Dan’s EPL Predictions WK17 – Can Freddie get one last win for Arsenal?

This weekend will see Chelsea visit Tottenham, but we will all be concentrating on Freddie’s last game as interim coach for Arsenal. Can he sign off with a win? Dan doubts it….

Everton 3-1 Arsenal

As I write this both clubs are yet to announce their two managers although it’s a case of when and not if. So, on Saturday we will have the unique situation of both sides most likely having their new bosses watching from the stands.

So, in the short term, I have to base this result on the form of the two interim managers and there is no doubt Everton’s players have responded to Ferguson more than Arsenal’s have for Ljungberg. So much so that I’m expecting an intimidating atmosphere at Goodison – which I can’t guarantee we will respond to.

I don’t blame Freddie for this, he’s been thrown in at the deep end without any arm bands whereas Ferguson has admitted he’s surrounded himself with as much help as he could find. I just hope this experience doesn’t ruin Freddie’s standing within the club in terms of his coaching…

Villa 1-0 Saints
I do think in Danny Ings, the Saints have someone who can score 12-15 goals, not all clubs near the bottom have that. They also have had success in these types of games recently against their relegation rivals but mainly at home.

I’m thinking it will be a great atmosphere at Villa Park. It’s the game before Xmas and they are back in the topflight and in the last 4 of the League cup. This is a fan base who haven’t had a Christmas like this in a while so enjoy it…

Cherries 1-0 Burnley
I said Eddie Howe’s men were dropping like a stone. They just needed that one result to stop the slide and regain their confidence, I didn’t expect that to happen at Chelsea. They should be able to kick on now. They are still not their free scoring selves but that will come back the more they find their mojo.

Brighton 1-1 Sheffield United
At the halfway stage of the campaign I need to take back what I said about Brighton. I still feel they were very harsh to sack Chris Hughton, but they no doubt they have kicked on under Graham Potter.

Brighton will feel they should have won on Monday. I can see the same happening again today, as Sheffield United are one of the most resilient sides in the league.

Newcastle 0-2 C Palace
Despite being in the top 10, I still think there are games where Palace could be more positive. In last 20 minutes when they had to chase the game against Brighton they dominated.
This is the type of fixture the Eagles should take the initiative in, if they don’t, they are giving Newcastle a chance.

Norwich 2-2 Wolves
I think Norwich have realized that defensively they are not good enough at this level, so their best chance is to attack. Most of their games will therefore be ‘you play-we play’ making them quite entertaining. That will suit Wolves, but the home crowd will help them get a result.

Man City 2-0 Leicester
Even if they win, they would still be 11 points behind Liverpool, but against us it was almost like with the pressure off they are even more dangerous. Not that the Foxes will defend as bad as us. Remember when we mocked the idea of getting Evans? If De Bruyne plays how he did at the Emirates, then City will have too much.

Watford 2-2 Man United
The defeat at Liverpool was probably the best Watford ever played. if they play like that again they will get a result here. The problem is some of the chances they missed were so bad you would worry it’s impacted their confidence; the misses were that bad. If (big if) they play like that every week they can stay up.

Spurs 3-1 Chelsea
This game is crucial in both teams’ season. Not just a six pointer, but with games coming so quick over xmas this could decide which way their campaign goes. This could be the moment where Jose really wins over the Spurs fans by getting the same result as last season.

I think he will be extra motivated to get one over on the club who sacked him twice. It may be a good time to play Chelsea….

Dan Smith


  1. Sue says:

    Ouch!! 3-1!! I must admit I am really nervous about tomorrow…

  2. Mogunna says:

    You best be Sue, we all are for each game but this one is pretty scary the way Everyone look at home lately!

    1. Mogunna says:

      See that photo that is beyond scary!!!

      Yep, Mertazaker! In charge of, picking our Defense and tac tic!

      Look at him all happy and proud, pausing for camera while Eddie watches the game,totally lost!

      Indeed, you and we should be worry, if they predict 3-1; can be worst.

    2. Mogunna says:

      Per watching straight into Camera, smiling as a “A student”, missing the action while Eddie witnesses us conceid one! Just as when he was in the field, good old Calamity Per, now in charge of our defense!

      1. GB says:

        Who is this person Eddie you keep referring to?

  3. agu eman says:

    Everton is in crisis Arsenal struggling.
    Both teams are signing new managers
    but will probably be coached by their interim’s.
    Strange old set up so amidst the confusion Arsenal could sneak this one.
    Everton 3 Arsenal 4.

  4. Ainslee says:

    1-2 in gunners favors

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Comfortable 2-0 win for Everton, where we’ll make Iwobi and Walcott, look like Messi and Ronaldo!

  6. gotanidea says:

    If Ljungberg has the guts to use 4-3-3, drop Ozil/ Sokratis/ Pepe and move Chambers up to CDM position, I believe we would get at least one point at Goodison Park:

    …………… Leno
    Niles .. Mustafi .. Luiz .. Saka
    …………. Chambers
    …. Torreira …….. Xhaka
    Nelson ………………… Martinelli
    …………. Aubameyang

    I recommend to gamble on Xhaka for the left CM position, because he has an adept left foot and we have never seen him playing in a more attacking role. Unfortunately Ljungberg would probably use a three-CB formation to use attacking wingbacks, because we have lost Kolasinac and Tierney

    1. Mogunna says:

      That’s not topic mate…not yet at least but should be, before to predict!

  7. Mogunna says:

    They are actually doing and looking way better than us, since sacked manager, losing Leage cup means nothing, they win and draw top team so far in EPL! Will be Infront of us in two games as we will lose one if not both or draw one! You must not be watching or following league! Spurs were way behind us as well, mocked here!

  8. Mogunna says:

    Look that photo and you get the answer!Once you see Per!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Mogunna, if Everton players don’t perform and put in an effort, Duncan Ferguson takes them out behind the sheds, for a “one on one”.

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