Dan’s Man United v Arsenal Player Ratings – Saka MOTM

Leno 7
Could he have done better with the goal? He made a good save late on from free kick, but he still needs to stop trying to pass out to defenders

Chambers 7
Given that he was booked early produced a real intelligent display, refusing to dive in.

Luiz 8
Best game for us so far. In last 20 minutes he was throwing himself at the ball. He still leaves his foot dangling too much though.

Sokratis 7
Did his job well but loses a mark for sometimes being hesitant.

Kolasinac 6
Couldn’t get forward but did well enough defensively. Loses a mark for a risky handball after poor control.

Xakha 7
Good leadership, matching Man United’s physicality. He wasn’t creative enough though, more broke the game up.

Torreria 6
Very busy but another big game where we didn’t need 3 defensive midfielders. At times was furthest forward which is not his game.

Guendouzi 8
Starting to become very consistent. Was everywhere. Doesn’t always get his final ball right but his energy is amazing.

Pepe 5 B
Brought tin o win us games like this, but he had poor decision-making in the final third. Like he is overthinking things. Poor delivery from set pieces as well.

Saka 9
We learnt so much about his personality, to play how he did at Old Trafford shows strong mentality. He carried the ball, and unlike Pepe, had the confidence to run at defenders. Could/should have scored a goal to make himself famous.

Aubameyang 7
Didn’t do too much before his goal, and his build up play was a bit passive, but after the equaliser there was a 10 min spell where he demanded the ball on wing. However, Emery then appeared to have already settled for a point.

Ceballos 6
We couldn’t get the ball on the ground enough for him. Maybe he could show a bit more belief in final third?

Nelson 5
If the manager is leaving out Ozil, the likes of Nelson needs to show more creativity. He still doesn’t look like he believes in himself in the final third. I liked how he helped out Chambers though.

Willock 6
One of the few players who drove at United in last 10 mins after we seemed to have settled for a point. Maybe Emery should have subbed him on earlier?


  1. Xhaka not being creative enough is the reason I would have preferred Ceballos over him

    Torreira and Guendouzi were enough defensively. We needed more creativity. Ceballos or Wilock should have started over Xhaka

    It’s possible we could have won if Ceballos started over Xhaka and even Wilock over Guendouzi may have helped

    We need to play to our strengths
    Defense is NOT our strength

    1. Or Willock + Guendouzi. He needs to stop playing Torreira as our most advance midfielder. I mean, I think that is a very obvious thing not to do, yet we are seeing Torreira regularly in the box now when we know he has no shooting ability, and no creativity.

      1. A draw against the worst MU team in 30 years. If this is another throw away season, play the youth players. At least they may develop a winning mentality the current senior players lack. The lineup today was the same basic team that was over run by Watford, WATFORD!! A team so bad they would likely be relegated from the Championship. Wenger players out!!

    2. 3 wins from 7 games. We had more points after 7 last year. We’re going backwards. Emery is trying to run a mobile pressing attack with players nowhere near suited to his style. Xhaka and Kolasinac too slow, Torreria too small, Ozil too soft. The lot of them look unsure of themselves. They put in an effort, but Emery has had over a year and the players don’t seem to know what to do when the heat is on. We went from Wenger, who had almost no preperation or tactics for an opponent, to the opposite end of the spectrum and a manager with a new unique complicated gameplan every week. Emery out!!

  2. Some fans keep saying Emery is doing a good job
    Point to note is that Emery’s first 43 games are worse than Wenger’s last 43
    I asked admin to do an article but according to him that’s irrelevant.

    1. I think they mean we are in 4th place. Comparing Wenger’s 43 matches to Emery’s 43 doesn’t make much sense because PL teams have changed, players have changed. All that matters is where we are in the table

      Wenger finished 6th place
      Emery finished 5th place and EL finalist
      Now we are 4th place (so far)

      So I think he’s doing okay
      Far from bad

      1. Oh come on.

        1. Wenger lost the semifinal to Atletico which at the time were better than Chelsea last year, so no difference then.
        2. With Aubameyang added to Lacazette plus the signing of Torreira Emery was given a much better squad to work with by the folks in charge of our transfers
        3. The difference in places is mostly due to our rivals becoming weaker around the same time Wenger left
        4. At least with similar results we were often fun to watch under Wenger. I always said if our games are no fun to watch at least results have to be like say Atletico’s (a similar situation).
        5. With Wenger our most talented player had many forgettable games, but he was still among the best in Europe in chance creation. Now Nelson is ahead of him? Seriously, Nelson ahead of Ozil??

