Dan’s EPL Predictions WK8 – Can Arsenal grind out another win?

I miss those days when you get to 3.00 o’clock on a Saturday and there was more than one Premiership game taking place. To make up for fans not being allowed in Stadiums, fixtures are spread over the whole weekend so they can all be televised, but you can have too much of a good thing!

There’s now two matches on Friday, so again I’m submitting this early, so you have that extra time to make your EPL predictions.

Brighton 1-1 Burnley
How can Sky morally, a day after England go into national lockdown, charge people 14.99 pounds to watch this?

Sean Dyche said a few weeks ago he would pay that price to watch his team. I guess you can’t tell your wife she looks fat in that dress, can you?

1-1 is me being optimistic.

Southampton 2-1 Newcastle
Newcastle are never going to be great to watch under Steve Bruce, but he does grind out results. To be fair when Rafa Benitez was doing the same, he was the messiah.

The Saints on the other hand are entertaining to watch, but will now need someone to step up now Danny Ings is injured for 6 weeks. Unless they keep relying on Prowse’s set pieces?

Everton 1-1 Man United
After my prediction that they win last Sunday, I realised Rodriguez joined Richarlison and Digne in being unavailable. Suddenly Everton looked like the Everton of last season.

Although he says he will recall him this weekend, Ancelotti was giving a warning to Pickford by benching him. You don’t just drop your keeper because ….

A good time to face Man United. If fans were inside Goodison I would probably being going for a home win.

Palace 1-3 Leeds
I think Palace will play into Leed’s hands. Defensively Leeds are not great, but instead of having the likes of Zaha run at them, Palace will let Leeds have the ball and try to hit them on the break. There are certain teams you can’t afford to allow to have possession as they will punish you.

Chelsea 3-0 Sheffield United
With Liverpool and Man City already having lost, some are suggesting someone from the chasing pack could take advantage. I even read a headline ‘Can Southampton do a Leicester?’

With respect to the Saints, if we are talking about anyone most likely to put that consistent run together – it’s Chelsea. And now they are keeping clean sheets!

West Ham 1-2 Fulham
I was so happy that Scott Parker got his first League win of the season. He’s almost too nice to be a football manager but was due some luck on Monday.
The Hammers have played very well in a tough set of fixtures, but it would be very like West Ham to lose a game they are favourites to win.

West Brom 1-3 Spurs
At the moment Spurs seem to have moments in games where they go ‘Spursy’ but have the attacking talent to get over the line. It’s arguably the (on form) League’s best attack vs the worse defence.

Man City 1-1 Liverpool
City’s injuries in attack and Liverpool’s in defence, means this might not be the spectacle it usually is.

I do feel Pep’s men could benefit mentally from winning this. Yet imagine mentally how big it would be if the Champions won even without VVD. Their best form of defence might be attack for both teams.

Leicester 1-2 Wolves
Just because Leicester have been playing their strongest 11 in Europe, I think beating Wolves a few days later might be asking too much.

Arsenal 2-1 Aston Villa
A different test this weekend for different reasons. Arteta has shown he can organise a team and make them hard to beat, but now the spotlight is back on ‘do we have enough creativity to win these type of games’.

It’s not that Villa will park the bus, but more teams are aware that if you let Arsenal have the ball, they struggle to unlock the door.


That horrible moment when you really did mean 3-0 Chelsea but wrote 2 by accident. That would have put me joint top!

Anyways, top scorer last week was Quincy Okereke Samson Afaloyan and Khadii with 11 points. Me, Declan, Kstix and in his first try Gibson Power got 9. A few players with 8 points – Dan Kit, Admin Pat, Saint Emirates and Baron.

Top 24 qualify for Euros

Dan Kit 49
ME 47
Sue 40
Shakir 39
Highbury Hero 39
Khadii 37
Easy guys 37
MTG 34
Declan 34
Sid 33
Iykmatt 31
Admin pat 31
Terrah 30
Dunchirado 30
Arsha 29
Dhoni 27
Anie 25
Baron 24
Davars 23
Samson 22
Buchi 22
SJ 20
Dotash 19
Fatorisa Festus Omoboboji 18
Edu 18
Sagie 18
Olushorlorlar 18
I 17
Em 16
Babasola 15
Saint Emirates 15
okobino 14
Joe Gunner 13
Jay 13
Quincy Okereke 13
Musa 12
Third Man jw 12
Gunner 4 life 11
Nuisance 10
Elvis 10
Herbz 10
Gibson power 9
Kenya 001 9
Sue P 9
Tom 9
Jimmy Bauer 8
Invader Zim 8
Rain 7
Gerylo – 7
Ba Thea 7
Gold 7
Omwabu Robinson 6
Rusty 6
Collins otanchi masea 6
Khgondroidx- 6
Sean Williams 6
Eastside Gooner 5
Durand 5
Deluded One 5
Frank Brady 5-
Kuhepson 4
Classy Gunner 4
Uzi Ozil 4
Nifty 4
One and Only Making Love OnCampus 4
Seroti 4
Kev 82. 3
Illiterate 3
Gunner Ray
Ash 2
Toney 2

