Dan’s midweek EPL Predictions – Arsenal set for revenge against erratic Chelsea?

Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal
If we fail to win here then it’s just one win in 6 League games for Arteta. I’m not actually as worried about this game as the one at the Emirates against them, and against Man United there was zero complacency as it’s a big game.

The challenge for our new manager is that Frank Lampard admitted to being surprised by our tactics in December, needing a half to adjust. Do we do the same this time or does our coach have something up his sleeve? I just feel we are due some luck and remember, Chelsea have had weird results at the Bridge this season.

Aston Villa 1-2 Watford
This game is crucial as in there’s a point between the two sides, but form-wise there’s a huge contrast. If you offered Villa a point, they would take it due to how confident Watford are at the moment. The FA want more sides to take their cup seriously but then arrange the Hornets replay for two days later? Nigel Pearson has no choice but to prioritise survival over cup glory.

Cherries 1-0 Brighton
Eddie Howe has done so well establishing his side in the Premier League that he’s never had to deal with the serious threat of relegation before. It’s a huge test to see if he can turn their confidence around or does his players simply freeze. I expect a cup final atmosphere at Dean Court, they are desperate for a win.

Everton 1-1 Newcastle
If that was Rafa Benitez beating Chelsea, we would be saying how he tactically is a genius who can organise a side to be well organised. So, let’s give Steve Bruce some credit. This is the type of game that Everton drop points in.

Palace 2-2 Saints
This is meant to be a period where Palace were full of injuries and suspensions, yet they find a way to get results. With Rashford’s injury at which point do we take an England call up for Danny Ings very seriously?

Sheffield United 2-2 City
It shows the standards City set that it’s reached a point where the demands have crept up with them that they couldn’t keep it up for a third straight year. Which you might remember is why Pep felt the need to leave Barca. It’s a compliment to Sheffield United that on paper this is now considered a tough game

Leicester 2-1 West Ham.
The Foxes have lost form although should have enough on the board to qualify for the Champions League. They need a win though to lift confidence with a massive week in the cups on the horizon.
Rodgers needs to stop saying how tired his players are though .

Spurs 3-0 Norwich
Spurs need to win this type of game with already talk of Jose making the whole place feel gloomy.
A chance for individuals to re-find their confidence and convince their own manager they can deliver without Kane.

Man United 1-0 Burnley
This is a nightmare game for Ole. Liverpool just rubbed his nose in it; he’s lost his best striker, and pundits are arguing over if he’s a good manager or not. Now they have a game where Old Trafford will be quiet because they expect a win, and tension will grow the longer Burnley put up a fight. Just United to snatch it.

Wolves 2-1 Liverpool
Not having our unbeaten campaign matched is all we have left. If Liverpool are going to lose it will be this type of game. A packed Molineux, floodlights on. Liverpool are conceding chances, in the law of averages one day someone converts them. Hopefully on Thursday…

Dan Smith


  1. I admire your confidence in an Arsenal win at Chelsea and applaud your wishful thinking that Wolves will beat Liverpool
    If you’re right I’ll be opening a bottle of champagne and will be delighted to be wrong

    1. You can pour me one too please SueP if the results are as predicted!!

      Here’s wishing with everything crossed! COYG

  2. Tight game, but I think Chelsea will will win. 1-0, or 2-1. Score draw is about the best we can hope for. I pray Laca is benched because he definitely won’t be scoring. Rather see Martinelli upfront.

    1. If only we could use an extra midfielder instead of a no 10, we could win the ball possession at Stamford Bridge

      Chelsea won the ball possession at the Emirates and Arsenal shouldn’t let it happen again

      1. gotanidea

        You are right.
        This could beCeballos opportunity. And Arteta should have a plan B when a game is not turning out as he expects.

  3. No way we will win at Chelsea
    I hope we do. We’ve improved but realistically we haven’t played well enough for me to think we have a good chance of winning

  4. We will beat chelsea and i think laca will start,saw some of the training images and its kinda like a hint when i look at some images.

    Wolves will give a tough game to liverpool and i think they can nick it if they take their chances.Man utd had 2 or 3 superb chances at anfield so i think this would be a 50/50.

    And i also want leicester to lose their game,they are not like flying right now and seems to be struggling with their performances.The 3rd spot is getting into the fight in my opinion.

    Man city and man utd will win their games.

    1. I’m not so confident about our game, we haven’t won there since 2011! 🙏🤞

      Leicester haven’t won since Ndidi has been out injured, so you may get your wish. Although against West Ham, hmmm 😂
      I hope Wolves have a belter and Traore runs them ragged! If they win, I’ll be on cloud 9 for the next 6 months, at least!!

  5. I believe in change
    Years back i never thought liverpool will win the title and in this manner but here we are.I want them to lose tonight,they have fabinho and matip back so wolves will have to fight really hard and i hope they will succeed.Hope you will enjoy your next 6 months👍

    I get your argument on we won years back but that doesnt mean we cant win,keep believing my friend✊

    Leicester is missing one or two players and they are struggling.We are missing our whole back line for half of the season.Leicester was poor against burnley i know they missed a penalty but the attack they have,they should have won the game.

  6. OT: I think Manchester City is arguably still the best epl team now. The only thing Liverpool has over them is the advantage of bigger players who can hold their own and fight physically when the chips are down. And perhaps Liverpool is also receiving a lot of help from the referees’ league.

    I don’t hate short players, but whoever we’re recruiting henceforth should be sizeable enough apart from being skilful in order to give us just an additional advantage in our war against other teams and the PIGMO.

    Yes PGMO. Although a lot of our fans refuse to admit it, but the fact clearly shows that while other teams have only their opponents to worry about, Arsenal has an additional very powerful opponent, the PGMO. So if we have bigger, stronger, and equally skilful players, the task of having to depend on the referees for calls on physicality fouls against us, which they more often than not ignore, will have been cut off.

    1. I hadn’t realised that Sue
      Ordinarily it means less time to prepare for another PL game but Shrewsbury in the Cup should be a win for Liverpool anyway and we have to wait until Monday for our Bournemouth tie☹️

      1. Although they do have a game a week tomorrow too – the rearranged one against West Ham – I seriously doubt the hammers will cause them any problems, but we live in hope! COYI
        Even if they play their youngsters against Shrewsbury, I can’t see owt but a Pool win, unfortunately!

  7. No way! I don’t see us winning at Stamford Bridge tonight. It would be a miracle to do so without the leading goalscorer

  8. Where are the two goals going to com from?
    We are almost certain that luiz and our full backs will have a better chance to score than laca

    1. Am sure you will have nightmares when he scores tonight.This dude is still the incumbent Arsenal POTY,show some respect.

  9. Honestly I dont see anything but a loss today. Our away form has been s**t, we lack creativity and the growing injury list just sucked away the little hope I had for a draw. Time to lower our expectations brothers and sisters. the chavs are s**t this season but we seem to have our own problems too starting with our midfield

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