Dan’s Leicester v Arsenal Player Ratings – Chambers our best by a mile

After yet another dismal display away from home, and I am afraid that Dan predicted that we would lose again. He even predicted the 1-0 away loss to Sheffield, so he considers himself to be a realist. So let’s look at Dan’s Leicester v Arsenal Player Ratings…..

Leno – 5
Kicking poor, at times miss-controlled ball to the point he was in danger of an own goal. He could have done better for their second, do you think?

Bellerin – 6
Gave away the ball a lot and seemed out of position and not helping Chambers. He was more comfortable going forward. Once he finds his match fitness he will do better in final third.

Luiz- 7
He is better in a 3 at the back. This formation allowed him to step out and support our attack with a couple of decent passes. He stood up well to the Foxes physicality.

Chambers – 8
Our best player by a mile. He was comfortable on the ball, but also knows when not to overplay. His crucial touch stopped a Vardy tap in. His reading of the game was very good…

Holding – 5
Sloppy in possession, although like Bellerin he deserves more time.

Kolasinac – 4
Seemingly chosen ahead of Tierney because Emery think he’s the better full back, yet he barely got forward. One of many that were guilty of giving the ball away in defence.

Torreira – 5
The Leicester midfield ran through him, with him only stopping them with fouls. He was sloppy on the ball and still not disciplined in the DM role.

Guendouzi- – 6
Lots of last-ditch blocks, throwing his body in the way and was prepared to scrap, but failed to provide service to front three.

Ozil – 5
When we had possession he was tidy but not enough service. He is never going to track back and win the ball himself. When he was able to pick a pass, our strikers were too wide. Just not enough options for the German.

Lacca- 6
Gains an extra mark for coming deep to win back the ball. He snatched at a great first half chance, but you can tell he wasn’t happy in this system.

Auba – 5
Had to track back to try and win the ball as zero service from midfield. When he did have it, he tried individual brilliance rather than any team play. Played way too wide on the left.

Pepe- 5
Why wait till we are 2-0 down to bring on 75 million signing? Like the rest, he had to come deep to try and get the ball himself.

Willock – 5
Came on at a time everyone’s heads had dropped…

So what do you think of Dan’s Leicester v Arsenal Player Ratings?


  1. Emery will be sacked. It will happen NOW or LATER but he needs to go simply because He can’t improve us. I also think most of the players are tired of Him

  2. chambers is a good player and he needs to be motivated

    he has been gaining experience and playing well while on multiple loans

    however fans do not like him because hes not big name or big tag player

    1. Chambers should have played as a DM in 4-3-3 formation

      He is more suited to play in Fernandinho’s or Fabinho’s role

    1. I guess Arteta would be the cheapest option, along with Ljungberg. I think both of them wouldn’t ask too much, since it’s gonna be their first managerial job

  3. Didn’t Chambers lose his man for the first goal? He allowed Vardy to drop into space behind him whilst he had just checked where he was a second before. I do agree he was ok but he was not faultles for the goal so an 8 is a bit ambitous IMO.

  4. Emery just has to go. Enrique news hitting up, hope it holds water.

    The board being patient with Emery is them losing more money.

  5. Bellerin and Ozil didn’t seem to want to be there, maybe because it was a cold rainy night at the enemy’s turf

    Torreira was a pushover, far away from his display in his Youtube highlights. The strikers’ first touches were awful and they rarely did effective hold-up play to help the midfielders

    I bet that was Emery’s last game though

    Enrique is an erratic, crazy and adventurous manager, but I don’t think he would do worse than Emery. Otherwise Laurent Blanc is my first choice currently

    1. Gotanidea I think you have an obsession with smearing Ozil, I thought the players played well enough for what Emery gave them but Leicester were miles ahead of us. Please don’t sow anymore evil seed about any player. The team as a whole is bad enough

    1. I think Laca has had enough of Emery,his tactics and poor man management skills,and unless we get a new manager he will be gone in January. There appears to be quite a number of teams in Europe who would jump at the chance of a getting a striker of his quality at what will be relatively cheap price.