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  1. Ernie-Blaze says:

    Burnley 1 v 0 Brighton
    Southampton 2 v 1 Newcastle
    Everton 1 v 2 Man utd
    Palace 1 v 1 Leeds
    Chelsea 2 v 0 sheffield
    West ham 3 v 1 Fulham
    West brom 1 vs 2 Spurs
    Man city 2 v 2 Liverpool
    Leicester 1 v 0 Wolves
    Arsenal 3 v 1 Villa

  2. Gibson power says:

    Brighton 0-0 Burnley
    Southampton 0-1 Newcastle
    Everton 1-2 man United
    Palace 1-1 Leeds United
    Chelsea 2-1 Sheffield United
    Westham 3-0 Fulham
    Westbrom 0-3 Spurs
    Man city 2-1 Liverpool
    Leicester 1-1 wolves
    Arsenal 1-1 Aston villa

    1. Gibson power says:

      The arsenal score seems like a stretch but odds are not really in our favour this weekend..

  3. Dhoni says:

    Brighton 1-1 Burnley
    Saints 2 – 2 Newcastle
    Eveton 1-1 Man U
    Palace 1 – 2 Leeds
    West Ham 2- 0 Fulham
    Baggies 0 – 3 Spurs
    Man City 2-1 Liverpool
    Foxes 1 – 1 Wolves
    Arsenal 3 – 0 Villa

  4. Dhoni says:

    Chelsea 2 -1 Blades

  5. Joegunner says:

    Brighton 1 – 0 Bumley. Southampton 2 – 0 Newcastle. Everton 1 – 2 Man united Palace 1 – 2 Leeds. Chelsea 3 – 0 Sheffield. West Ham 2 – 1 Fulham. West brom. 1 – 2 Spurs Man City 2 – 1 Liverpool. Leicester 1 – 1 Wolves Arsenal 2 – 0 Aston vila.

    1. Declan says:

      Brighton 2-0 Burnley
      Saints 2-1 Newcastle
      Everton 2-1 Man U
      Palace 1-1 Leeds
      Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield
      West Ham 2-0 Fulham
      West Brom 1-2 spurs
      City 1-2 Liverpool
      Leicester 3-1 Wolves
      Arsenal 2-1 Villa

  6. Phenom says:

    Brighton 1 vs 1 Burnley
    Saints 2 vs 0 Newcastle
    Everton 1 vs 1 United
    Palace 2 vs 1 Leeds
    West Ham 2 vs 0 Fulham
    Baggies 0 vs 1 spurs
    City 2 vs 2 Liverpool
    Leicester 2 vs 1 wolves
    Arsenal 2 vs 1 villa

    1. Declan says:

      @Phenom… you missed the Chelsea game my friend.

  7. Olushorlar says:

    Brighton1 Burnley2 Saints2 Newcastle0 Everton1 Man U2, Palace2 Leeds2, Westham3 Fulham1, Westbrom1 Spurs1, City2 Reds1

  8. Olushorlar says:

    And Liecester 2 vs Wolves 3, Arsenal 3 vs Villa 0.

