Dan’s midweek EPL Predictions – A better WK24 for Arsenal fans?

Hey guys, before I share my predictions can I pass on my love and thoughts to the families of Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson. The families are struggling with ‘few answers to unexpected loss’. Clearly, it’s not looking hopeful of any positive news after all this time. At a time when we get angry over Mr Kroenke, transfers, and debate with each other, this is a reminder of bigger things in life than football…………….

Arsenal 4-1 Cardiff
A kind fixture for Arsenal as it’s unlikely the visitors will have ambition to test out our make-shift defence, maybe by corners, but set pieces is the one area we have dealt well with this season. Surely the perfect game to use Ozil’s creativity? I doubt a win here will make any Gooners confident about a trip to Man City but one match at a time. Win here and it puts pressure on our top 4 rivals.

Fulham 1-0 Brighton
It is depressing that we are linked with the same defenders that Fulham are (the difference is they can pay money for them!). I watched Chambers as DM and I think surely it makes sense to bring him back early. How can we be putting square pegs in round holes while across London there is a player who is better than our current options. Ranieri has improved the Cottagers but there is such a gap now they can’t keep being unlucky to lose, they need wins. From motivation, to the atmosphere at the Cottage, they need to replicate their performance against Spurs.
I think they will beat Brighton, simply because they need the 3 points more

Huddersfield 1- 0 Everton
The first thing the Terriers new boss said was don’t compare him to Wagner, well he has to do some job for that not to happen. Wagner wouldn’t have left if he believed this group of players could close the current gap. Their recruitment policy and choice of new boss smacks of a chairman prepared for relegation. As for Everton, I think that, 3 days after being knocked out of the cup, it’s a nightmare game for Silva who I think is under pressure. The number of premiership sides to be knocked out of the cup means it has opened up, so that was a chance missed for the Toffees. I’m expecting a cup like atmosphere and the visitors to again to be bullied.

Wolves 2-1 West Ham
Like Everton, West Ham will be thinking that with Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs already out of the cup, it was a chance missed. The only good news is Arnautovic has signed a new contract. His agent/brother has played a blinder. His job is to do what’s best for his client and he’s gone and got him a pay rise. You don’t one minute have your heart set on living in China, then change your mind. If you find a trip to Wimbledon tough, then you’re going to struggle at Wolves.

Man United 2-0 Burnley
No longer can we say Solskjaer hasn’t been tested. It’s as simple as playing/trusting your best talents and saying how good they are. The Norwegian won’t worry about being permanent boss if he carries on, his worst case is going back to Molde and if Poche didn’t deliver, who do you think Ed Woodward’s going to ring? In the Jose era I would give Burnley a chance, but this is the United many of us grew up with.

Newcastle 0-2 City
It’s the champions turn to play before Liverpool, something I think is a crucial factor the closer we get to the run in. Newcastle were heavily criticised for their tactics in this fixture last season. Rafa will argue it meant they only lost 1-0 and when they showed ambition in last 5 mins, they nearly snatched an equaliser. The Toon to park the bus yet again (and lose again).

Cherries 1- 1 Chelsea
I argued all month that us getting a defender and/or Chelsea buying a striker could be the difference in who finishes 4th. The Blues got Higuaín, we are trying to loan cast offs, that’s the difference between our two owners. It also means Sarri may now play Hazard in his natural position, no change in Kante’s situation though.
Bournemouth are dangerous in games where it will be open. By kick off, Arsenal and United could be level on points with Chelsea, so this is a tough game under pressure.

Southampton 2-1 Palace
I don’t think the Saints new boss has got enough credit. He has made individuals better and suddenly there is an identity again at St Marys. Having not played in 10 days he would have worked on fitness, an issue he identified on arrival. I give the home side the edge just in terms of rest but if I’m a Palace fan I’d rather the cup run.

