Dan’s Full EPL Predictions Week 6 – Will Arsenal make it 7 against Watford?

West Ham 0-1 Man United
Man United are starting to remind me of us from last season, always one defeat away from a crisis. Fans are taking Pogba’s side as he’s campaigning for the attacking football they crave, but if a Sir Alex Ferguson never allowed Roy Keane to publicly criticise his tactics, then Jose Mourinho is not going to be undermined by a player who has yet to justify his price tag – World Cup winner or not. The bigger picture though is why do so many talented individuals seem to be unhappy at Old Trafford? This is a man quick to pat himself on the back when things go well so the same applies when he questions his men’s attitude.
The Hammers seemed to accept playing for a 0-0 draw at home last Sunday. Maybe they got over playing the ‘West Ham Way’? Parking the bus again would be a mistake.

Arsenal 2-1 Watford
We have managed to win six on the trot without playing well, which will help us mentally, more then if we had won each fixture comfortably. Any gooners worried that our footballing values left with Arsene Wenger would’ve been comforted by our second goal against Brentford. Leno built the attack which is what Uni Emery is trying to teach but he’s also made us more resilient. Troy Deeney has a history of banter with us, the Watford striker is always confident he can bully our centre backs. At the moment something exists where even if he were to succeed, we seem to find a way to get over the line.

Everton 2-2 Fulham
If you offerd Marco Silva for his side to play every week how they did at the Emirates he would bite your hand off. Ultimately though the Toffees lack quality in both boxes, making it hard to deliver consistency. The quicker Mina makes his debut the better. I’m assuming they knew the extent of his injury ?

Huddersfield 0-3 Spurs
Spurs’s win at Brighton might prove crucial. It stopped the rot and put the attention on other struggling managers for a week. Apparently Daniel Levy has given assurences that the stadium will be ready for the new year, although that’s the third time he’s changed the deadline. Something tells me he promised Ponchettino building the new structure wouldn’t impact transfer activity either? If you could pick an away fixture it would be Huddersfield who are struggling to recapture the magic of their last campaign.

Man City 5-0 Brighton
I said being complacent In the Champions Leauge would only help refocus their minds to make sure the same does not undermine their title defence. That was the most complete 90 minutes of the season by the Champions last Saturday. While Brighton are more organised then Cardiff, they won’t cope If City hit those levels. While we all want more British talent to be given more minutes, comparing Phil Foden to Iniesta due to a goal at Oxford is insulting to everything the Spaniard ever did in the game. And we wonder why English players act like they’re stars before actually doing anything?

Newcastle 0-2 Leicester
The release of Kevin Keegan’s autobiography is timely for Rafa Benitez as it’s another reminder to the world what an incompetent owner Mike Ashley is. None the less the Toon Army must be tiring of their manager hiding behind that. A lack of spending does not explain why Newcastle continue to be set up so negative. Before I can start predicting they win games, I need to see some ambition.

Wolves 3-0 Saints
It’s very rare for a newly promoted team to go to Old Trafford and show so much belief. If anything 1-1 flattered Man United. It highlights the ambition of the club who have recruited talent who have the bravery to go to the Theatre of Dreams and control possession. This is a unit with higher aims then avoiding relegation and I can see them getting many scalps this year.

Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool
If Liverpool win at the Bridge, they won’t care about exiting the Carabo Cup. Originally I thought their League Cup tie would have little bearing on what happens when they meet In the Premiership but that was only until Hazard came off the bench at Anfield to cement his status as the inform player in this country. I can see the Belgian making the difference again. Should he have got into Fifa’s best 11 ahead of Salah? No but then how is any goal better then an overhead bicycle kick in a Champions League Final? That just shows you how much knowledge the games governing body has.

Cardiff 0-2 Burnley
Is another sporting event happening this Sunday which has made Sky Sports not bother to compete for ratings?
Why else would they choose this as their solve offer for Super Sunday? Neil Warnock was able to laugh off a 5-0 loss to Man City but will know he needs to win this type of clash if the Welsh side are to have a chance of staying up. Even though 4-0 flattered them, the quicker Burnley got a win on the board the better and Sean Dyche will feel they will now go back to their old standards. He will match Cardiff for work rate and organisation but boasts that extra quality in the final third.