    1. Declan says:

      Olushorler. You have also missed off the Chelsea game my friend

      1. Dan says:

        Very honest of you Declan

    2. Saint Emirates says:

      Brighton 1, Burnley 1
      Southampton 2, Newcastle 1
      Everton 2, Man united 1
      C.Palace 1, Leeds 3
      Chelsea 3, Sheffield United 0
      West Ham 2, Fulham 0
      West Brom 0, Tottenham 3
      Manchester city 1, Liverpool 3
      Leicester 1, Wolves 2
      Arsenal 2, Aston Villa 0

  9. Famochi says:

    Burnley 0 v 2 Brighton
    Southampton 2 v 1 Newcastle
    Everton 2 v 2 Man utd
    Palace 1 v 2 Leeds
    Chelsea 2 v 1 sheffield
    West ham 3 v 1 Fulham
    West brom 1 vs 3 Spurs
    Man city 1 v 2 Liverpool
    Leicester 1 v 1 Wolves
    Arsenal 3 v 1 Villa

  10. Dan says:

    Very honest of you Declan

  11. Samson Afolayan says:

    Brighton 2-1 Burnley. Saint 2-2 Newcastle. Everton 2-1 man United. Palace 1-3 Leeds. Westham 3-0 Fulham. Chavs 2-0 Sheffield. Westbrom 1-3spurd. Man City 2-3 Liverpool foxes2-2 wolves arsenal 2-1 villa.

  12. Khadii says:

    So glad to be amongst the top earners for last weekend..

    Burnley 0 v 0 Brighton
    Southampton 2 v 1 Newcastle
    Everton 2 v 1 Man utd
    Palace 1 v 2 Leeds
    Chelsea 3 v 0 sheffield
    West ham 3 v 1 Fulham
    West brom 1 vs 2 Spurs
    Man city 1 v 2 Liverpool
    Leicester 1 v 0 Wolves
    Arsenal 3 v 1 Villa

    1. Sue says:

      Well done, Khadii 👍

  13. prince says:

    Brighton 2-1 Bunley
    Southampton 2-2 Newcastle
    Everton 2-2 Man u
    palace 3-1 leeds
    West Ham 2-1 Fulham
    westbrom 1-3 Spurs
    City 2-2 Liverpool
    Leicester 1-1 wolves
    Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa
    Chelsea 2-1 Sheffield

  14. Terrah says:

    Brighton 2 vs 0 burnley
    southampton 1 vs 1 newcastle
    Everton 1 vs 2 man united
    Crystal palace 2 vs 1 leeds
    Westham 2 vs 1 fulham
    Chelsea 3 vs 1 sheffied united
    Westbrom 1 vs 2 tottenham
    Mancity 1 vs 2 liverpool
    Leicester city 2 vs 1 wolves
    Arsenal 2 vs 1 aston villa

  15. Shakir says:

    Brighton 2-1 Burnley
    Southampton 1-2 Newcastle
    Everton 1-2 Man Utd
    C.Palace 1-2 Leeds
    Westham 2-0 Fulham
    Chelsea 1-0 Shf Utd
    W.Brom 1-3 Spurs
    Man city 2-1 Liverpool
    Leicester 3-1 Wolves
    Arsenal 2-1 A.Villa

  16. Terrah says:

    I’m so loving this prediction game.thumbs up for Dan for the initiative.meanwhile,to keep it more fun and fair,there should be a closing day and time for all predictions to be submitted as some folks here tend to post predictions after some games and change their predicting results from the ones they initially posted.it looks manipulating to me IMO.hence,the portal should close by 7pm on Fridays which is before the first kick off.thank you

    1. Dan says:

      I’m doing my best to check what time predictions are being submitted
      Let’s just all be honest x

    2. prince says:

      Nice one Terrah….. I like your suggestion
      We are supposed to have time for closure.
      Admin please take note.
      Sue I hope you like Terrah’s suggestion?

      1. Sue says:

        Yes.. if I remember rightly, Dan said at the start about making sure predictions were submitted by the time the first game began. Some have posted late, but have left out the game which has already been played…

  17. Highbury Hero says:

    Burnley 2 v 1 Brighton
    Southampton 2 v 0 Newcastle
    Everton 2 v 1 Man utd
    Palace 2 v 1 Leeds
    Chelsea 4 v 0 sheffield
    West ham 2 v 0 Fulham
    West brom 0 vs 2 Spurs
    Man city 2 v 1 Liverpool
    Leicester 2 v 1 Wolves
    Leno 3 v 0 Martinez

    Can’t shake the feeling my predictions are off this week.

    1. Sue says:

      Leno v Martinez 😄 Nice one, HH..

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        Thanks Sue. I see you are in a bad run. Not that I complain, I wish that run will extend to the Dans too.

