Dan’s latest EPL Prediction League Table


  1. I thought i will add some points on my score after last weeks prediction. I had one score and two win predictions correct.

  2. Off topic, but our U21 loanee Karl Hein put on a Man of the Match display yesterday in the Championship!

    For the first time (maybe ever?) our loan strategy seems to bear fruit. Pretty much all the players out on loan are playing week in, week out and actually performing.

    Also, our 18-year old Norton-Cuffy earned some praise for his last 2 starts for Lincoln City.

    1. Thanks to Mikel who has a master plan for each and every player. Those big fat egos who do not wish to be trained and developed are the nuisance makers and have been shown the door, those with lesser skills will be shown the door this summer. Hallmarks of a great coach due to his time with Moyes and Pep

  3. Dan, did you include the results from Gameweek 24 as well?

    My total points up to Gameweek 23 are 137

    My points from Gameweek 24 are 4

    My points from Gameweek 25 are 8

    So my total points should be 137 + 4 + 8 = 149

  4. Hi Dan
    I scored 7 points last week which as much as I’d like them, do not bring me up to 140 points
    It’s more like 125-127

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