Dan’s EPL Week 3 Predictions – A bad week for Arsenal?

Two wins out of two for Arsenal so far, but Dan reckons that our limitations will be exposed again this weekend when we visit the mighty Liverpol….

Villa 1-1 Everton
Villa have lost their first two games but have played well enough not to panic. If they play how they did last weekend, they can get something here. Maybe they are due some luck?

Norwich 1-2 Chelsea
Frank Lampard is too much of a winner to keep hearing how well they have played without winning. They remind me of how we used to play, lots of passing, movement off the ball and trying to score the perfect goal. Like Villa though, due some luck?

Brighton 1-0 Saints
No one wants to lose this ‘derby’ but with 0 points the pressure is on the away side. Brighton to take advantage in a scrappy game.

Man United 2-1 Palace
Sir Alex Ferguson would never have left it to the players to pick who was on penalties and it’s a sign Ole is still acting like their mate rather than being assertive. His challenge now is to not let that saga destroy United’s feel good factor. Even if you think Pogba shouldn’t have taken the spot kick, he doesn’t deserve to be racially abused on social media. If there is one club big enough to make Twitter and Facebook look at themselves, it would be Man United

Sheffield United 1-1 Leicester
As I predicted Sheffield United will be tough to beat at Bramall Lane, an old-fashioned stadium they can intimidate the opposition with. The worst case is you’re going to have to work hard to get anything from this venue . Leicester have players who can roll up their sleeves.

Watford 1-1 West Ham
Two sides who need a win. If Watford don’t soon, their manager will be under threat.

Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal
Lots of talk about how Liverpool are not defending as well as last season, and how Adrian being in goal can only help us. That doesn’t explain how we deal with their attack. I haven’t seen anything in two average wins that makes me think suddenly all our issues have changed. Too many times over the years at Anfield our game management has been poor, and we been out of the game inside 20 minutes. This is where Emery needs to improve our mentality. Are we beaten in the tunnel? Do our players believe they can get a result?

Cherries 1-5 City
Eddie Howe won’t change his principles and nor should he. It’s his ethos that got the Cherries here and earns them the occasional scalp. ‘You play, we play’ though will play into City s hands. They had 30 shots last weekend and won’t be so wasteful again.

Spurs 4-0 Newcastle
Looking at the fixture list the Toon Army might have expected a tough start, but no one saw them being outplayed by Norwich. How can Steve Bruce lift the mood in midweek to make them believe they can win here? Home banker.

Wolves 1-1 Burnley
A trip to Torino was quite a tough one for Wolves in terms of a Europa League qualifier. Considering their ambitions, I think they will do everything to try and win it to get into the Champions League. Perhaps this will be the first example of how it might affect their league form?


  1. A fair prediction for the Liverpool game though am hoping we can just tighten the back and somehow hold on for a draw with the European champions. If Pepe is left on the bench then it’s another routine Anfield drubbing. Hopefully no embarrassing goals this time like Firmino skipping past half the team and leaving them in pathetic human heaps as he casually scores.

    1. I don’t think Liverpool can score 3 against us,I actually believe we will outscore them. You keep talking about lampard being a winner, let me tell you being a great footballer does not mean you gonna be a good I see Chelsea struggling against Norwich.My prediction:
      Vill 1:2 Everton
      Watford 1:1 West ham
      Norwich 2:2 Chelsea
      Brighton 0:2 Saints
      Man united 3:1 Palace
      Sheffield united 1:2 Leicester
      Liverpool 1:2 Arsenal (am not saying this as a fan)
      Cherries 0:3 City
      Spurs 1:1 Newcastle
      Wolves 1:0 Burnley.

      1. Lenohappy, OF COURSE YOU “ARE SAYING THIS AS A FAN”. Who are you trying, but failing, to kid! By all means be a most optimistic fan and say we will win but please do not then insult our intelligence by then saying that you don’t speak as a fan. Nonsense!

  2. I’m going to stay positive with our match against Liverpool… I have a good feeling that we’ll get something out of it… a point at least if not three…

  3. My predictions are:
    Villa – Everton 0:2
    Norwich – Chelsea 1:2
    Brighton – Saints 2:1
    Man UTD – Palace 3:1
    Sheffield – Leicester 1:3
    Watford – West Ham 2:1
    Liverpool – Arsenal 2:3
    Bournemouth – City 0:5
    Spurs – Newcastle 5:0
    Wolves – Burnley 3:1

  4. Liverpool will win this one..
    It’s like we suddenly forgot
    How great we are away from
    Home for past two seasons now.
    yes We are trying to improve on
    That but this fixture came
    Rather so soon..and remember
    Any trip to anfield is as tough
    As any game you can wish to get.
    But this is football if arsenal
    Can bring there A+ game only then
    Can we stand a chance but there
    Again struggling to remember EPL
    Away game we convincingly bossed.
    This match has the ability to change
    Our season,The confidence it will bring,
    The believe it will install in our players
    And so on if we can win it..but a very
    Big IF.