        1. Sue says:

          Yeah, I’m lucky if I pick up 6 points at this rate!! 😂 Luckily there’s another 30 weeks, HH… we’ll catch them 😉

          1. Highbury Hero says:

            Maybe a perfect score game week? 😎

  18. Sue says:

    Brighton 1-0 Burnley
    Saints 1-1 Barcodes
    Everton 2-2 Mancs
    Palace 1-2 Leeds
    Chavs 3-0 Blades
    Hammers 2-1 Fulham
    Baggies 0-3 Spuds
    City 2-2 Liverpool
    Leicester 2-2 Wolves
    Arsenal 3-1 Villa

  19. Iykmatt says:

    I believe i got 9points from last week&you only gave me 7&i also noticed you scored some higher than their real point

    1. Dan says:

      You did mate
      I forgot when counting yours Everton for late goal
      Have written down I owe you 2 points which will add on next week
      Need an admin

  20. dotash says:

    Brighton 2-0 Burnley
    Southampton 2-2 Newcastle
    Everton 0-1 Man Utd
    C.Palace 2-1 Leeds
    Westham 2-0 Fulham
    Chelsea 3-0 Shf Utd
    W.Brom 0-3 Spurs
    Man city 2-2 Liverpool
    Leicester 2-0 Wolves
    Arsenal 3-0 A.Villa

  21. Iykmatt says:

    Brighton 3-1 Burnley Southampton 1-1 Newcastle Everton 1-2 Man u Crystal palace 1-0 Leeds united Chelsea 2-1 Shelfield united West ham 3-0 Fulham West brom 0-2 Tottenham Man city 3-2 Liverpool Leicester 2-1 Wolves Arsenal 3-1 Aston villa

  22. Dunchirado says:

    Brighton 2-1 Burnley
    Saints 2-1 Newcastle
    Everton 1-1 Man U
    Palace 1-1 Leeds
    Chelsea 3-0 Sheffield
    West Ham 2-0 Fulham
    West Brom 0 – 3 Spurs
    City 1-2 Liverpool
    Leicester 2-1 Wolves
    Arsenal 2-1 Villa

    Dan, I missed last week prediction, because of the incident that happened at Nice

    1. Dan says:

      That’s not a problem mate

  23. Sid says:

    Damn! Last week was off..
    Burnley 0-1 Brighton
    Southampton 1-0 Newcastle
    Everton 1-2 Man U
    Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield
    Westham 3-0 Fulham
    West Brom 0-3 Spurs
    Man City 2-3 Liverpool
    Leicester 1-2 Wolves
    Arsenal 3-1 Aston villa

    1. Sid says:

      Sorry, Brighton is the home team…

      1. Dan says:

        Sid buddy is that 1-0 Brighton or 1-0 Burnley

        1. Sid says:

          Brighton for the win, but the result was a draw, 😆

  24. Quincy Okereke says:

    Brighton 2-1 Burnley
    Saints 2-2 Newcastle
    Everton 1-2 Man U
    Palace 2-2 Leeds
    Chelsea 2-1 Sheffield
    West Ham 2-0 Fulham
    West Brom 1-2 Spurs
    City 2-1 Liverpool
    Leicester 1-1 Wolves
    Arsenal 3-1 Villa

    Last week was very good for me.. I don’t think Dan calculated my points correctly so I will do the calculation myself!!! Expect Arsenal to get a big win this weekend!!!

    1. Quincy Okereke says:

      Dan I just calculated Week 7 results I scored 13 points not 11..
      The results were
      Wolves 2-0 palace – 3points
      Sheff Utd 1-2Man City – 1
      Burnley 1-2 Chelsea – 1
      Liverpool 3-2 West Ham – 1
      Villla 2-2 Southampton – 0
      Newcastle 2-1 Everton – 3
      Man Utd 2-2 Arsenal – 0
      Spurs 2-1 Brighton – 3
      Fulham 2-1 West Brom – 1
      Leeds 2-2 Leicester – 0

      That’s 13 points in total..

      Maybe you can add it on from Week 8 results 👍

  25. Iykmatt says:

    Last week correct points-Dan-9,sue-4,thirdman jw-3,gonnerforlife-5,olushorlar-5,dan kit-8,gibson powe-7,kev82-3,sean willians-4,kstix-7,onwabu robinson-4,declan-7,rusty-6,shakir-7,highbury hero-7,sid-5,arha-7,Quincy okereke-11,admin pat-8,saint emirate-8,dhoni-6,S.J-5,darvas-6,samson afolayan-9,anie-7,iykmatt-9,Edu-6,buchi-6,dotash-8,EM-6,Baron-6,khadii-9,MTG-5,Easy guy-6….i will advice you check the scores once more for better awarding of points

