Dan’s EPL Predictions WK21 – Will our defence be Arsenal’s undoing again?

Here are Dan’s EPL predictions for this weekend.

West Ham 2-1 Arsenal
Can anyone have confidence in us while we don’t know each week what state we will be in defensively?
Emery can’t even help their confidence by playing a settled back 4/5, every week. It’s two steps forward – one step back, in terms of who’s fit and who’s not, meaning lots of square pegs in round holes and the likes of Koscielny having to be rushed back. If he is fit, would it shock you if Arnautovic ran us ragged? Or if Carroll bullied our centre backs or Nasri felt motivated to get one over on us? If we miss out on the top 4 by a couple of points, I’ll blame how long it is taking to bring in a defender. One should have been at the Emirates on the 1st day of January.

Brighton 1-1 Liverpool
It shouldn’t be assumed Liverpool are going to bottle it based on losing to the champions, but it does make this weekend critical in the title race. Win and City go into Monday night 7 points off top. But Klopp knows if he fails to win suddenly, Pep has got the advantage mentally. It is so massive for the leaders to get through this Saturday. Brighton have it in them to frustrate the visitors, but will they show ambition to be more than just organised?

Burnley 1-0 Fulham
Burnley can put some day light between themselves and the visitors here. Fulham have decent attacking players, but I can see them yet again being bullied on their travels. Sean Dyche had to defend his physical tactics over the new year, but it’s simply his men going back to basics and funding the ethos which gave them so many admirers in the last couple of years.

Cardiff 0-1 Huddersfield
A must-win for the visitors? How many away games will they feel they can at least match the home side? It’s one of the few times Neil Warnock has to deal with fans showing up expecting a win. The reward would be going a massive 11 points ahead of David Wagner and I think the pressure might get to the Bluebirds. I had been impressed with Warnock all year but he let himself down with his rant about Clyne going on loan to Bournemouth, when he was led to believe the right back was heading to Wales. He’s been in the game long enough to know how these things work, and that selling and buying is ruthless, everyone is out for themselves.

Crystal Palace 2-2 Watford
My theory on these two is both perform better in the role of underdog, not comfortable to lead. Palace this week were close twice to getting a striker on loan, but regardless I think they will comfortably stay up.

Leicester 1-2 Southampton
It’s ironic Puel faces the Saints of all teams, making it two sets of fans who don’t like his style. That of course contradicts his league position which like on the South Coast was impressive. Having rested players in the FA Cup, the fans could turn on him making this a chance of an upset.

Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle
Who finishes 4th could very well come down to who acts quicker out of Chelsea buying a striker and Arsenal a defender. We can take hope from the Blues capable of dropping cheap points due to not having a 20-25m forward. Luckily, it’s Newcastle at the Bridge who will simply park the bus.

Everton 2-2 Cherries
After a tough set of fixtures at Xmas I thought Bournemouth would have responded, but are letting in soft goals at the moment, although Clyne on loan was smart. That will mean Evertonians showing up expecting goals. The problem is Goodison is very quick these days to go nervous if things don’t go their way. For Eddie Howe it’s about getting through the first 20 mins. Solanke barely kicked a ball for Chelsea or Liverpool in the Prem, so it’s 20 million on potential. But we were worried our under-age world cup winners would not get game time, you know Howe will give youth a chance.

Spurs 1-2 Man United
So, to clarify, Spurs have now moved their moving date back to WHL to March at the earliest? At what point do you hold your hands up and just write it off till next season? It’s not really going to feel special going into your new home with the campaign all but over. If United win at Wembley, the next week will be dominated by talk that Solskjaer should get the job full time. A loss and he may be written off. Yes, he’s had an easy start, but Jose wouldn’t have been able to get those players playing with smiles on their faces and taking risks on the ball. It’s the first big game in 3 years where you know Man Uth will attack and actually start their best players.

