Dan’s EPL Predictions WK29 – Is Tottenham away a step too far for Arsenal?

So it’s time for Dan’s EPL Predictions, and yet again I’m hoping he gets the Arsenal score wrong. If I remember correctly he also predicted he would lose to the Spuds at home, so maybe its better this way!

So here are his choices for this weekend.

Spurs 2-0 Arsenal
I don’t want to be negative but I’m not getting carried away with recent results. Winning at the Emirates has never been an issue, it’s away from home I’m worried. To win at Wembley on Saturday we must do something we have not done for years, that’s play well in the big games on our travels. My doubts are based on Emery getting his tactics correct. There’s a feeling Spurs might be there for the taking, but will our manager go for the throat by starting the likes of Ozil and Mhki or will he revert back to his negative back 5, handing our rivals the initiative? If Tottenham did lose, suddenly they are doubts to finish in the top 4, a win would be that massive.

Afc Bournemouth 1-3 Man City
It was very unlike an Eddie Howe display at the Emirates, almost accepting defeat based on their injury record. If that’s their confidence levels against us, imagine what they will be like against the champions? Normally the Cherries believe, if nothing else, their attacking style can make an impact. Despite still winning, perhaps City could do with a week off from the mental grind of always having to win, that rest isn’t coming soon.

Brighton 0-1 Huddersfield
Huddersfield were due a win, their problem is quality not work rate. Unlike a Fulham, they are not going down with a whimper. It’s a nightmare fixture for Chris Hughton, a rare time where their fans will expect them to be on the front foot. The pressure is off Huddersfield so they will get the odd result.

Burnley 1-0 Palace
Roy Hodgson is now the oldest man to ever manage in the Premiership. After his experience with England, to have the desire /appetite to still want to be on the training field each day tells you of his love for the game. He’s one of the few to rebuild his reputation after being in charge of his country. Burnley are back to having Turf Moor as a fortress so home form will be the difference.

Man United 3-0 Southampton
I am so tired of hearing how Man Utd have got through an injury crisis this week, against Liverpool they ended with Rashford, Lukaku and Sanchez up front, hardly too shabby. Like us they will be viewing the game at the Emirates as crucial to the top 4, so will want to keep the gap to be a point. Saints to sit back, these days United can handle that.

Wolves 3-0 Cardiff
In midweek Wolves yet again handled the pressure of expectation, something they face again Saturday. In the last 2 games, Cardiff have lost their defensive discipline. I admire their efforts on the pitch, but the Welsh side deserve relegation concerning their conduct over the Sala transfer. They have allowed their case to be investigated by FIFA in the hope irregularities are found so they get out of paying the 15 million. If the man was alive, do you think this be happening? Classless

West Ham 1-1 Newcastle
Toon fans might be getting excited after the last two games, where Rafa showed ambition by playing three up front. Those matches were at home so it’s interesting how positive he will be away.


Watford 1-3 Leicester
Brendan Rodgers has a proven record of working with young players and playing attractive football. On that logic he’s a good appointment for Leicester. But any man who walks away from the chance of a treble, having claimed to be a Celtic fan, smacks of arrogance. Bear in mind the Foxes were prepared to wait till the summer, so winning silverware couldn’t have meant that much to him. It’s a blow to the image of Scottish football that a man would trade in a chance of silverware for 3 months at a mid-table side when he could have held off until the summer. Having just conceded 5 goals, Watford might be victims of their counter attacking style which will improve under Rodgers.

Fulham 0-2 Chelsea
Fulham’s players have played recently like they accept they are relegated and so now have their board by sacking Ranieri. Scott Parker has a reputation as a good young coach, but he has a better chance of giving him the job in the summer. How’s he meant to motivate players who believe they are already down? Sarri said the saga at Wembley was miscommunication yet still dropped his keeper. It overshadows what happened in his last two games; his players have delivered in big matches. Maybe Sarri was written off too soon?

Everton 0-3 Liverpool
The manner of how Liverpool best Watford could be crucial in the title race.
You sense their players needed an attacking display to remind themselves of what they can do, the only thing missing is a goal from Salah. Everton would love to be the ones to put a dent in the Reds Championship bid but sometimes you can be too desperate for a win. I look at Silva and question can he lead his players, keep their temperament in check, etc? More likely they will crumble after conceding.

Dan Smith


  1. Emery would most likely use 3-4-2-1 with Lacazette, because Lacazette will not be available for the Rennes game:

    ………..Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
    Jenkinson . Torreira . Xhaka . Kolasinac
    ………..Ramsey ………….. Iwobi

    1. How does Ramsey get to start our big games while waiting to represent Juventus. And how many chance will this lineup create and who would create them. You honestly annoy me with your stupidity the most. Is it possible for you to type less and think more?

      1. Ramsey is usually very energetic in big games and a tough away game in a span of three days might be too much for Mkhitaryan/ Ozil

        I bet Emery would use 3-4-2-1 again with fresh players due to the NLD

        Please don’t read my comments if you’re annoyed, because this is a free forum. People who label others stupid for conveying their casual opinions are usually mentally retarded

        1. I agree with you…. I feel same way that Emery will field 3 at back invite defeat even before start of match….
          Absolutely crap to go for Ramsey and 3 at back formation…
          But Emery is habitual to do unnecessary things regarding tactics and formation change ..