    1. Dan says:

      Quincy got 13 actually , see easy to get me wrong

      1. Dan says:

        Sue you got 7 x

        1. Sue says:

          Oooh thanks Dan – every point counts 😊😂

          1. Dan says:

            Just so I prove it
            You said wolves 2-1 Palace – 1 point
            Blades 1-3 City 1 point
            Burn 0-3 C havs 3 points
            Pool 3-2 West Ham 1 point
            Spurs 3-0 Brighton 1 point

          2. Sue says:

            Thanks, Dan 👍

    2. Dan says:

      Readers ignore this
      He’s added up quite a few wrong
      Focus on your own scores and come to me if your score is wrong
      Only changes I can see is following
      Omwabu Robinson -4
      Quincy Okereke -13
      Davors 6 – ( for some reason never counted yours )
      Dotash 8

      1. Dan says:

        I assure those players added to my table that I keep on drafts

      2. dotash says:

        Correct it and write out the new scores for proper record keeping

        1. Dan says:

          Yeah got a system lol
          I’m just one man here peeps

      3. Davars says:

        Thank you I was thinking where’s my points lol

  26. Dan says:

    Hey guys updating table
    Mistake I made is counting Newcastle 2-0 Everton when it was 2-1 lol ( davars I left u out )

    1. Iykmatt says:

      Your calculations are not accurate unless you have a different site you are receiving fans predictions from

  27. Davars says:

    Brighton 2 vs 0 Burnley
    Saints 1 vs 1 Newcastle
    Everton 2 vs 2 United
    Palace 3 vs 1 Leeds
    West Ham 0 vs 0 Fulham
    Baggies 1 vs 2 spurs
    City 3 vs 1 Liverpool
    Leicester 1 vs 2 wolves
    Arsenal 3 vs 0 villa

    1. Davars says:

      Forget 1 match
      Chelsea 1-1 Sheffield

  28. Iykmatt says:

    &Quincy okereke got 11&not 13,kstix go 7&not 9…apart from quincy no other person scored 11…please try&rectify all these

    1. Dan says:

      Quincy wolves 2-0 Palace 3 points
      Sunited 1-2 Man City 1 point
      Burnley 1-2 Chelsea 1″ point
      Liverpool 3-2 West Ham 1 point
      Newcastle 2-1 Everton 3 points
      Spurs 2-1 Brighton 3 points
      Fulham 2-1 West Bromwich 1 point
      That’s 13 points

    2. Dan says:

      Kstix wolves 1-0 Palace 1point
      Sunited 0-3 City 1 point
      Burnley 0-3 Chelsea 3 points
      Liverpool 2-2 West Ham 3 points
      Spurs 3-1 Brighton 1
      That’s 9 points

      1. Dan says:

        Lykmatt – I will no longer be adding up your scores mate
        I do this out of the goodness of me heart
        As you can imagine take a along time to add up all scores then table
        I’m bound to make mistakes which is why I have always said keep your scores written down
        Every other person has been okay with this
        3 times tonight I have had to check scores on other players that have nothing to do with you and everytime you were wrong
        You tried to argue 3 players should have less points which tells me your cheating
        I’m not every week going to argue with every score
        Telling me to rectify the scores I felt was rude
        So sorry , not wasting my time trying to get people involved if your trying to take points off peeps

        1. Sue says:

          Dan.. we really appreciate the time and effort you’re putting in!! Keep up the good work and thank you 🙂

          1. Dan says:

            Not aimed at you
            But it’s wrong for someone to tell you ‘ Sue you got 4 points ‘ which confuses you and me
            I then have to go and check just to find out no Sue has 7 points
            Then he does it to two other players lol
            I check , their scores are fine lol

      2. Dan says:

        Meant 2-1 Liverpool

      3. Kstix says:

        Spot on Dan. You’re doing a great job

  29. Dan kit says:

    Brighton 0-2 Burnley
    Southampton 2-0 Newcastle
    Everton 1-3 Man Utd
    Palace 1-2 Leeds
    Chelsea 4-1 Sheff Utd
    West Ham 2- 0 Fulham
    West Brom 0-4 spuds
    Man City 2-2 Liverpool
    Leicester 3-1 wolves
    Arsenal 4- 0 villa