Man City 2-1 Wolves
Dynamics change depending on Liverpool result. If the champions have to win just to hang in there, this is a tricky game and wouldn’t shock me if due to pressure Wolves caused an upset. If, however Liverpool drop points, it will give City incentive to take back control of the title race. Remember Wolves won at Wembley, drew at Old Trafford and the Emirates and have beaten Chelsea and Liverpool….

Dan Smith


  1. 9jagun says:

    I disagree with the arsenal result. Bear in mind that we didnt have a balance when bellerin was not back. But if Emery can play with with back three of mustafi sokratis with bellerin and kolasina/monrealc at the wings then we can have a go at westham. Torreira, Ozil, Iwobi should support athe midfield whie lacazzette and Aubamenyang can strike.

  2. 9jagun says:

    sorry forgto to include Koscielny as part of the back 3

  3. Pablo Piccasso says:

    This is my take and happy new year gang.

    – West Ham 0-2 Arsenal
    – Brighton 1-3 Liverpool
    – Burnley 1-0 Fulham
    – Cardiff 1-0 Huddersfield
    – Crystal Palace 1-2 Watford
    – Leicester 2-1 Southampton
    – Chelsea 2-1 Newcastle
    – Spurs 3-2 Man United
    – Man City 2-1 Wolves

  4. Th14 says:

    Wolves will shock City. They hardly loose against the top sides this season.

    1. Thomas Kelly says:

      Hope we get stuffed now till the end of the season sand carrying on losing money for the next 3 seasons so the yank will sell

  5. Break-on-through says:

    Dan, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, not that you didn’t know that already though. Do you write these up, all at your own volition, or do you look for a little inspiration or tips from a source that gets paid weekly for doing this type of stuff. I’m asking because it looks good, what you write in the boxes under the scoreline, it looks professional. If it’s yourself and you are totally going only by the football matches that you watch …I have to say fair play to you. I don’t watch a tenth of the football that I used to watch, outside of the Arsenal. I used to have tapes and tapes of football matches that I’d catch up on when getting a chance, some younger fans prob thinking -what’s a tape.

    1. jon fox says:

      Yes, what IS a tape!! REALLY WISH I DIDN’T KNOW! Youth is everything, now that I am over 35. A mile over it, to be accurate!

    2. dan says:

      It comes from me
      Got a degree in creative writing and literature so love to write
      Credit must go to admin who edits for me while I have no commputer

      If you mean how do I know about teams I study closely
      I win lots of money on over 1.5 accumulators so weekends I watch alot

      I never bet on my scorecasts, iim wrong most of the time so im no expert

      I love to get all involved in maybe a leauge table

    3. Midkemma says:

      Tapes are still used in some sections of the IT industry, they can be stored for longer if required… and assuming storing it correctly 🙂
      Takes a lot longer to read so it is mainly used for long term storage.

      I remember using a tape on my 1st PC, playing on an Amstrad and games would take forever to load… and if one load error then start that long process again. lol
      Then there was putting a bit of tape on the tape so we could re record on them… and the hassle of tape getting pulled out of the plastic and needing to wind the tape manually..

      I like how you said tape and not VHS or Betamax 😛 Didn’t want to confuse the young ones too much?

  6. jon fox says:

    You have certainly gone for some leftfield shocks this weekend Dan. I do not mean us though, as I also think we will lose. For those who want to make money, lay Arsenal, ie bet against us winning. WEST HAM WILL BE WELL UP FOR IT AND THE VERY I BEST SEE US GETTING IS A DRAW, with what is laughably called our “defence”! I disagree with five of your other results. I have gone strong on Brighton to lose to Liverpool.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Good point you made about Dixie Dean Jon, which I answered on a previous post.

  7. ForeverGooner says:

    Spurs will beat United
    We will beat or draw with West Ham
    City will win by a larger margin like 3-1 or 4-1

    1. dotash says:

      I quite agree with you, We will win or draw at worse.

  8. Ampumuza Adrian says:

    We all saw this coming

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