Cherries 3-1 Palace
Eddie Howe has worked with the same core group of players for years so he won’t allow a 4-0 loss to undermine the positives. The advantage of continuity is he won’t get carried away after a heavy loss, knowing from experience his men will come out the other side. Roy Hodgson felt Zaha’s quiet display last weekend was the result of the ongoing ‘is he being protected debate’. I’m surprised someone so experienced would jump on the bandwagon instead of having a private word with his star man. By putting a spotlight on every tackle he receives does not help improve his game.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Not worried about the fat Deeney in the slightest and Deulofeu is still injured

    I’m wary of Holebas, one of the best assist creators in EPL currently. There are also the pacey Gray and Pereyra that have scored most of Watford’s goals

    Arsenal’s wingers should be able to track Watford’s runners while Arsenal’s fullbacks are attacking. If Arsenal can minimize Watford’s threats from the flanks, I’m confident they would beat Watford

    1. Sue says:

      I read that Janmaat is out too

  2. Sue says:

    If Arnautovic is back for West Ham, I can see them beating United. They came so close to beating Chelsea – if only!!!
    Think Chelsea/Liverpool will be 2-2
    I hope we win…. 3-1…. although 3-0 would be much better…. Laca to score again ?

    1. gotanidea says:

      I was gutted when Arsenal did not chase Arnautovic, because I saw he has good skills, quick and dominant in the air as well

      If he is fit and plays in the suitable position, I think he would steal one or two goals from Man United. He is always a big threat

  3. Dan says:

    Let’s swap Ramsey for Pogba mourinho would bite our hands off for that!!??

  4. Adajim says:

    If we could manage to beat d inform watford. Am going to start believing in top 4

  5. waal2waal says:

    Watford will be tough – they have a french international (abdulye doucoure) that i think should be amongst our ranks rather than theirs. nevertheless we are the arsenal and provided we retain 11 on the pitch for the full 90 then they should expect no points… It maybe that i am stubborn but i refuse to believe troy deney’s saturday night will involve bragging rights over arsenal, its not how things are meant to be… Predict: 2-0 my Gunners clip the hornets wings.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      waal2waal, I agree with you re Doucoure; he has the right skill set to improve the Arsenal mid field and I am sorry Arsenal did not go for him.

  6. Ramsey wants to compare himself with ozil,no he is far from Ozzy,if he don’t want to agree and sign let him go and that will be the end of him.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      valentine, from this day forward Ramsey should be training and playing with the reserves. Playing time should be invested in others. When he finally goes he should be careful not to let the door hit him on the way out.

      1. jon fox says:

        Shame the door did not hit him on the way IN , ten years ago. It might have knocked the selfishness of always playing for personal glory out of him. I would now settle for the door HITTING him on the way out. Good riddance too!

  7. jon fox says:

    Just wondered why , on a JUST Arsenal site, we need all the opinions on OTHER non related matches. I DO wish this site would ALWAYS stick to JUST Arsenal matters. Against Watford, our chances much depend on whether Emery finally ditches the worst weak links and leaves out Mustafi , Bellerin, Xhaka and Ramsey. Ozil too the way he is playing these days. My preferred starters : Cech, Licht, Holding, Sokratis, Monreal, Torreira, Guendouzi, Myki, Welbeck(playing wide) Auba and LACA ( both playing upfront , centrally). My thinking is that Auba and Laca work well with each other and would dovetail well if played nearer each other. Both are top proven goalscorers and would be far more dangerous as a tandem. Auba is largely wasted and marginalised when playing wide. Iwobi would be first change for Welbeck , if needed. I always want players who give 100% and show current form and who play for the team not themselves, eh Ramsay? Lazy players(Ozil) and players who simply can’t defend , I want NOWHERE NEAR our defence. That is my view! If all were fit, I would definitely play Maitland -Niles for Guendouzi and bring in Kos or Mavropanos for Holding. I would never choose either Mustafi OR Bellerin ever again in defence, except in dire injury crisis. I also want Ramsey gone at the first opportunity, as mavericks harm vital team spirit. Best example of this is the ego on legs, Pogba, being managed by Mr. Ego himself, Maureen. Long may they both remain there arguing and regressing United, but I digress.

    1. Dan smith says:

      Just read the arsenal bit and not the others, simple concept

      1. jon fox says:

        Far too trite a comment. WHY do YOU think we on an Arsenal site should be forced to read an article mostly about other teams? I am on this site to read all articles and all of each article as are other real Gooners. We should not have pick out pieces here and there to interest us. If YOU want to write about the Prem in general and forecast the results, then YOU go to an appropriate site and leave JUST ARSENAL(which is called that for a good reason) to those who want to read about JUST ARSENAL matters. I bet you take notice of this comment too and don’t expect any more non Arsenal articles from you. Unless of course you are not primarily really a Gooner at all. Are you?

        1. Daniel Smith says:

          No my predictions are a weekly thing mate
          Never understand why you would read something you don’t like then comment on it but it’s your life
          Also got to take into account you complain about everything lol
          I could write how Arsenal are the best and Arsenal have a great manager and we are going to win the Prem, etc
          But I find that boring and am not 12 lol

          1. jon fox says:

            I am not 12 either and expect adult conversation. About Arsenal too. Pity you don’t seem to want to write Arsenal only based articles lately. Sorry you find Arsenal winning the Prem boring. Firstly, because we are NOT the best and no one expects you to write that nonsense anyway. But, even if you did, it would at least be about Arsenal, not the whole PREM. I say again, you will not make this mistake again, as deep down , you hate rightful comments about the silliness of doing so. On an ARSENAL ONLY site. Shame I need that truth to rereat that truth for you to finally accept it.