  6. Chambers could replace Torreira if he decides to leave. Although I think Torreira has the potential to be our very own Kante, he is being limited by the coach’s tactics. We all saw how good he could be if deployed correctly at the early stages of last season.
    Chambers could replace or partner Torreira and all that will be left to be fixed of our midfield issues would be the creative part. I’m not so certain Özil can be that player that gave 19 assists some seasons ago. It’ll be awesome if we can get Ten Hag, and he brings Ziyech along with him. Ziyech is a fan of Özil, I bet they’ll get along regardless of who starts, as long as the team keeps making positive progress game after game.
    Our attack is awesome, and is only lacking service, so that leaves our defense. I think we’re set with regards to the full backs, and by the end of the season, we should have Saliba. If Holding gets back to full fitness, and starts performing as we expect him to, we should have the CB positions set too.
    All that we need now is an actual coach, not someone to confuse and hinge players with defensive “tactics” and line-ups

  7. Ornstein is reporting that the Board 100% back Unai 😳 Nothing’s working, everyone can see that, yet they want to persist……

    I agree about Chambers, thought he did alright.. I’m not his biggest fan, but think he’s been pretty good when called upon…
    So much for PAL… ☹

    1. Yes Sue. I saw the news too.. We are doomed. Can Emery improve us? If he is here, I WIll access Our performance and result Until January 2020. If they don’t Improve, then I may have to take a leave from the team until something good starts happening again. I m a gunner And arsenal supporter but losing faith in the coach

      1. The way we’re going, it wouldn’t surprise me if we end up battling it out with the likes of West Ham to finish in the top half of the table…as we’re really struggling home and away..all our players will want out… I really do fear for our future.. we’re worse off now than ever… I’m so disappointed, this wasn’t supposed to happen Uzi ☹

  8. I agree that Luiz and Chambers were by far our best players.
    Leno needs replacing with Martinez imho.
    Some of the upcoming games in December and January look a bit scary!

  9. What’s the point of giving the players numbers? They were way out of their depth. That’s where we have got to. We need action. You have to credit Chelsea, they don’t stand nonsense and get their man. We are wallowing in shite and seem to think we must stay their. If you have a boil…..lance it…….or it gets worse.

  10. 6 is being very kind to Laca, he was one of the guys not interested in being there. He deserves no more than a 4. Should have been replaced with Martinelli on 50 minutes.

  11. Kroenke and his board are running Arsenal. It was a very sad day. Emery is a boxer KO, dizzy, not making any sense, how come this board watches and don’t throw the sponge?

    He can’t handle but board do not care for EPL, Kroenke’s target is win EL to get to CL. They will keep him all beat up KO for that!

    Emery is pitiful, overworked, depressed, leading to losing his mind for real, not funny at all, he can end up in a mental house.

    The players look completely lost as he is. How can you rate them? The team formation tells tac tic; defend in numbers, can’t attack then, Ozil Auba Laca are useless then, just as Torreira looking lost on pitch as everyone. Ozil can’t play his game, no one can.

    The man has all players available but can’t manage to put right team on pitch!

    We have a central defense issue, 5 to defend with two DM won’t change that, does not, just makes a total mess, players confused and dizzy!

    All we need is beef up central defense, not all players to defend but one to seat infront of CBs.

    The best one to do so is Chambers, then Luiz who played there with Chelsea and Brazil.
    Once that zone is more secured, it gives many options upon opponents, tac tic can also change during a game.

    Bellerin Holding Mustafi Tierny
    Niles Willock
    Laca Auba

    Can be Ceballos instead of Niles or Willock, if we choose to attack…Many options once Chambers sits there! This is very basic and why Emery must be let go URGENTLY, poor guy simply can’t handle!

    1. I stop reading when I saw Niles & willock in midfield… That’s even a bigger joke than Emery’s formation

  12. why can’t emery experiment with his midfield , I mean since the midfielders have lost all sense of creativity and positioning . he can only get worse ,use chambers and luiz at the base of our midfield.
    Can I experiment with these players
    Bellerin Sokratis Holding Tierney
    Luiz. Chambers

    Pepe. Aubemayang Martinelli.

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