Dan’s Just Arsenal Prediction League table – And a question for discussion

Hey peeps, I just wanted to say well done for the weekend, it’s incredible how many players got scores in the double digits,making for a fascinating fight for the third ever Just Arsenal Predictions League title.

I wanted to run something past you on and get your opinions….

We now have so many players playing how would you feel if we broke the tables down into two.

The top 30 start next season in division One, everyone else is in division 2…….

From then on 21-30th get relegated each season and are replaced by the top 10 teams from division 2.

The aim then is everyone has something to play for, either promotion, relegation, or the title for their divisions.

I’m happy to hear any ideas …….

Look out for the Just Arsenal World Cup

Sid 75
SJ 74
Indian Gunner London 73
Phenom 68
MTG 67
Savage 66
Seek 66
Anti Virus 66
GB 65
HH 65
Die hard 65
Longbenark 64
J gunner 63
Okobino 63
Splendid 63
Misgana 63
Terrah 62
Matthew 62
TN Arsenal 61
Rob 49- 60
Gotanidea 60
Toney 60
Gundien 59
Taiwo 59
Uzi Ozil 59
Prince 59
Labass 59
Ackshay 58
Goonersia 58
Kuhepson 56
Dan Kit 57
JRA 57
Onyango 55
Quincy 54
Loose cannon 54
Dendrite 53
I 52
Me 51
Sue p 51
Kenya 001-50
Stephanie 50
Dotash 49
Angelo 49
K Tyson 49
Ba thea 48
Oluseyi 47
E blaze 45
Famochi 43
Khadi 43
Sagie 43
Edu 43
Adebayo 42
Admin 41
Drayton 41
Ayan 40
J legend 37
Elsammy 37
Noas 37
Dunchurado 35
Chuck 33
Flash G 32
J Bauer 31
M.wokona 30
Ruler system 28
j moati 27
Samson A 24
Arsha 23
Jo gunz 23
Olushorlor 20
Ruler System 20
JoA 20
Adiva 19
Kobin 19
My name is Lehman 18
Lucia 18
Rusty 17
Illiterate 17
Riveriosantos 17
Gibson Power 15
Easyguy 15
Baron 15
lima 13
Mishael leashim 13
K Hristov 12
Adajim 11
koktafo 10
Zeus 10
Royal Challenger 8
Walidoing 8
Mr Fox 8
Top 4 Never Again 8
ST Joachim 8
Surajo malah 7
Lannotdatguy 6
Joebaba 6
Akota 6
Mide 6
Azeez Omerah Cole 6
Zig -5
Josiah 5
Kenneth 5
Big Sam 4
tesfie 1

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  1. Dan, I think multiple divisions is a great idea. Will spice up the predictions game.
    We can also use some kind of leader-board app (website) to manage the predictions entries and the scores.

  2. Thanks for the latest table

    A relegation system is an interesting idea, but I believe many participants stopped posting their predictions after getting left behind in the table last season?

    I think it can only work if we have around sixty active participants till the end of this season

  3. Great Idea Dan. It would add incentives for players to play everyweek. Only issue that might arise is you being overburdened. So as mentioned by ClassyGunner maybe you can use some app or website to tabulate the scores. (I think some light coding and data mining would do the trick as well but not a computer science guy so not sure.)
    Also, thank you so much for continuing to host this very entertaining game on Just Arsenal!

  4. I don’t participate in this competition,,, but I do take an interest in everybody’s predictions. As an outsider I think it’s a marvellous idea Dan Smith. Would make it so much more interesting for those who are in it

  5. Great idea with two (or more) divisions Dan.
    I see you have me on 65 points but I should be on 69 as I was on 51 after week 8 and scored 18 points last week (week 9).
    Thanks mate.

  6. While i find the promotion/relegation idea interesting, i don’t think it will work simply because people who get relegated will probably stop playing. I mean a season is 10 months why bother getting 100 pts while in div 2 while the 1st in div 1 has like 70. Like gotanidea said some people that get left behind stop playing, now if they are left behind and in another div they wont even bother.

    Now if you want to spice it up a knockout cup competition would be good as would a champions league type with group stage then elimination game. Use the table to sort the players into hats.

  7. 63 years ago, aged 8, I used to paste newspaper reports and pictures about our games into a scrapbook By age 11, I had several books full. I never thought anyone would be interested in what I thought or my predictions. How times have changed. Mostly for the better too!

  8. My post explaining how I used, over 60 years ago, to paste match reports and pictures into scrapbooks has not been allowed. Why not, Ad Pat?

  9. great idea Dan, however, I can only imagine the management of this process to be extremely time consuming.

    Good luck to you.

    Maybe one day when I am done with my dev studies I can create a portal to manage this, would be a good project juat a good 2 years away or so lol.

  10. Honestly Dan,you are making me lose interest in this whole thing altogether.i was on 59 last week and I scored a whopping 13points just to stay on 62 points???this is happening to me too regularly that I’m beginning to think it is a deliberate act..I overlooked so many inaccurate points in the past because I thought they were mistakes from you but it’s getting too much..I apologize for my mood in writing this but I just have to let out my feelings.. please demand for help,you need a few of us to help you out with the scoring

        1. I updated your score mate
          Please keep in mind though it’s never personal
          I literally on my break at the hospital write every score down on paper and then update a table
          In your case you got 13 points and I wrote 3 and forgot the 1
          I am trying

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