Dan’s EPL Predictions Wk9 – Will Arsenal bottle another away game?

Arsenal are away at Sheffield United on a cold Monday night, but can they turn around our awful away form? Find out what Dan thinks in his Week 9 EPL Predictions….

Everton 1-0 West Ham
Every time I look at Silva on the touchline I see someone who looks nervous, which doesn’t fill you with confidence. While buying some talented players they don’t have that individual who has the mentality to step up when things are going wrong. For example, they spent 35 million on Iwobi who we know from experience when the pressure is on, you can’t rely to deliver in the final third. West Ham are equally capable of an off day. I think Everton will win but we are now going from game to game in terms of the manager’s future.

Aston Villa 3-1 Brighton
Villa had played well in certain games but couldn’t finish things off in the final third, which is why the Norwich win might be the turning point. It could be the game that gives Wesley the confidence boost he needs, If you have someone who can get you 12-15 goals that keeps you up

Cherries 3-1 Norwich
Think this will be ‘you play we play’ which will suit the home side. It’s not in Norwich’s DNA to park the bus, they will always give it ago, but having conceded 5 at home to Villa, the likes of Wilson, King and Fraser might be too much firepower.

Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle
So much has been made of what defeat at Newcastle means from Man United’s perspective, and not enough about how much it means to Steve Bruce. It could be the moment he looks back on keeping him in his job. One of the nice guys in the game, no one will begrudge him a feel-good moment. A result at the Bridge is asking too much though.

Leicester 3-0 Burnley
If they are serious about being top 4 contenders, Leicester have to win these type of games. Burnley will be physical and well organised with the incentive on the home side to break them down. The earlier the first goal to easier the afternoon will be.

Wolves 1-0 Saints
Big week for Wolves who again will see their squad stretched due to the Europa League. Winning at the Champions will have fans showing up expecting a win. The home side don’t always cope well with expectation so I can see them making this hard for themselves.

Spurs 2-1 Watford
Given that they conceded 7 at home to Bayern then 3 at Brighton it’s been a long 2 weeks for Spurs, normally after a heavy defeat you want to play as soon as possible. Because of that if Spurs could have handpicked a fixture it would be this one.

Palace 2-2 City
A lot of focus on Anfield but I think this is a nightmare game for City. You had 2 weeks of players travelling round the world, suddenly everyone is writing you off and you have to play at quite an intimidating venue, you must win just to stay in the title race. With their defence how much of a shock would it be? if Traore can just sit on the last defender and use his pace, imagine what Zaha can do?

Man United 0-0 Liverpool
Game of the season, not in terms of quality as this never lives up to the hype but in terms of the knock-on effect. Do United have a response in them where they don’t let their rivals come to Old Trafford and rub it in their face? If not, what does it mean for Ole’s job? As for Liverpool can they cope with now being the hunted? This is where we will learn about United’s personality. Are they hurting enough, if they can’t rise for this, they won’t for nothing. I think the fans will help them, realising they are not confident. We know they don’t have a Keane, Scholes or Neville in the dressing room, so this is where we learn about the personality of the likes of Rashford. Injuries to Pogba and De Gea could be too much of a mental blow to overcome?

Sheffield United 1-0 Arsenal
I say this every time we are away from home, but these are the games which will decide if Emery is our manager next year. Has he improved our mentality enough where we show up and battle? Or will our attitude be poor, will we be complacent and get bullied? This reminds me of Bolton or Stoke in their prime where we get kicked off the pitch and we get bombarded by set pieces. I have often accused Emery of being negative in his team selection but for once I think he should prioritise physicality over flair. Not a game for Ozil or Pepe…


  1. It’s gonna be very tough. Liverpool barely won away at Sheffield. I’m positive and hopeful that we will win. As usual I will be happy with any win

    I think a big reason we drew with United was Emery choosing Xhaka instead of Ceballos. I hope Xhaka doesn’t start. But if he chooses him and we still win I won’t complain.

    Hopefully Crystal Palace can take 1 point or 3 against City too.


    No I disagree with a loss. I will say a draw is more realistic.

    Yet again, Emery’s team selection will be very important.

  3. We’ve only lost 1 game the whole season.. only Liverpool have recorded less losses (0). Yet the prediction is loss for Arsenal and wins for all our rivals. Strange.

