Dan’s EPL Predictions Wk23 – Can Arsenal really beat a high-flying Sheffield United?

Watford 2-1 Spurs

I’m going to give Jose the benefit of the doubt because, to be fair, it’s more the media at the moment who are making  out Spurs are in a crisis because of injuries and their transfer policy. However, you remember how Jose could never quite let go of  Ed Woodward not buying him a centre-back? Why do I think not replacing Kane with a world class striker is ammunition he is saving if things go wrong? The roll Watford are on right now, would this really be an upset?

Arsenal 1-1 Sheffield United

I can understand some Gooners being desperate for the Arteta appointment to work, but I think some have been too quick to announce a change in our fortunes. The performances have been better than they were under Emery, yet the reality is if we fail to win here then we go to Stamford Bridge in midweek with one League win in 5 under our new boss. If our attitude and mentality is not right, we will drop points

What impresses me about Chris Wilder is he’s not the type to settle for what he has , therefore treating this as a free swing. He will have his players believing they can get a result at the Emirates. Having a coach with that kind of belief is vital and I hope that’s what we now have..

Brighton 3-1 Villa

Last weekend was the first time you could question Villa’s work ethic. Anyone can be outclassed by City but there was zero fight from Villa, it’s like they just accepted defeat. With games coming every few days, it’s the worse time to be conceding 6 goals. That should give Brighton the incentive to test the visitor’s fragile confidence.

Man City 4-0 Palace

With Pep conceding the title race is over it’s almost like his players are playing with the pressure off- which makes them dangerous. On their day they are still the most beautiful team to watch in this country. This could finally be the game where injuries and suspensions catch up with the Eagles.

Norwich 3-0 Cherries

Having grown up in the area I have a soft spot for the Cherries, who for the first time since promotion genuinely are worried about relegation. The problem is Eddie Howe tried to adapt how they played but now needs to go back to what brought them to the dance. Defensively though they are rock bottom at the moment in terms of confidence, so it’s a great time for the Canaries to play them.

Saints 2-1 Wolves

At which points does Ralph Hasenhuttl get credit for the Saints turn around? At Christmas they were 1-0 down to Watford which would have seen them fall bottom of the League, now they are joint on points with Arsenal.It shows  the fine margins between a boss getting sacked or not. Danny Ings has got to be a contender to benefit from Kane’s injury for England. I thought Wolves really missed a chance in the Cup against United and will need to do better here.

West Ham 0-0 Everton

David Moyes will be extra motivated, given that there were Everton fans who looked down on the idea of him being reappointed. He’s won 2 out of 3 but I still doubt he’s the man to give the Hammers the style of football they want.

Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

Newcastle’s strikers have both got badly needed goals recently and the hope is this will start a run. The only problem is in a fixture like this how many chances will they have? You might get one great chance and at the moment it feels like they need 5 chances to score. Chelsea have been inconsistent at home but away from home have been good

Burnley 1-2 Leicester

Both managers have put their loss of form down to their fixture pile up. When the likes of Sean Dyche is claiming players can’t play twice a week you know players are being too protected. Once the mini break is introduced next winter let’s see how many teams stay at home with their feet up.
Put it this way, it didn’t take long for Spain’s 4 best teams to be paid to go and play in Saudi Arabia.

Liverpool 3-0 Man United

To be fair twice against Liverpool, United have stood up and fought for the shirt under the guidance of Ole, the side closest to beating them in the League this season. Both of those times though were at Old Trafford, and I just wonder how many in the away dressing room believe they can get a result. If the League leaders score early this could be a rout..

Dan Smith


  1. Nice one, Dan 👍
    Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if we do end up with a draw later! Be a tough game.

    Come on Deulofeu!
    Come on Almiron! And heck I’ll even be calling for Rashford tomorrow 😳

  2. If Arsenal can’t beat a mid-table team like Sheffield United, might as well forget about staying in EPL

    1. Except Arsenal is mid table right now as well.
      Arsenal is a lot bigger, richer and packed with stars.
      SU is a bunch of mainly English Championship players but they play as a team like Wolves.
      Arteta is making the team tougher to break down and making less mistakes at the back.
      If Arsenal click it should be a 2-3 goal win.
      Fingers and toes crossed

    2. So far in Arteta’s reign Arsenal have been playing well at home but not without Auba. We shall not lose the game but to win, the players must opt their game. The strikers must be clinical as their won’t be much chance to score.

  3. Arsenal will win,MA and co knows the consequences if not.The players will step up.

    And the man united game if mctominay and rashford plays i think they will give a good fight.As this game has much more history than any other derby in england,nobody will go down easily.I think this would be a tight game and hope man utd will win(liVARpool are not invincibles)

    1. McTominay won’t be playing, but there’s talk of Rashford playing “through the pain” with injections.
      I couldn’t believe it when he went off against Wolves.. their best player and their next game – Liverpool – same with Kane, their best player (boo!) and their next PL game – Liverpool – even the injuries are going Liverpool’s way!!!

  4. I was thinking 1-1 as well. Very though game, especially with our only world class player missing.

    1. So do SU have world class players? I know one can argue where would Spurs be without Kane and Leicester without Vardy, but we need to be able to deal with missing a top striker (I hate the word “attacker”). There are pleanty of other players that should be able to step up and fill the gap. With another week under his belt, we should see more improvement in the general play, ball retention, defensive structure and opportunity creation. Hopefully Mikel has drummed into team also that they should HHAVE A GO!

      1. Very true SAGooner – a week in football is a long time and MA won’t have wasted the time.

        Admin, who are the fans who don’t want Arteta to succeed, or did I read that wrong?

        Also didn’t realise Ozil wasn’t available, is Cebs capable of becoming our world class sub I wonder?

        No predictions from me, just hoping for a win.

  5. Today Dan, with our front three, Pepe, Laca and Martinelli we will win, barring Kamikaze defending.

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