    1. I am among the few that believes we can actually win this game provided Unai pick the right team.
      Just seeing Zhaka return from injury reduced our chances of victory. His distribution is very good yeah, but in a fast paced game like this he is usually the hand brake, slowing things down and with the pace we have upfront the last thing we need is a slow Zhaka in the middle.

      My team to beat Lpool will be.


      Maitland Luiz Sokratis Monreal

      Guedosi Torriera


      Pepe Laca Auba

      Selected Guedosi ahead of Willock to add height in the middle and Torriera is our best DM and ball winner.But please no Zhaka.

      1. I like your formation and line-up. But I’d start Willock instead of Torreira, if I were Emery

        Because Torreira didn’t play much in pre-season and in the first two games

        We’d have better chance with the match-fit players

  5. Coyg 2-1 to the gunners,we’ve beaten many teams in their tuffs including the mighty Madrid with zizo and them Milan too,

    1. Iwe Gumbo usati dherere. Wakapedzisira kuita bhora rema gunners rini? Tibvire apa. (Hey Gumbo don’t take us for fools. When did you last watch a gunners game? Get away!)

  6. Anything is possible they are not unscorable. We just need to be tactical and deadly and we stand a chance.

  7. Some saying how they played against Southampton and nearly draw.
    But a game against the saints at Southampton is totally different
    From a game against arsenal at anfield.

  8. Liverpool have got the upper hand…

    1. They are playing at home
    2. Our away record last season is abysmal and afield isn’t a great place for us (especially in the last 5 years)
    3. They are European champions and will want to unleash that against us….

    However, as an arsenal fan I wish we win. Anything is possible.

    We need to start Aub Laca Pepe… Let’s make their rb and lb think twice before bombing forward.

    I will go for an arsenal win that will shock everyone.. Liverpool 1 Arsenal 2, Liverpool 2 Arsenal 3, Liverpool 2 Arsenal 2. I just want Arsenal to get something from this game.

    Even if we want to lose please let’s avoid thumping. It’s painful when we are hammered.

    Let’s just put up a good fight. COYG!

  9. correct score liverpool 1 : 2 arsenal. I predicted man u vs chelsea 4:0 and it happened. Though not on this platform. I did it in a local pub on my street a day before the match. I predicted man u to win 2:1 against wolves only for the penalty debacle to stop my prediction. Hmmmm what will stop me this time?

    1. At the moment Liverpool are not firing on all cylinders and will not find it easy. I don’t think Liverpool will manage three goals. It will be close and can go either way.

  10. Getting a draw at anfield will be a good result.

    But UE plays the slow and side way passing Xhaka or inexperience willock and Nelson, we make not return home with any point.

  11. Have you been following football for ten years yourself? Where was Liverpool ten years ago? Football is played on the pitch,I’m used to negative comments about arsenal. What was the scoreline against Napoli? Valencia? Did we beat totenham? Are they European runners up?

    1. Homeboy, there’s this great manager who always said he “almost signed this and that player etc”. Yes we almost won the Europa league, twice. Yes we almost made top 4 last year. Problem is nobody remembers it cares about the “nearly made it”. Fact. beating Real Madrid or whatever team more than 10 years ago means nothing. And you say where was Liverpool 10 years ago? Liverpool were us right now 10 years ago when we used beat them more regularly and now they are us 10 years ago. It’s a cycle.

  12. 0 – 0
    And both managers will put a positive spin on the game.

    Saying zero zero because that happens sometimes when most people are expecting goals. Might be won by the odd goal but I’ll stick. One thing that’s right is we have to start this game strong, Liv come out of blocks fast and they try to finish most teams inside that first half, and it usually is our undoing.

    Players need to be smart, give them zero respect, take a leaf out of Giggs’s book when he said a while back how he felt about Arsenal players back then, it was an eye opener for anyone who’s in a contest. Break up the play if Liv are looking on the rise, just keep the ball to slow it a bit or else just hoof it into the stands up their end if Liv start piling pressure. Just need to make sure they don’t go up them gears in that first 20 – 30min, man for man let them know that they’re in a contest, frustrate the hell out of them because they have huge expectations, massive expectancy levels coming from the stands. We can use that, don’t let them have their slick passing game, don’t let them have large passages of play with fans becoming buoyant. Our chances will come Auba and Laca will make sure of that, but we need to demolish that atmosphere.

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