      2. You asking others to “think more” is a bit rich, after the many unthinking posts you write.

      3. How does Ramsey going to juve affect his commitment? He was set to leave all season and he shows the same amount of enthusiasm. This is not a good reason for dropping him. In no point in his entire career has Ramsey not been a try-hard actually. Even when he is out of form.

    2. I think that’s a good shout Gotanidea, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that is the line-up. Maybe Kos if fit might play over Monreal.

  2. Bringing in Mustafi when the defence did reasonably well against Bournemouth, would be asking for trouble.The prospect of Son running at Mustafi or for that matter Lichsteiner feels me with dread.Keep them out of the team please.

      1. Mustafi helped keep a clean sheet in the one before it though. He done well v Sou, threw his body in the way a couple of times and he looked up for it. Xhaka I have to mention, looked like a leader that day, defensively and offensively, he has also cut the mistakes out this season. He will make an odd mistake from time as all players do, but the routine of it all, that is all but gone, he’s improved a lot under Emery. He looks physically in better shape too, he and Sokratis give our side authority, as well I’d add Lacaette, I think these three have leadership qualities or at the least the other players look up to them as they stick up for the others when people leave something on a tackle. I don’t expect many to agree with me, I’ve seen the comments, but for me Xhaka has definitely improved this season.

  3. I think Dan Smith is a day dreamer. 2-0 is a feat which Spurs may not easily achieve against Arsenal. I don’t say that Spurs can’t win against Arsenal but winning by such a margin is just wishful thinking. Many other pundits, including for once Paul Merson, , have predicted a draw. I might also be persuaded by such assessment.

  4. Just like the first leg,I don’t think spurs will beat arsenal,truth be told Dan I think you overrate them too much and saying they will win us and keep a clean sheet that will never happen.

  5. Agree with prediction and analysis… We are dismal away from home…
    It will take lot of magic to win there…
    We should go 4 at back…

  6. For record I checked , I said we best them at Emiraites
    It’s not wishful thinking , I’m a gooner
    Just pointing out we do bad in these games
    I’m a daydreamer for saying they keep clean sheet against us ?
    Last two times we played them away ?
    I’m no less a fan just because i think we will lose

  7. It would be a surprise if we won honestly. Being realisitic, big away games are where we perform the worst. Because when you cannot defend and up against the best attackers in the league, you are at a HUGE disadvantage. A draw keeps us in a good position. If we get 4 points from United/Spurs fixtures we are setting ourselves up for a great chance to get a UCL spot.

  8. Last time we played that lot was when dele was plastic bottled make no mistake he will be fired up for this as will his dangerous compadre kane and the man from s.korea. No good sense in thinking this ones going to be easy it ain’t – There’s trepidation going into this match and its bold of Dan to go against his heart and call it as he has.

    Bold but a decision founded on suspicion bordering on respect. But i’m inclined more to thinking we won’t suffer humiliation or the bitter pill of defeat on a turf that has been kind to us over the years. Today wembley is masked with pictures all round the ground as if to create a bogus reality of being at home – wembley isn’t theirs its high time we showed we got bottle and nowhere better to do it than at wembley.

    Make no mistake they have been relentless for the most part of this season BUT we have quality among our ranks tho this match is likely to be decided by the team that imposes its WILL on the other – Let’s hope we create and execute our chances, as a unit stay robust and keep our minds. If we keep our heads for 90min we’ll edge this #COYG

      1. Ok him being out helps, altho the threat is none the less. We’ll still need to be on form going in to this and we can’t underestimate the task. Put another way – if we fail to get a result by the whistle later today it raises a question – Are we ready to play among those teams in the more prestigious competition (?).

    1. Arsenal will score at least 2 goals, the result will depend on the defensive performance. Arsenal need at least 1 point from this match! COYG!

  9. spurs made it very very difficult for man citeh when they lost to a strike from mahrez. They will start as favourites for those of us inclined towards the odds. Anyone here remember that game at all? The score was incidental the spuds easily held their own when pitched against man citeh they presented a threat tormenting the current english champions for much of that game.

    Despite the fact that we appear to be in great form – [the reality] so far as our campaign is going is that we’ve been unconvincing when it comes to opponents like Utd, like Citeh or like L’pool.

    That’s why the NLD sets a marker as to whether we’ve gone as far as can reasonably be expected. Far as the North London teams league positions are concerned – BOTH teams have likely reached a bridge too far.

  10. It’s the NLD for crying out loud!!! People talk about our away form but form goes out the window in derby matches. I personally believe our boys have it in them, sure Spurs have a better squad on paper, but a match isn’t won on paper or else city would still be unbeaten we’re supporters so let’s do our damn jobs.

  11. Few a few years we’ve berated and had issue with ramsey – but judging by today’s match alone we are about to lose a fantastic player when on his game – i’ll be the 1sto say thanks and to wish gooner rambo good luck. COYG

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