Liverpool 2-2 Leicester
There have been chances in their last 2 games for the leaders to have dropped points. They were drawing at half time at Brighton and fell behind at home to Palace. To survive both is mentally huge. Yet this is the first time in a while they play after city, meaning they could kick off with a gap of just the one point. The Foxes pull out a result when you least think so. They beat City and won at Chelsea. They have individuals who could take advantage of any nerves.

Spurs 1-1 Watford
It’s been a horrible week for Spurs which could affect their season. People are too quick to dismiss the cups as not being a priority but it’s different for each club. Arsenal for example, accept we are in a low ebb, Gooners are unhappy with how we are being run. Spurs, on other hand, are meant to be in their golden era, their glory years, and yet are not winning anything. Poche can say only top 4 matters but the fact is he keeps getting into situations where silverware is within touching distance. How many semi-finals have they failed to win? I picture Wembley not sold out, silence and apprehension. Watford can take advantage.

Dan Smith


  1. gotanidea says:

    Touche, this home game against a weaker and poorer team is perfect for Ozil:

    Maitland-Niles . Mustafi . Monreal . Sokratis
    ……………….Torreira ……. Xhaka
    Aubameyang ………… Ozil ………… Iwobi

    1. McLovin says:

      Sokratis is out for a month! Time for Mavropanos! Hope he can step up for good.

      Mavro was signed for £2 mils last January. Why are we not after Chukwueze, who’s about to become free agent? Surely he’s a better option than the wingers we currently have! And he’s almost free.

      At this point I wouldn’t mind Cahill and Perisic both on loan. We have 3 players out for the season so we MUST fill the gaps.

      1. gotanidea says:

        I was thinking about Kolasinac, but I don’t know why I wrote Sokratis 😀

        I agree that this supposedly easy home game is the perfect chance to give Mavropanos an EPL game time

        I’d also prefer Chukwueze as the new winger, because he could form a good partnership with his compatriot (Iwobi as LW) and play as an RW

        But I think Perisic is wanted because Arsenal could make an Ozil-Perisic swap deal with Inter and he has loads of experience. Perisic is also very tall for a winger, but he would halt Iwobi’s development because they both are inverted LW

        1. ozziegunner says:

          gotanidea, swap of Ozil for Peresic wknt happen because Inter Milan apparently want Arsenal to subsidise Ozil’s wages to the tune of £200k per week.

          1. gotanidea says:

            Good if Ozil’s salary subsidy could cancel the Perisic deal, because we already have Iwobi and Aubameyang that can play as an LW. Both of them are also right-footed like Perisic

            Prefer another winger with strong left foot to balance out the current squad

        2. John Ibrahim says:

          Arsenal wanted a loan…how can it be a swap deal?

  2. Adajim says:

    Cahil, are you kidding? If we could pass on 8.6m Benatia, who is cahil? Pls we arent that desperate, we still have 3 cb who can cover till sokratis is back, hopefully injury god have mercy on the rest. I doubt any coach would do better with the kind of unlucky arsenal defensive woes, more reason i dont know how to criticise UE yet, he hardly has a stable backline for a month at least.
    Just when Holding partnership with mustaffi was about to be established, Holding went out, He started building socratis-kos patnership, again injury, 3 players already out of the season.
    Can someone give us our offensive stats compared to last season?
    Can we use the Diamond firmation just like against chelsea ,the more.

    1. McLovin says:

      Aint Cahill free? Just wages? Is he that bad? Worse than our fullbacks as CBs?

      But I agree how we passed on Benatia, especially when Ramsey is going same direction

    2. CB says:

      Just a thought, is it the pitch at Arsenal that is giving us these injuries. I know it’s the best looking but looks aren’t everything CB

  3. Sue says:

    Nice touch Dan (about Sala & Ibbotson) ?

  4. ForeverGooner says:

    Our defense is poor and so is our midfield. Our lack of quality in the midfield is not getting the best out of our outstanding strikers
    We lack creativity in central attacking position and at the back of midfield
    This is unusual for us because in the past we had Cazorla, Rosicky, Viera, Fabregas etc.
    We also lack a top winger like Hazard, Alexis, Pedro, Sterling, Alli etc.