        I still feel it was time Wenger went, but boy did we make a mistake with this bozo coaching now.

        1. If’s buts and Y’s
          If georgie g had some of the players AW had then things might have been different

          AW has left and UE is at head of the helm. Whether it is for short or long term we will see
          Team defiently in progress.
          I will judge him and the team and the board at the end of the season

        2. Totally agree ,we are so boring to watch now that I’m struggling to convince my son to come to the Emirates on match day let alone watch the away matches on tv
          We have a lethal striking force and they live on scraps
          Giroud use to miss 5-6 sitter alone in every match

        3. Our most talent player at that time was Alexis…and dont forget that if we not have players like torreira Is because wenger didnt want to…i dont like emery neather…but we have to support him while he is at the club

        4. Agreed Dio. And Emery must have been the one pushing for the Pepe deal, he keeps playing him every league game when he’s obviously useless. We spent big on him, we rolled the dice and came up snake eyes. No one to blame, he looked good on paper. Who knew he has the mental toughness of a 3 year old. He was relieved he was subbed off against MU. If he was standing on a beach, I doubt he could kick a ball into the ocean. At least we made up for half of his price tag by selling Iwobi, another useless player. (Everton subbed him as a sub!)

      2. We are 9 points off of 1st and 3 points from 11th. Far from OK. We are fortunate that United, Spurs and Chelsea have all started poorly.

        Position aside, the performances, tactics and selection are the real worry. So many questionable decisions made over and over

        Aubameyang has 17 goals in his last 17 games, he is compensating for just how poor we have been

        With the structures implemented at the club over the past 18 months, Emerys main job is to select the right team with the right game plan, something which is just not happening

        His contract is up in the summer, big decision to be made in January

    1. Is someone forcing Emery to start certain players?? He plays the same basic team with the same basic tactics and gets the same basic results. It’s madness. Xhaka,Ozil,Torreria, Kolasinac,Sokratis are not part of the mobile, technically gifted, pressing team Emery is looking for. Pepe can’t even kick a ball. Emery has had a year and nothing has changed. I hate to say it but: Emery out!! On to the next. (Please not the special one)

  3. I have a hard time coming to terms with a draw being good enough for many, when this is United’s worst EPL side WITH injuries, and we just spent a ton in the summer, have one of the best strikers in the league, a lot great midfield options, and exciting youth. You’d think we would be the ones taking the game by the neck. This team has more talent than it is given credit for, but the coaching does not seem to be inspiring confidence anywhere. Listen to Auba’s post-match interview and it is clear he also thinks this side can do so much better than what it is currently.

        1. That was Palace’s first ever win there! And now 13 years has turned into 14 for us….
          Oh excuse me, since that ‘whipping’ what exactly have United done?? Beat Rochdale, the world beaters on penalties 🙄

  4. I simply dont believe emery has the strategic n tactical knowhow to bring arsenal out of mediocrity now despite having a wealth of good players. He still prefer a select few who have failed arsenal time n time again, n leave those good impressive ones on the bench.ljundberg could have done a better job i believe

  5. Emery is doing a great job with a weak team.
    4th place is brilliant.
    Things are only going to get better.
    When we sell Wengers dead wood Ozil Mustafi Mkhitarian Kolo
    we can buy a top CB and DM.
    We still have Lacazette and Pepe to hit form also so we have a lot of improvement in us.
    Emery is bringing youngsters along really well Guendouzie Saka and Willock in particular.
    Martinellie is another blossoming under Unai.
    Chambers has gained confidence under Emery.
    Unai is managing Tierney and Hector astutely refusing to rush them into the Man U game.
    I like the way Unai is managing Ozil and Mustafi giving them game time
    but also putting them in the transfer window for January.
    Unai’s squad rotation is spot on.
    Team v Standard Liege.