    1. Are you surprised to be honest am not surprised he predicted a loss for Arsenal, He even said palace will draw city, palace will be lucky not to concede 5 against city, immediately I saw iwobi name on his prediction I stopped taking it serious.I predict a 2:1 win for Arsenal.

      1. Leno you made that up,
        so far this season I said we win at Newcastle , correct
        Burnley I said 2-1 so correct score
        Liverpool I said we lose 3-1 correct score
        i remember very similar message when i said we draw 2-2 at Watford , again correct score
        So the only time i been wrong was saying we win the NLD
        Looking at our away form in last couple of years don’t think its a silly idea to suggest we might get bullied away from home

  4. Emery will bottle it. He still doesn’t understand, and will never understand, that Arsenal’s best defence is attack. Our defence and defensive mids can’t absorb a whole game of opposition pressure, we need to be pressuring them and putting them on the back heel. We need to play to our strengths, we should not be letting the opposition play to their strengths as we did when we basically gave the game to Liverpool.

    What we’ll see is tactical incompetence papered over by the sheer skill of individual players. We’ll be lucky to get a draw here because we’ve seen that Emery is very hard headed in not selecting his best players but on insisting on playing the wrong players in the wrong positions in the wrong formation because that’s “our way” now. All the ex-professional football players-turned-pundits have been saying it for a year now, they can never understand what he’s trying to do.

    How do you think the actual Arsenal squad feel? They’re all very respectful and supportive of their manager–consummate professionals–but they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Are we pressing? Not pressing? Playing out from the back? Countering? Keeping possession? At the moment the philosophy seems to be in a shambles and 3rd place is flattering us. We’re not going to keep 3rd if we keep allowing 20-30 shots against us every match and fielding teams with little to no attacking creativity.

    People forget that Ozil played as a regular starter in an Arsenal squad that had the best defensive record in the Prem and the best record vs. the top 6. Having Ozil in your team doesn’t make you defensively weaker, not having a team that knows how to play your system is.

    It’s a shame to see people saying Emery Out already. I don’t think that kind of antagonism towards the squad will help in any way–it’ll just cause more problems. But if Emery doesn’t improve on last year’s results this year with all the investment the club has made, he’ll be under serious pressure.

  5. Meh🥴🥴… If it’ll be another boring depressing game, please let’s stick to the international games then.
    I love Monday night football, I love the fact that we play on Mondays..
    Don’t give a Phuck if we play on Thursday as I don’t really care about it.
    I’m looking forward to the Liverpool vs United game.
    Klopp has never won at Old Trafford, seems like he shares the same DNA with Arsenal at Old Trafford, I want to see if he’ll pull an Arsenal and ends up bottling it again at Old Trafford or if he’ll end up doing what we should’ve done to the poor Manchester united team

  6. Leno
    Bellerin chambers holding Tieny
    TORERA/willock or Lewis

    Martinelli ozil Kolasinac

    Very strong team

  7. We will win this one 3-1. Let’s not be hangers on of the away game stigma, otherwise it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  8. On spot, as many point; depends on team picked, it changes our all game and tac tic, you can’t talk about past, we were Invincible once, we looking at a all year and 8 games so far with a coach who should be gone as he just can’t pick right team all that time.

    Until we play Chambers infront of Central defense, it is impossible to control middle/game…

    Gendouzi running all over pitch, torreira, Xhaka out all together, even add Ceballos to end up defending did not & wont make up for that Key position Chambers was MVP last year!

    Bottom Line, majority of us do not enjoy or look forward with ambition and faith of a win. Pundits predictin a 1-0 Lost is no surprise, we wish a win but overcomed by fear to poorly conceed, draw, scared to lose, in danger all game long.

    When you see same confused stressed game in a coach each game for so long, not stop him, he just does him another year.

    This break was best moment to replace him, we should have been working on doing so for weeks.

  9. OT:

    But, with just three starts across all competitions so far this season, Ramsey is just an added cost to the income statement and has not yet proved the value the Old Lady had hoped for.

    1. The Italian media were questioning his signing… and wondered if he hadn’t been on a free, would they have gone for him??

  10. my concern is not Arsenal winning but those in VAR room whom now rub clubs of results n show their support through decisions. They have shown their displeasure for arsenal as a club n this technology will aid their sinister motive.

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