  30. Kenya 001 says:

    Brighton 1: 0 Burnley
    Soton 0:0 Newcastle
    Everton 0: 2 man united
    Palace 2:3 Leeds
    Chelsea 2: 1 Sheffield
    Westham 1:1 Fulham
    Wesbrom 2: 2 spurs
    Man city 3:1 Liverpool
    Leicester 0:0 wolves
    Arsenal 4:1 Villa

  31. Buchi says:

    Brighton 1 – 0 Burnley
    Southampton 3 – 2 Newcastle
    Everton 1 – 2 Man U
    Palace 1 – 2 Leeds
    Chelsea 3 – 1 Sheffield
    West Ham 2 – 0 Fulham
    West Brom 1 – 3 Spurs
    Man City 1 – 1 Pool
    Leicester 1 – 1 Wolves
    Arsenal 2 – 1 Villa

  32. Arsha says:

    Brighton 1-1 Burnley
    Saints 1– 1Newcastle
    Eveton 2-1 Man U
    Palace 2 – 1Leeds
    West Ham 2- 0 Fulham
    Baggies 1– 2Spurs
    Man City 2-2 Liverpool
    Foxes 1 – 1 Wolves
    Arsenal 3 – 1Villa

  33. Arsha says:

    Chelsea 3 – 1 Sheffield
    I excluded this one.

  34. Iykmatt says:

    I admit the mistake i made in my calculations of quincy&kstix points but that does not mean am totally wrong in my complaints,i enjoy making this predictions weekly&i see it as a competion to reach the top,so whenever i notice any miscalculation i feel obliged to raise it up or are you telling me if arsenal wins a match&they are awarded just 1point they won’t file a complaint?,or if arsenal notice that some of their rivals are being awarded more points than they merit they won’t still logde a complaint?…just try&be more transparent&accurate

    1. Dan says:

      No , you lodged a complaint I fixed it
      You then gave everyone new scores so I went and checked – your calculations were wrong
      You told sue she had 4 points – I double check – again you had lied
      You then said Quincy had 11 points – I double check – you lied
      You were still adamant , this time saying Kstx was wrong – I double check – you lied
      At this point I have to show you my workings out – all that to see I was correct
      Even your last sentence I find rude – if your not happy with how I’m doing things , don’t take part
      You have a right to point out if you think your score is wrong not lie and have me have to check everyone results
      As far as I’m concerned i m not including you in this table as I think your cheating and I got to be fair to others
      If I had listened to yesterday , readers would have had points taken off – which I think was the point ?

      1. Dan says:

        If you I’m being harsh mate
        You sent a message of your working outs and got approx 14 people’s scores wrong !!!!!!!!
        I assume you had sat and checked as you were adamant
        So im sorry one or two mistakes but to sit and be so adamant for hours and be so wrong that tells me your trying to cheat

        1. Iykmatt says:

          You are making up things by saying am cheating,i already admitted that i was wrong about quincy&kstix scores but you have failed to admit that you awarded some higher than their real scores because i checked the results over&over again&no one got up to 10point aside quincy

          1. Dan says:

            No I fixed the scores I had to fix ( got Newcastle score wrong and that was it )
            You carried on telling everyone scores were wrong
            And are still doing it ?

          2. Dan says:

            So still a day after …….You argue no one got over 10 points
            Watch Khadii
            Wolves 2-1 Palace 1 points
            Sunited 0-3 City 1 point
            Burnley 0-3 Chelsea 3 points
            Liverpool 2-1 West ham.3 points
            United 1-2 Arsenal 1 point
            Spurs 3-0 Brighton 1 point
            Fulham 2-1 West Bromwich 1 point
            11 points
            So again – I have had to double check due to you trying to give a player low points

  35. Sagie says:

    Brighton 2 Burnley 1
    Saints 2 Newcastle 1
    Everton 2 Man United 2
    Palace 2 Leeds 2
    West Ham 2 Fulham 1
    West Brom 0 Spurs 4
    Mancity 2 Liverpool 1
    Leicester 2 Wolves 2
    Chelsea 4 Sheffield United 1
    Arsenal 3 Villa 1

  36. Iykmatt says:

    Assuming i scored myself higher than my real point,then i will admit to your cheating claims but all i did was to make some corrections to some of your mistakes&you have taking it personal by threatening to stop adding my score which i see to be unprofessional

    1. Dan says:

      Not a threat as its happening
      Not unprofessional as this isn’t my job

      You got 14 wrong
      Then Sue , then kstix, then khadii, then Quincy

      1. Dan says:

        Like watch
        I randomly pick out Sean William
        You argued 4 points
        Wolves 2-1 Palace 1 points
        Liverpool 3-0 West Ham 1 point
        Spurs 2-1Brighton 3 point
        Fulham 2-1 West Bromwich 1 point – that’s 6 points

        You done that to about 14 players

        1. Iykmatt says:

          When you stop adding up my points how do i know if am moving up or down the log or are you suggesting i quit predicting?