    Hector Holding Mustafi Tierney
    Torreira Willock Ceballos
    Ozil Nelson

    1. You are being sarcastic.
      Mkhitaryan has already been sold. The remaining things you say is a joke.

  6. Xhaka ducking for their goal was a disgrace. Xhaka cost us 4th place last year. I don’t trust the guy at all.

  7. Emery is bit of a negative coach.No doubt about it.Definitely we need a better coach in future But he is a kind of stop gap coach that we needed post wenger .If we achieve 4th Spot this season then it is considered a success and i think we are on coarse of that.Also we still have 4 starting 11 players missing. Holding, Bellarin, Triennary and Laca. Plus Pepe is out of form. So total 5 players if hit the ground running. The we will become completely different team.
    The only down side he has right now is keep playing Xhaka but I kind of understand it as the back 4 he got right now is some times not existent , so he may be settling for draw away from home. Lets see how he set up team when we get out top 4 players back.
    Remember the 4 players that we are missing are just not our starting 11 players but to 4 players after Aubamiyang. So we have Auba at no 1 and then net 4 spots missing. So a big loss.Unfair to judge so quickly.

  8. Emery is scared of taking a tonking. He sets up to try his best to prevent that.

    Doing that holds the team back from expressing it’s true character as an attacking team with some serious potential to score goals.

    This team clearly underperforming at the moment. Let’s wait and see what happens later this season. They will probably play together and gel.

    That midfield is still holding the team back. I think it will get better.

  9. Xhaka was dreadful.

    Torriera should be the only defensive midfielder

    Its bizarre how xhaka can be selected even though his so poor – yet ozil cannot get a look in. Either xhaka doesnt listen to emery or emery instructs him to play his game – but yet ozil is the one to be dropped as he.doesnt fit Emery’s plans – its just baffling

    As for pepe – Emery isnt the man to bring the best out of him

  10. Without ozil arsenal will finish behind man u,Pepe offer nothing. Cebbaloes is doing nothing in team like of nelson,sokratis,n willock average players

  11. I also am very confused about the whole xhaka thing. He is poor and way too slow but yet remains a permanent fixture. When playing arguably the worse man u side in years that are mostly kids why play him. He was often too slow for these kids, and constantly gave away free kicks or didn’t do enough to stop their attack.
    Emery is too negative. All our subs against Watford were negative while theirs were all positive and we all know what happened. Cabellos ozil and willock would have all been better options for mid instead of xhaka in this game. Attack is arsenal’s best form of defense and he does not offer that link from defence to attack.
    Also taking pepe off was also I think the wrong move. Yes he was poor but he was able to get into good positions just couldn’t finish. When you are looking for that win and late in the game the game is getting stretched these are the guys you want. Quick skillful and able to find that 1 piece of magic. Again this sub seemed negative as Nelson seemed to offer more protection for Chambers.
    Bottom line emery still needs to get things right because going to old Trafford, watching arsenal play like that, against that man u side does not inspire confidence or belief.
    A very frustrated gooner today.
    All enjoy your week.

  12. Emery has no guts hence we will have no glory. Willock should’ve started he actually drives with the ball. And the only person who could’ve stopped Utd goal was Xhaka with his face

  13. Sorry guys but Pepe is by far the worst player in the whole leauge.
    I have never seen someone kick the ball off the pitch whilst trying to play a simple cross as many times as this must be a new record.
    Poor fist touch
    Poor shooting
    Poor crossing
    Poor passing (can’t pass to our own team)
    No tracking back (even when losing the ball)
    Most 1 footed player I’ve ever seen.
    And top it all off seem to have a shit attitude and no guts /courage.
    Got to be up there with Jeffers/Silverstein/kallstom extremely as one of the worst signing in the clubs history.
    Reid’s nelson was a breath of fresh air when he came on simply because he could control the ball and pass it to our team.instead of either giving it away or booting it off the pitch when trying to put over a simple cross.
    Whoever brought this clow/joke of a player needs sacking.
    We should play
    Tierny chambers holding bellend
    Guendozi terriers
    Nelson auba saka
    That’s our strongest most reliable team
    Get rid of all this rubbish weighing our club Dow
    Ie. Xaka,Socrates ,Luiz,kolasniac, and Pepe are all complete wastes of air in my opinion we would be no worse off playing all our kids than this absolute load of shite that we continually keep playing

    1. He was poor. I also think he should play on the left.
      FYI – tierney is LB, Bellerin in a RB.
      Lacazette should be in that team. Nelson and Saka can fight it out but its going to Saka right now.