    Our defense is p*** poor.
    Our CBs aren’t good enough (Mavrapanos and Chambers aren’t the answer either)

    Our best positions are strikers (lacazette and aubameyang) and defensive midfielders (Torreira and Guendouzi). That’s it basically!

    We need to strengthen Defense
    Get a creative box to box player
    Get another CAM
    Get a quality wingers.
    We need almost a whole new team really

    1. McLovin says:

      Concerning our best positions, ironic how those 2 (DM, ST) were the 2 positions neglected for years not too long ago.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      yes spend 1 billon and get 20 world class players?

    3. Sarmmie says:

      Our defence has always been poor, yes, and our midfield has never helped issues when defending, but that midfield has never suffered in creating chances for our outstanding strikers, until a little over two months ago

      We have a very good player that can create, but doesn’t get to play cos he can’t mark, so we play a 10 that can mark but can’t create chances instead.

      You know marking and pressing is very important, right?

  5. jon fox says:

    Wow Dan, a few coupon busters in your predictions. In football you never know for sure.

  6. Twig says:

    My lineup for tomorrow

    Perisic Ramsey Lacazette
    Torreira Xhaka
    Kolasinac Monreal Mustafi Lichtsteiner

  7. Sue says:

    I will be cheering Chelsea on in the FA Cup ?

  8. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    So we all going to ignore the fact the iwobi was racially abused by one of our ambassador.

    1. Sue says:

      Who was it? This is the first I’ve heard of it…

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        I haven’t anything on that? Who indeed?

      2. Alldwayfromafrica says:

        Esha Gupta…I think bellerin dated her once…she’s and Indian actress and one of our ambassador.

        1. Sue says:

          What a complete idiot she is!

        2. Th14 says:

          An Indian racially abusing Iwobi?? Lmao ?? Now I’ve seen it all now!!

  9. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Lol… Well well well, y’all got the wake up call y’all needed.
    Before the united game, my integrity and fair critical views was questioned by a few people on here, BOT,Midkemma, Jon Fox and a few others, and I was questioned and told I disappointed them because halfway through I’m questioning Emery’s ability to coach us and lead us forward. Apparently I was supposed to give Emery years before I question his ability to take this club somewhere better or delve into my assessment.
    I’ve always preferred being fair, and I hate being sentimental, I prefer going with the facts and performances.
    I decided to sit back and skip the articles for the next days before and after the united games, not because I was questioned, but because I wanted to sit back, relax and view this site once again from a bird’s eye view sort of, and I will still sit back, relax and watch and study the views of others, I love dis blog, I see it and integrate with it in different ways, my silence for now is part of it, I won’t be making any contributions not until the City game on Sunday, let me just read what others think..

    Funny how, Ken bro, you now suddenly believe and question Emery’s influence towards the players and his abilities too. At least now, you’re trying to be fair and not giving him a free pass just because it’s his first year.
    One person I’d really like to say a big thumbs up to is you Durand, I watched and read every of your honest contributions and assessment, and well you Jah Son, you probably have lot’s of people on your back, people who label you plastic and all sorts of names whenever you express yourself, but I hope you’ll ignore them and always come out fair and honest every time you get. Once again Durand, you’ve earned my respect, and i repeat, Jah Son, don’t let the name calling stop you from being yourself and expressing yourself, I saw everything on that last Dan’s article, if we should question Emery now

    Jon Fox and I had to really delve deep into our different views and explained to each other our views on Emery, where I clearly and openly admitted “yes I’m a big and honest critic of Emery even though I am not gonna ask for Emery’s head right now, not because it’s his first season, but because it’s a change from Wenger, we needed to experience this change after so many years, and If the chance comes up to get a better coach over Emery right now, will I still opt for Emery? hell No I won’t ”
    My thoughts on that still ain’t changing, because just like you’ve done and seen now Ken, I strongly believed and supported Emery when he got the job but halfway through, I already saw enough to make me question and back off from supporting him.
    I’m just glad a few of you are clearly standing up and expressing the truth and not attaching sentiments such as it’s his first season, transfer this and that or the whole injury excuses just so he gets a free pass.