          1. Dan says:

            I can’t stop you from putting your predictions in
            But I won’t be including you in table mate
            Do your own one

          2. Dan says:

            Tell you what
            Carry on playing but if one more time you say a players points are wrong and your wrong then you will be disqualified lol

          3. Highbury Hero says:

            That’s great Dan for giving him another chance. I hope, going forward we will all be careful to check and double check before reporting any points mistakes.

          4. Dan says:

            Yeah would help me if every tots up their own score as then if I make a mistake easy to check but can’t have people saying 15 scores are wrong then they are correct lo!

          5. Dan kit says:

            Dan fcked me over 15 points in the first week 😂lykmatt ,but I didn’t say anything just because I knew I would make it up over the next few weeks.
            Stop crying there is plenty of time to try and catch me 😂

          6. Dan says:

            Top 24 qualify for euros

        2. dotash says:

          Please, no more argument with any player. Continue to do your good work, you have my support. Kudos

          1. Dan kit says:

            That was a joke Dan about the 15 points ,get with it mate 😂

  37. MTG says:

    Brighton 1 – 1 Burnley
    Southampton 2 – 2 Newcastle
    Everton 1 – 3 Man Utd
    C.Palace 0 – 2 Leeds
    Westham 2 – 1 Fulham
    Chelsea 3 – 0 Sheffield Utd
    W.Brom 0 – 3 Spurs
    Man city 2 – 1 Liverpool
    Leicester 1 – 1 Wolves
    Arsenal 3 – 1 A.Villa

  38. Admin Pat says:

    Brighton 1 – 0 Burnley
    Southampton 1 – 2 Newcastle
    Everton 1 – 1 Man Utd
    C.Palace 2 – 1 Leeds
    Westham 1 – 1 Fulham
    Chelsea 1 – 0 Sheffield Utd
    W.Brom 1 – 1 Spurs
    Man city 2 – 0 Liverpool
    Leicester 3 – 1 Wolves
    Arsenal 1 – 0 A.Villa

  39. em says:

    Brighton vs Burnley late for pridiction started
    Saints 2-1 Newcastle
    Everton 1-1 Man U
    Palace 1-2 Leeds
    Chelsea 3-0 Sheffield
    West Ham 2-0 Fulham
    West Brom 1-3 spurs
    City 1-1 Liverpool
    Leicester 1-1 Wolves
    Arsenal 3-1 Villa

  40. Edu says:

    Brighton 2- 1Burnley
    Southampton 2-1 Newcastle
    Everton 1-2man United
    Palace 1-2Leeds United
    Chelsea on 3-0Sheffield United
    Westham 2-0 Fulham
    Westbrom 1- 2Spurs
    Man city 1-2 Liverpool
    Leicester 1-1 wolves
    Arsenal 2-0 Aston villa

    1. Edu says:

      You can remove Bbrighten and Burnley . Though i don’t know what the score is. Just got online right about now.

  41. Kstix says:

    I didn’t see this post earlier. Here goes
    Burnley 1 v 0 Brighton
    Southampton 1 v 2Newcastle
    Everton 2 v 3 Man utd
    Palace 1 v 2 Leeds
    Chelsea 3 v 0 sheffield
    West ham 2 v 0 Fulham
    West brom 1 vs 4 Spurs
    Man city 1 v 1 Liverpool
    Leicester 1 v 0 Wolves
    Arsenal 3 v 1 Villa

    1. Kstix says:

      Should be the reverse. Sorry. Brighton 1v Burnley 0… Brighton is at home not burnley

  42. Easyguy says:

    Burnley 1 vs 1 Brighton
    Soton 3 vs 0 Newcastle
    Everton 1 v 2 Man utd
    Palace 1 v 2 Leeds
    Chelsea 2 v 0 sheffield
    West ham 3 v 1 Fulham
    West brom 1 vs 2 Spurs
    Man city 2 v 2 Liverpool
    Leicester 1 v 0 Wolves
    Arsenal 3 v 1 Villa

  43. YAKS says:

    This is good

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