          2. Dan Smith says:

            ‘I say again, you will not make this mistake again’
            No quite sure I will be predicting next weeks scores mate lol
            Just don’t read them
            Nothing to get angry about

        2. Dan Smith says:

          PS hope no one is forcing you to read this site …… Bad English mate
          Yes you got me I’m not really a goner, that’s why I’m writing on here
          Kind of not making sense Jon Fox
          I’m going to be careful because I’m starting to build up a picture of you in my mind

      2. TW14-TH14 says:

        Jon fox thinks too much of himself. Reminds me of the saying “a butterfly thinks itself a bird”.

        1. jon fox says:

          All you do is write in riddles and think yourself some sort of sage. I don’t see you actually contributing original thoughts of your OWN much , I note.

          1. Dan Smith says:

            Writing articles is kind of contributing thoughts of my own Jon lol

          2. jon fox says:

            My last comment was to TW14, not you.

          3. TH14-TW14 says:

            Would have been great if you kept quiet most times rather than exhibit your daily arrogance here.

        2. Dan Smith says:

          Careful he might call you …… not a real Arsenal fan……ouch lol
          What you would expect in a playground not from a grown man

          1. Drayton says:

            I agree. Go to premierleague.com if you want EPL news! This is “Just Arsenal”

          2. Dan Smith says:

            Im sure we can all survive once a week a few predictions
            Bigger things going on in the world peeps lol

          3. Drayton says:

            No, it escalates. It would be one thing if you were throwing out score predictions for the sake of Arsenal’s top 4 quest, but you’re writing full paragraphs on each team and arguing for your prediction. No one wants that noise here. You’re not respecting what this website is.

          4. Dan says:

            It escalates?
            Majority seem ok with it
            Just dont read mate
            You click on epl predictions._.._._..Your going to read epl predictions

    2. Sue says:

      They’ve clashed big time!! ?

  8. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Jon fox you need to realise most of the scorelines in other game affects us as a team …. And that as a club we don’t exist in a vacuum… football like every other thing as evolved and can not be the way it was back in 1958 when you decided to start supporting this great club…catch up man…you do not get to decide what qualifies someone as a real gooner just cause you have been a season ticket holder from 19** like any one care to know am pretty much sure in your head I don’t qualify as a true gooner because I sometimes like to know about football in general…take a chill old man.

    1. jon fox says:

      Don’t tell me what I ” need to realise” sonny. I know full well that other results affect us. So why then do other articles on here not go on about other teams all the time too ? I will tell you why. Cos this site is called JUST ARSENAL. Seems YOU have not noticed!

      1. Dan says:

        Jon you really shouldnt get this angry mate
        Just predictions
        When it says Dans epl predictions dont click

  9. herb says:

    Westham 1-1 Utd
    Arsenal 1-1 Watford
    Everton 2-1 Fulham
    Huddersfield 1-1 Spurs
    Man City 2-0 Brighton
    Newcastle 0-0 Leicester
    Wolves 2-1 Southampton
    Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool

    I think with Emery’s way-ward team selections we are most likely to draw this game because of the way our midfield will be dominated.
    But if he’s brave enough to select this lineup or close to it then i will expect 3-1 win.

    Ditch Bellerin, Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil.

    1. Dan Smith says:

      cheers Herb

    2. Tr3Stan says:

      I agree with your selection but Ozil should be included. Workrate isn’t efficiency nor effectiveness.

  10. Abel says:

    I agree with most of your predictions Dan, with the exception of the following;
    Westham vs ManU for which I think Westham will score but will likely lose 1-2 owing to their terrible defence.
    Chelsea vs Liverpool, I expect a liverpool win 1:2 as they quite dominated the league cup encounter and couldn’t cope with Hazard’s pace and trickery because of tired legs and minds in the second half. I doubt Sarri would keep Hazard on the bench to try and achieve same feat. Liverpool do well as a counter attacking outfit and this game at Stamford Bridge suits them.
    Newcastle vs Leciester, i’ll go for a score draw (if Jonjo Shelvey doesn’t pick up a red card). Newcastle do defend well and Joselu would exploit the weakness in the Leciester defence.

    Keep up with the weekly article as it gives us an opportunity to analyse other teams strengths and weaknesses. Disregard the ‘playground bully wannabe’ Jon Fox. Bully’s are cowards in disguise, stare them down and they scamper away with their tails between their legs.
    Its the sole prerogative of Pat, the site admin to determine what articles are deemed fit to be posted on here and not any old geezer with a sense of entitlement.

    1. Dan says:

      Cheers dude
      I m used to it
      Its his thing

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