Dan’s Euro 2020 Final Prediction – Is it coming home?

England v Italy Euro2020 Final by Dan

My own thoughts …….

It’s so surreal that we will see this weekend something most of us haven’t seen in our lives, England in a major Final.

I have never seen the connection between English players and fans like I have seen in the last two fixtures at Wembley.

Gareth Southgate has educated me that there is a huge difference between a club and international manager.

I wouldn’t want him at Arsenal but for his country he knows what the job entails.

Where those before him would have given in to peer pressure from the media and supporters, he’s stuck to his beliefs.

It means the majority of the squad have played their part, to the point you can’t guess who starts on Sunday.

I personally think we need to bring in Foden or Grealish to help control midfield. Something we didn’t do in Wednesday’s first half.

As a Gooner I never have or will enjoy Finals. The fear of failure paralyses me and I don’t enjoy a second of it till we get over the finish line.

As much as this could be an historic occasion there’s always a danger, we are setting ourselves up for a massive fall.

Take the emotion out of things and Italy have been the best team overall in the competition.

You can see by how they celebrate their goals; Mancini has created a team spirit to rival ours, going 33 games unbeaten.

Trust me Italy won’t fear us.

I have heard some suggest they haven’t been great in the knockout stages.

What they have been is very Italian. They are clinical in front of goal and then play the dark arts to see out a match.

You can have all the possession but still be tactically playing into the Italians hands

The idea of the opposition having home advantage is very Italian. They are at their best when they feel the world is against them and might thrive in this environment.

Hate to write this ….  My Prediction is ….Italy to win on pens

Euro Predictions Final is between Declan and Kenya 01

Forget England Vs Italy, it’s coming home for either Declan or Kenya 001.

Declan finished 4th in the domestic table only 10 points off Champion Daniel Kit.

For Kenya 001 it’s been a Cinderella story. He qualified in 23rd spot out of a possible 24.

Both players topped their respective groups, Declan with 27 points, Kenya 31.

Perhaps an omen, both got England’s result spot on in the semi-Final.

It’s now as simple as who can predict Sunday’s Final?

If it’s a tie, you will be separated by who gets the most answers correct ….

Most corners?

Most cards?

H. Kane 2 or more shots on target? yes or no?

Immobile 2 or more shots on target? yes or no?

If tied after that, I will count who has had the most correct scores

If you want to be tactical and not reveal scores to each other email me or admin, or send message to Twitter @Dan_destiny

Good luck peeps


Be kind in the comments



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  1. Congratulations Kenya and good luck to to all in the final. I am going for England 3 Italy 0. Looking forward to watch England fans go crazy with celebrations.

    1. Both teams don’t lose. I’m going 0-0 HT and 1-1 FT and 1-1 ET and penalties!
      May the best goalie win!

      1. If the best goalie is gonna win I guess England got the best goalie with just one goal conceded in this tournament…I go for england because of my boy saka.

    2. Thanks hh am really looking forward to the final and to Declan all the best you had almost lost hope

    3. England is guaranteed to win the World Cup

      The squad is worth at least 1.5 Billion…

      The team will have an easy run with Italy’s ageing ‘Grandpa’ defence….

  2. Thanks everyone and my best wishes to Kenya and the very best of luck to you. I’ll post answers later but with 5 questions now to answer, it’s a lot to think about.

    1. Thanks sue is it really coming home? Been quite a remarkable journey though to the final for me and England

      1. I’m so pleased for you, Kenya! You’ve done incredibly well… within touching distance of that trophy 🤞
        Yes, I believe so, Saka will see to it!

  3. For the prediction final,declan came out from my group while kenya has really improved in this euro league,so may the luckier man win

  4. Gl to both players for me kalvin Philips , Sterling, and saka will win I t for England immobile will be very stranded England to win 1-0 full time

  5. Good luck Declan and Kenya👍👍
    I think Italy will take it at 1-0. But it will hopefully be an enjoyable final.

      1. No magic wand required Kenya my fellow Gooner, just some luck as this one is so difficult to call. Good luck Kenya and hope you enjoy the game.

          1. You’ve seen my prediction havent you?
            o-0 HT
            1-1 FT
            1-1 AET

            LOL, talk about sitting on the fence!

  6. If the referee and VAR is like the Denmark semi-final then Italy have absolutely no chance!

  7. Ok, here we go……..
    England to win 2-1
    Most corners England
    Most cards Italy
    Kane – yes
    Immobile- no

    I think it will be a very tight game and likely go to extra time but overall I believe we have the stronger squad and Southgate is not afraid to make subs. A partisan home crowd, lots of bookings, plenty of noise……it’s coming home.

    Now I’ve gone public can we see Kent’s predictions?
    Good luck Kenya, que sera sera.

    1. Here are “Kent”s predictions LOL.

      England 0-2 Italy
      More corners- England
      More cards – Equal
      Kane shots – Yes
      Immobile shots -Yes

      Its a straight HTH now. Good luck to the both of you….

  8. This is coming Home or Rome ,
    My heart is with the English team, but my boy is routine for Chielsa, I think there will be no goal in 90mins. I have to join my boy. Rome was not built in a day. Let’s go Home now. 1-1 FT,

      1. Really ? I couldn’t work it out, thanks and commiserations to Kenya, although I give it to Kenya as Italy won on pens, even though I know it didn’t count. If there is a prize (🤔) I give it to him.
        And thanks Dan for a great competition.

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