    Dear Pat, you mostly have never backed down from your views concerning our defense under Emery, and we saw again proof against United, but some will just prefer to attach sentiments to the game. That high line I’ve always said will ruin the club, is already doing so, if he dares to play that high line against City, Aye Aye get ready for another embarrassment.. Most of us know the truth about our defense apart from Emery who keeps playing that high line and prefers using Xhaka at CB sometimes.

    Oh and BTW Sue!! Don’t stop being strong on your views concerning Emery’s treatment of Ozil, I even read a few comments of people questioning what Ozil did after getting his 25 minutes cameo in the Utd game, and calling him names again, I couldn’t help but laugh at how miserable some people live and would take any chance to kick a footballer down to the dirt just to satiate their ego.
    I won’t even go into my own assessment of that United game.
    Let’s keep the fire blazing and keep your views strong and solid, ignore any bloke who call you plastic for questioning authority or questioning the order, you just want to see your club grow.

    1. Sue says:

      You’re back!!! Bet that has been very interesting looking in & not commenting!
      Thanks for the comment Eddie… haha you know my views will never change on Ozil ?
      Well I’d like to say we’ll all have something positive to discuss after the City game…. but I’m not so sure!! Have to win tomorrow first!

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Haha Sue I gotta say it’s pretty hard to read and try to fight the temptations of commenting on here.. it’s interesting though, and hey I’m not back yet!!
        I’m on the sidelines?, no don’t worry, it’s not an hamstring injury neither is it long term, I’ll resume training on here after the City game?.. Hope you’ve been good by the way?

        1. Sue says:

          ? I sure have been!!! ?

  10. Malik says:

    I’m just gonna come out and say it. Unless mavropanos plays a blinder for the rest of the season. I don’t see Arsenal making top 4. Although i was accepting of thus at the beginning of season as i understood we lscked a lot of quality, What has left me extremely disappointied is whoever is in control of our finances can’t do basic math. Benatia for free in exchange for Ramsey NOW or 9 million euros, is potentially the difference between Top 4 (Champions league revenue- substantially more than 9m) and banishment to the Europa league. How is it that relegatiin candidates Monaco can loan gelson and Martin’s and ARSENAL HAVE SIGNED NOONE, how is Chelsea able to loan a top quality striker whilst arsenal twiddles their thumbs. WHAT genius thought United would loan Arsenal (a direct rival) a player that could potentially get arsenal to a higher finish than United. I just can’t believe the circus clowns that are employed at AFC. It’s baffling

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      If you want answers, look no further than the previous regime. Around £140 million lost on Ramsey, Alexis, and Ozil in just 18 months! Not mention the rest of the current squad, and others that left for next to nothing, whilst simultaneously eating up huge wages.

      We have to be patient. No one can sort all that mess out in just 6/12 months, especially with an owner who won’t subsidise anything. E.g. in regards to patience, the Ozil issue may take another 2.5 years (time left on his contract) to resolve, unless some other club is stupid enough to offer what we did.

  11. Malik says:

    It’s just amazing how poorly run the club is, 110 million for xhaka, mustafi and Ozil in transfer fees, 30m in wages a year. HOW THE FROG IS THIS ACCEPTABLE! And it’s like they refuse to learn how are we getting nothing for Ramsey. Like not one euro. We can’t even blame kroenke for this, the clowns that run our negotiations and sfructure player wages need to be fired

  12. Sarmmie says:

    Our defence has always been poor, yes, and our midfield has never helped issues when defending, but that midfield has never suffered in creating chances for our outstanding strikers, until a little over two months ago

    We have a very good player that can create, but doesn’t get to play cos he can’t mark, so we play a 10 that can mark but can’t create chances instead.

    You know marking and pressing is very important, right?

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