Dan’s Euro2020 Predictions – Now it gets serious with Belgium v Italy

England will never have a better chance of getting to a first major final since 1966.

Gareth Southgate is street wise enough  to know that the feel good factor from Tuesday will turn to serious backlash if his players don’t make this opportunity count.

Saying that, I think the majority of the other nations still involved will be content with their potential pathways.

Denmark and the Czech Republic have a winnable tie to get to a semi Final.

Meanwhile on the other side of the draw a Belgium, Italy and Spain can make the case that at their best they have nothing to fear.

Even though I’m not in contention (thanks to a late Ukraine goal), here are my predictions/thoughts for the Q Finals of Euro 2020.

Spain 1-1 Switzerland

France showed what can happen if you don’t show up for the entire 90 mins. At this level you can’t turn your form on and off.

Spain will give you chances in both areas. Offensively they miss a lot of chances, and defensively it was very noticeable how much their centrebacks struggled against Croatia.

It’s just a question if physically and mentally can the Swiss repeat the levels  so soon after recent heroics?

Next time someone asks tactically what does Xhaka do? Show them the highlights of Monday’s game.

Meanwhile, I was personally happy that Morata got his goal to silence critics, but do cowards who send death threats deserve to see their country he successful?

Do a young Spanish squad have the leaders to cope the weight of expectation?

I can see the Swiss forcing another penalty shoot out.

Italy 0-1 Belgium

Intriguing game because I think Belgium have the individuals to win a game with a moment of magic, but Italy have produced the best team performances in the competition.

Italy would have to play better then they did in the last round.

A little bit like against Portugal I think Belgium will nick a narrow win thanks to an individual piece of brilliance.

A defeat would be the Italians first loss in over 30 games.

I will predict the other two games later, but those in the last eight, feel free to send your scores in the comments.



  1. I wish Italy win against Belgium. With KDB and Hazard out, it’s going to be advantage Italy. I hope Belgium will get a good game though.

    1. 30 matches unbitten can not be underrated, Italy will beat Belgium since football is team performance not individual brilliance

      1. Spain 3-1 Swiss. Italy 1-2 Belgium. Will do the rest later gl to you Kenya 001 I don’t want to be spanked like sue

  2. It should be England might not get a chance like this… Not will…. Meanwhile Switzerland will cruise past Spain because they don’t play around with their chances. Though Spain will have a good game

  3. Italy and Belgium is a likely draw but if I was to choose a winner it will definitely be Belgium. They have this attack and flare that can easily reap the defense apart and unpredictable individuals who can force results.
    On the other side.. Italy have an organised slow build up play, though they can make some defense splitting passes in the final third, a good team can be able to read their game.

    England vs Ukraine is a walk in the park for England. I Saw the game between them and Sweden. Sweden were good especially in the first half and majority of the moments in the second half, they just didn’t find a formula to break Ukraine down.
    Denmark vs Czech republic???? What’s there to say other than a Denmark win

  4. Interesting games. Belgium are to me similar to England atm – they play a pragmatic game and rely on two or three outstanding attackers to score. Theyre happy to take a 1-0 and consistant. Tough to beat.
    Italy on a great run but perversely I still feel they’re brittle in a head to head with a good team. Two or three key players including Locatelli need to play well, but my money’s on Belgium as I think it’s more likely they will bring their A game and play well for the full 90.
    Spain to beat Switzerland, even though Spain are currently a poor team. History shows how tough it is for lesser teams to reproduce great form after a big victory. I reckon Swiss will lose it rather than Spain win it.
    Czech to beat Denmark, merely because CR are a big, strong, well organised team with some talented players. I think Denmark will be muscled out of it and don’t have enough classy players to overcome that.
    England to beat Ukraine. Caveate: Southgate team takes it to easy, plays slow defensive football a la Arsenal, lets in a goal to the big Ukranians and falls apart…

  5. Arsenal is interested in Renato Sanches. Ben White will be an Arsenal player. Just sit back and watch.

    1. First I’ve heard of it. Who’s Ben White?

      Is this Sanches the same guy from Renee and Renato?

  6. Spain 2 vs 1 switzerland
    belgium 2 vs 1 italy
    Denmark 2 vs 1 czech republic
    england 2 vs 0 ukraine

  7. Spain 2 vs 1 switzerland
    belgium 1 vs 2 italy
    Denmark 2 vs 0 czech republic
    england 1 vs 0 ukraine

  8. Spain 1-0 Switzerland
    Belgium 1-2 Italy
    Denmark 0-2 Czech
    England 2-0 Ukraine.
    The first match is about to be started so really sorry for the late first prediction😅

  9. Well Dan we both got the correct score but I was bloody sweating in extra time as it looked like Spain would surely score.

  10. so,i’m out as i and Edu have the same winners for tomorrow’s matches.congrats EDU…hey admin,can i change my tomorrow’s predictions?i’d rather take some risks and lose if i would lose anyways

    1. You are not out yet mate. You could get total of 6 points, and I could end up with 5 in total.

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