Dan’s Just Arsenal Predictions League Final table – Congrats to all!

Well done to Dan Kit who is crowned the first ever Just Arsenal Predictions Champions (contact admin mate for my email and at some point from now to the new season we will sort you out an Arsenal shirt.)

Dan deserves it based on for months being top (unlike another Dan who choked after Xmas). His form dipped at the end of the season just to give others false hope.

It’s all the more amazing when you consider that when I asked him who was his team of the season, he said he only really watched Arsenal and sometimes Chelsea or Man City. So imagine if you actually watched lots of football!

The irony is that on the Final day so many players got high scores. MTG got an incredible 14 points to make a last dash for a Euros spot but Ernie Blaze just hung on.

Admin Pat’s 3 correct scores were not enough (although he does have the power to change the rules).

The top 24 qualify for the Euros (more details to follow) but let me know if you don’t want to take part so I can include others. If you’re not in the top 24 don’t worry, you can still put in your predictions for fun.

We had different players join late in the season and others who didn’t play every week. So in theory Season 2 should be better now we have a core group of participants. I also think with crowds back home and away form will be more of a factor with less random results.

Again any ideas of how to improve the game, then please send me ideas on Twitter (follow me at @dan_destiny). My plan is to use the platform to grow our game.

I might even be looking for an assistant to help me add up all the scores.

Equally peeps if you ever want a chat, feel free.

I’ll be sending review pieces in the next week before focusing on Euro 2000.

Thank you everyone for taking part.

It’s been sad watching Arsenal, so you all helped give me something to follow over the weekends.

So here is the final table of the JustArsenal Predictions League

Dan Kit 224
HH 216
Sue 216
Declan 214
Dunchirado 210
Terrah 209
EDU 208
Iykmatt 206
Samson 199
SJ 197
ME 193
Buchi 188
Khadii 185
Davars 184
Sid 181
Okobino 181
Sagie 179
J Gunner 179
Shakir 176
Easy guys 176
Phenom 172
Dotash 169
Kenya 001- 166
Ernie Blaze 163
Admin 161
MTG 156
Rusty 156
Sue P 146
BT 145
Herbz 143
Dhoni 134
Kev 82 133
I 130
Tom 122
Ackshay 121
EM 119
Kstix – 111
Instrooments 111
FFO- 110
Prince 110
Famochi 108
Toney 97
Arsha 96
Olushorlar 96
Splendid 73
006- 71
Uzi Ozil 70
Classy Gunners -:58
Once great 58
Mambo 52
Baron 51
Innit 48
Gibson power 45
Kelvin 23- 43
Jimmy Bauer 38
Ash 32
Anie 25
Babesola 25
Seroti 24
Gunner Rey 24
Frank Brady 24
Bob 22
S Emirates 20
Quincy O 19
Gunner 4 life 19
Illiterate 18
Vinod 16
Sean 14
Ben the goober 14
Jay 13
Adamjim 13
Musa 12
Thirds man jw 12
Pepe 11
Nuisance 10
Elvis 10
CW 9

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  1. Wow! This season was made more exciting because of the predictions league. Congratulations to Dan for being champion. The league was way more exciting than any top european league this season. Also thanks a lot, Dan for this wonderful initiative. Looking forward to the Euros and ofcourse, next season.

  2. Dan Kit – 🎶 Champione, champione, ole, ole, ole 🎶 😁

    Well done to Ernie for hanging on! And, Kenya, you did it!! 👏

    Dan Smith, you’re a star! Thank you…

  3. Admin, how are the scores calculated?

    Looking forward to next seasons edition

    Congratulations Dan!!!


    But I must say thanks to Dan for making this awful season more interesting for all of us.

    And I’m secretly glad I didn’t make the Finals because I would only have ended up as the whipping boy!

  5. Congratulations Dan Kit, top 5 and all who played. Good luck for next season.

    I don’t use social media for personal use so I will put my suggestion here. I would like to see a knockout competition (some sort of FA Cup of predictions) if it will not be too much work for you Dan Smith.

    There won’t be a need to predict FA Cup games just the same league predictions can be used on head to head matches. I have seen some having good scores in some weeks but not higher on the table.

  6. Congrats champ Dan 👏 and the top 24👏…

    Really enjoyed the prediction league though I joined mid-season, it was fun and exciting.

    Looking forward to next season edition and all the excitements too..


  7. Missed about seven weeks from the start now looking to eu cup I wish to be seeded in the same group as Dan kit, dunchirado, Ernie blaze ,and Samson this will make a really nice group

  8. Cheers Dan
    Don’t be offended but I would suggest putting the shirt up for next seasons winner ,as you’ve done so much towards this and I don’t feel it fair that you should be out of pocket aswell. Seeing this was a first time also and it started off as abit of fun ,next season should be when it gets serious so hope you don’t mind me suggesting that instead ,maybe you could throw in a pair of shorts and socks as well 😂

    1. Dan , there will be a prize next season as well
      I understand if you dont want the shirt , is there a charity I can donate to ?
      At least let me send you a token trophy lol

      1. A Trophy I would take
        If you want to donate a shirt to charity I’m all for that ,maybe ask Adpat for his chosen one ,maybe a children’s charity .

  9. So its 8th for me then,just like arsenal but i so much enjoyed the prediction league&looking forward to the euros&next season already

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