Should be a ‘you play, we play’ kind of game. The Cherries are out of sorts while Zaha has now scored in consecutive games. Should we go back in for him in January before someone else does?

Chelsea 1-1 Villa
West Ham wasn’t a smash and grab win. They controlled Chelsea, it’s not like they bombarded the goal in the final 10 minutes. It’s a reminder that their young squad is still capable of a lack of concentration. Villa showed at Old Trafford they are dangerous when the pressure is off them. I don’t think they will sit back at the Bridge.

Leicester 2-0 Watford
If you could pick a home game, it would be against Watford who have just sacked their manager. Having been sacked by the Hornets before when finishing in the top 10, it’s hard to sympathise for Flores who was silly going back. Rodgers seemed to have confirmed he’s not leaving the Foxes, but that might be because, behind the scenes, we told him we didn’t want him

Man United 0-2 Spurs
Jose will be enjoying this. He will want to prove a point to the club who sacked him so will be putting in extra detail going over their weaknesses. I think Spurs are the favourites which I wouldn’t have said a month ago. If Spurs score early I don’t think the home side don’t have a response.

Saints 2-2 Norwich
Both, for once, can take confidence from their last games but the fear of losing here might take over. Whoever shows most ambition will win. Norwich show they can make chances at this level but defensively, especially at set pieces, are all over the place.

Wolves 1-0 West Ham
Wolves struggle when they are favourites so will make hard work of this. It will be typical West Ham, win at the Bridge but then not show up the following game.

Liverpool 3-0 Everton
What’s impressive about Liverpool is they are winning without playing well. The occasion of the Derby though will see Anfield roar them on to the point of them overpowering Everton. There are times where you fancy the Toffees to be well organised and hard to beat but not here. Concede early and I fear for them. A heavy defeat could spell the end of Silva.

Arsenal 2-1 Brighton
We haven’t won since October, and our defence is simply not good enough no matter who the manager, so I can no longer refer to Arsenal being home bankers. Surely though we are due some luck, something to go our way.

Sheff United 2-0 Newcastle
Shows you how good the Blades have done that I would consider it an upset if Newcastle got anything out of this game. Sheffield United can bully you and outplay you.


  1. Top 4 was the ultimatum given Emery this season so the same should apply to Llungberg.
    Make top 4 you keep the job.
    Don’t make top 4 then clean out your locker.
    Oh yeah and no reinforcements in January just use the same squad Emery had.

  2. We need more than luck.

    First Andre Santos, and now the Ox’ ;

    ” Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain believes Liverpool’s winning mentality is a key factor behind their title charge – something his former club Arsenal often lacked”.

    Weak mentally from top to bottom.

    Until a “winning mentality” is re-installed at our club, we are going nowhere.

  3. Sod the clean sheet – we all know that isn’t going to happen, just 3 points will do 🙏 Then push on from there!

    Yes, some luck will do, but we’re not Liverpool!

  4. Why should Arsenal go back in for Wilfred Zaha, when available funds need to be targeted at one or two decent CB’s and a DM?

  5. “Due some luck” are we? Is Kroenke selling up then! Now THAT would be luck indeed! Until we escape his icy, miserly claws around our throat, all else is merely tinkering around the edges of really rescuing our club!

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