Dan’s EPL Predictions WK19 – Can Arteta start with a bang?

Spurs 2-0 Brighton
On and off the pitch the weekend was horrible for Spurs. Jose will be hurt one of his ex-clubs and players out-thought him. Given the rivalry and it was a chance to go 4th there was no reason not to be up for that game. They owe their fans a response.

Aston Villa 3-2 Norwich
I actually like how these two teams have approached being back in the top-flight. They both have goal scorers, which not all relegation rivals have. Both though have defences that are not good enough for this level.
If Southampton are destroying, you at home that’s a worry.

Norwich will be encouraged they can make chances, but I think Villa might have slightly more quality in the final third.

Cherries 0-1 Arsenal
With games coming every few days, it won’t be until the New Year that Arteta can have time to work on things on the training ground.

What saddened me at Everton was the lack of desire to try and win the game. If we show more ambition here we can win. Bournemouth are just as unconfident as us, not having a shot on target at home to Burnley. Is this a good time to play them?

Chelsea 2-1 Saints
This is the type of home game that Chelsea been slipping up in. It is a tougher game now that Danny Ings is in form, but the manner of how West Ham and Bournemouth have won at the Bridge in the last month, should mean there is zero complacency.

Crystal Palace 2-0 West Ham
The Hammers didn’t play at the weekend. Having won at Southampton they wouldn’t have wanted to wait 12 days to carry on that momentum. Defeat here puts Pellegrini back under pressure.

Everton 1-0 Burnley
Given how they played against Chelsea and Man United I was shocked Everton were so poor against us. Ancelotti, like Arteta, will have to wait till he can have a free week on the training pitch to make a difference which will come after Xmas.

For Everton to get such a manager tells their fans how ambitious their owners are. So should be a great atmosphere (although I said that at the weekend as well).

Leicester 1-0 Liverpool
Yes, I think this is where Liverpool lose, protecting our Invincible status. I think the League leaders haven t been playing well but have picked up the habit of finding a way to win. With an in-form Jamie Vardy and red-hot home crowd, the Foxes can win this.

Man United 2-0 Newcastle
No such thing as a home banker with United anymore, you can never be sure if they are not going to be complacent. They should win here, but we thought that in previous games. It depends on how positive the Toon are?

Sheffield United 1-1 Watford
That result against Man United was coming for Watford, and it might be the one win they need to kick on. Player for player they are just as good as Sheffield United, and now under Nigel Pearson they might have some batting qualities as well.

Wolves 2-2 Man City
Whether Liverpool win or lose the day before, there is massive pressure on City to win here. With the players Wolves have, a trip to Molineux is not easy when you have to win. As they showed at the Etihad, they have the attacking talent to hurt the champions.

Dan Smith


  1. gotanidea says:

    I don’t think Arteta could win his first game, because he has to use the underperforming senior players as starters

    1. arsenal314 says:

      Which players should he use if he doesn’t use the senior players??wanna get relegated??

      1. Mogunna says:

        That’s 2 questions mate, not a response nor comment. I guess it means ; without senior we will be relegated.

        10 last EPL games;4 losts & 5 draws, miraculous indeed becomes a win at Westham for 8 points in 10 games.

        20 games left gets us 16points to end season under 40 points with senior or junior players or U14 doesn’t change that mathematic thruth and reality; relegation.

        Not sure if Dan made this up or pundits, but someone is pretty tipsy for Xmas and that Turkey beng bit hard to digest can get dizzy; or upon above maths and reality; it is no way to see us win at Bournmouth.
        is a nice guy.

        Anyway, upon this maths and reality, to predict a win is simply hilarious, a draw at best is more in phase with these numbers!

        Now indeed, with enough booze we can all be cheering and partying for New year’s as we will be 12 points ahead Reds on January first, it is our year mates, title is ours!


    2. Sylva Olabanji says:

      If you have been following Arteta’s interviews, comments and training sessions: he claimed only players ready to give 120% commitment and in training he will select for games.
      I don’t see him using sentiments to select players for games.Nd Boutmouth are beatable.

  2. gotanidea says:

    There are oppressions of minorities all over the world by the majorities, but don’t bring politics into football

    What if all football clubs, players and managers start to complain about the sufferings of minority groups that is related to their identities? Their actions will bring the war into football

    One should speak out on the suitable platforms and be a politician if he or she wants to defend his group

    1. Invisible says:

      Just an honest request, that’s all. If it’s not appropriate, then it’s okay. Thanks anyway.

  3. Impenia says:

    Does the writer genuinely thinks Liverpool will lose? Or was that prediction done with the bias of Arsenal invincible status in mind? Of course, I would be over the moon if they lose, especially after traveling to and from Qatar.

  4. Innit says:

    If he can get the team motivated that alone would improve us

    However, with our defence I’m expecting a draw

    We need a quality CB minimum in January if possible. And hopefully Holding and Tierney can make an early return

    1. Mogunna says:

      Oh sure, if if if, and if if if if, we will if if if indeed, if only if; of course.

      1. Innit says:

        Are you being rude to me or just being critical or both?

        Just curious

        1. Innit says:

          Your comment sounds like you’re being a D!¢k. If not then I apologise

  5. Mogunna says:

    But indeed, a draw at best and we desperately need a top CB and back ups at L&RB in January…It simply inconceivable to not have any back ups in these positions with players gets so often injured!

    Tierny was bought but injured and known as injury prome, only Kolas, injured too, no one! Forget about RB, Bellerin is only one but we sold Jerkinson, as we done with most reliable LB to Sociedad!

    It is simply no management, stupid transfers and decisions at every level.

    Yep, a draw and no ifs, unless a lost!

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