  14. I will be honest with you, I have never rated Nelson and never will. He is a very poor footballer, no football brain,can’t score can’t defend. Now Chambers should hold his head up for that performance, I thought he was good Daniel James had one of his worse game for man u. Couldn’t go past Chambers and I thought he had speed to go past him but then that is where Chambers intelligence came in,he gave him a yard so he could match up his speed. I don’t want people to criticize Emery on Pepe because we all can agree that most wanted Pepe and we got him.its left for Pepe to give us his performance but he has been abysmal since he came here. His body language is worse than ozil the only little thing he does is try to push attack but his final product we know how that is..I can’t wait for tierny to be 💯match fit so kolasinac can get the hell out of my club.he scouted this guy? He is the worse lb we have had and yes Santos is better because he can actually cross a ball. Guendozi keeps getting better and better with each game. Xhaka to my surprise wasn’t bad today but he wasn’t great either, he just floated. Toreira came off at the right time,is it me or he gets tired quickly he couldn’t close down and too lightweight.ceballos should have started this game since ozil is nowhere to be found.Aubameyang bar his goal was below par but I would take that with no complains because he got zero service.saka what a kid,fearless, Ashley young had his worse game of the season against an 18 year old school boy..thank goodness he is one of our own he is what everyone wish Pepe would be.and willock wasn’t on for a long time.and special mention to Leno without him we lose today.
    And Martinelli should be ahead of Nelson if you ask me because he is way above him. Maybe we would see him in the Europa league. Aubameyang needs to rest since lacazette is due back after international break. We can’t afford to lose him. All in all I think Emery is a conservative coach he is afraid to take the game to them,same thing against Liverpool..well it’s a point gained.onward and upwards coyg

    A lot of u guys just love to moan

    Which EPL team does Arsenal find easy to beat away ?

    Don’t get ahead of yourselves, we are still recovering from our away voodoo, so to think some believe we are already good enough to beat Man Utd at Old Trafford.

    U say the Man Utd. Squad are having issues ATM – What are we having ???

    Then a lot say he used 3 DMs
    No! – No! – No!

    Guendouzi cannot mark an ant
    If there’s something Aston Villa match showed us about him …
    It is:
    Guendouzi’s competitors are Ceballos & Ozil
    Not Torreira & Xhaka

    Guendouzi has no defensive acumen, has no marking/tackling awareness

    he’s much more offensive oriented

    And if Unai has made changes based on that – then we’re moving forward

    Something else that has been obvious is: Even when Lacazette becomes available, our best point man by a distant is Auba

    Lacazette has the attributes to play like Ath. Madrid’s Griezmann (behind a PointMan)
    Or Sadio Mane (Inverted Winger/how A.Sanchez also did for us)

    If Unai makes changes based on this too, we’ll gradually be playing our players where they are best suited

  16. Christmas came early for all the players if I look at the points they got. IMHO each and every one got a point too many. Which player put in an above average performance, in other words more than you should and can reasonably expect? Average is 5! In this poor game there were very few standouts, possibly Saka, and Pepe deserves no more than a 3.

  17. Leno was man of the match. He had the shot for their goal covered until it got deflected and of course when Xhaka failed to get his head in the way.

  18. Thought peppe was veey poor his body language is disgusting,
    I know people will come on and say hes new to the premiership but that doesn’t stop him tracking back…

  19. Pepe had a poor game. I think he’s lacking confidence and he’s trying to play safe. He’s not imposing himself on defenders. He’ll come good.

  20. Saka MOTM, but he was subbed for Willock, just to have Xhaka on the field till the end of the game. Hmm.

  21. Abu is indispensable to Arsenal.The Swiss capt set a bad example instead of
    putting the body in the shot. At other teams the players do this.
    As for MU they have to get used to the fact the days when they were
    dominant are over.They wont find t easy to win even if they were to spend abillion
    I hope the foxes can inflict more misery on the reds.

  22. Pepe should not get more than 4. He looked so confused. We would send him on outside posting to Liverpool to understudy Mane

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