Dan’s Player Ratings for Arsenal v Spurs – Awful defence but great going forward

Arsenal may have done well to claw their way back from two goals down against Tottenham, but we shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place. One can only blame our usual poor defending…

Leno – 4
The German was responsible for Spurs first goal. He couldn’t hold a soft shot, but his hand was not strong enough to push the ball wide. In fact, he did that a couple of times.

Kolasinac – 6
Great energy down the flank as he noticed Sanchez was a weak link. But most of his final balls were poor though apart from when he strayed offside.

Sokratis – 4
Let the ball go over his head a couple of times including for their penalty. Even when he is struggling though he doesn’t go missing.

Luiz – 5
Spurs front three had us running ragged, especially on the break. His defending at times was last ditch. His game was incredibly stretched at the end. He has not improved us…

Maitland- Niles – 5
He couldn’t get forward enough to help test a tired Danny Rose who was on a yellow. That’s a compliment to Spurs attack which pushed him back.

Xhaka – 4
A captain/leader shouldn’t be diving in like that for a penalty. A credit to him for not allowing himself to fall apart but playing him with two DM’s makes his sideways safe passes stand out.

Torreria – 5
He never stopped working. He hustled and forced Spurs into mistakes but was poor on the ball though. Emery doesn’t need to start 3 DMs…

Guendouzi – 8
Never stopped running. He was everywhere in the second half, breaking up attacks. Ideally could have had more creative peers to give ball to so tried hard himself, even assisting the equaliser. Worked himself into the ground

Pepe – 7
Given how worried Rose was about him just would have liked to see him try to take on his full back more, then go on the other side and challenge Sanchez. Not quite getting it right in the final third but will when his first goal comes.

Lacazette – 8
His work effort is incredible. When he wasn’t getting service in first half, went deep to make things happen for himself. Sheer will forced his goal before half time. If he had stayed on, we would have won it.

Aubameyang – 6
Some will say ‘he scored’ which is his job, but Lacca puts his work ethic to shame. Stepped up his game when moved into the middle.


Ceballos – 7
Gave our midfield what it needed; someone to keep hold of the ball and pick a pass. I just wish Emery had the courage to have started a more creative midfield from the star.t

Mkhitaryan – 5
Didn’t dictate play like Ceballos. He got in good positions but had a very heavy touch, trying to force things.

Dan Smith


  1. Sounds like Arsenal alright..

    Not too many years ago it was the other way around, we haad good defense but blunt attack.

    Never balanced enough!

    1. Yeah Sue, only if we fa gives an extra goal for 2 beautiful one scored we would have won the match. I watch the highlight of the game yesterday and I think the players did good. Though that doesn’t tell the whole story. What I thought think is we need another coach because we new players we are still making the same mistakes and play the same way.

  2. I think aubamayang deserve at least 7, he played wonderfully well on the wings which is not his position, he almost assisted Pepe with that wonderful cross which was blocked by Rose head, and when moved to his natural position within minutes he got a good striker goal, maybe you should look the goal again, like mourinho said that kind of gaol can be scored only by a striker who has great awareness.

  3. To be honest we cant field Socratis, xhaka, Luiz, Leno, Niles that’s five players that will guarantee we are two goals down against any good side, bu I expected us to outscore them but them scoring twice gave them something to fight for it was a mountain for the attackers from then on

  4. Greeme Sourness on pal: I think they are three fabulous players and Pepe will be a star in our football. He did a couple of things in tight areas where he got the ball out of his feet and he’s a lovely striker of the ball. I think he’ll get a lot of goals in our football.

    “Can you imagine those three away from home when teams are coming after them? They’ll score lots of goals between the three of them. Lacazette’s finish was sublime, Aubameyang’s finish was sublime and Pepe will get all sorts of goals. They will be a real handful for anyone. Whoever plays against them, you’ve got to be wary of them.”. Yet some arsenal fans thinks he’s already a failure.

    1. I’m very excited by PAL.. the only thing that worries me, is how all their good work will be undone by the usual lunge, mistake, blunder….

    2. Is your last sentence true though? Yes, there will always be the occasional oddball who goes against the majority, deliberately, but it is not correct to say or suggest that “SOME” Arsenal fans think he’s already a failure”. “Some” implies a reasonable number and I for one do not accept that as true. It clearly is false!

      Shame though, as the rest of your post was well put and, more importantly, accurately stated.

  5. Quite a good rating even though a little too harsh on our goal keeper and defence generally. Tottenham too conceded two goals with their famed defense. I think Arsenal is coming of age. When Bellerin and Thieney gets fit, and with our deadly attack, there would be no stopping us.

  6. Dan, me thinks a creative midfielder was missing to provide the front three the supply/service needed, and if Emery is being stubborn about Özil he could have started Ceballos at #10 and instead of Xhaka Torreira or Willock could have started. In the first half the front three had to service themselves, which isn’t good football.
    Guendozi was a saving grace though, which was quite surprising. Torreira needs to stay on his feet as he seems to go down too easy.

    1. Just saw your post on the other article @V Jacob .dont think admin seen it as they haven’t answered you .
      Regarding the log in ,I have the same problem as you not sure if there is a fix ‘ maybe some kind of setting on your device.doesnt bother me to much .
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      Your mention of the notifications I think is a great idea because like you said you have to go back and read though and most posters move on to the newest article ,but to have the notifications I think you would need an app which again there isn’t one to my knowledge.
      Hoped that helped buddy but if Martin sees he might be able to go into more detail .

      1. There are going to be a great many changes to the website in the next month or two. We are in discussions now, so all suggestions will be listened to, even if we can’t implement them…

          1. Notification
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            Been able to register email on the site/app and with one able to have a profile requiring few info like name profile picture so that gravatar profile picture.

            But it’s only a suggestion

          2. Not using gravater for profile pix would be nice.
            And ability to delete a post that that have not stayed more than 3-5 minutes will be welcomed

  7. I still believe we should play a flexible 4-4-2 formation. Aubameyang is less effective on the wings so should be our top striker.

    Lacazette is a terrific player who can drop deep into the midfield and orchestrate play from there and also scores great goals. My best player in the team and also my captain.

    Pepe talented player and with a little time we will see the best of him especially against the quite lesser teams.

    Martinelli to me is the best option we have as our left winger above Nelson, Mkhitaryan looking likely to leave for Roma.

    Torreira still remains our best DM and should be played there instead of Xhaka.

    Guendouzi is showing signs of improvement this season so deserves a place in the CM beside Torreria.

    My line up when everyone is fully fit would be.

    Aubameyang Lacazette

    Martinelli Guendouzi Torreria Pepe

    Tierney Holding Sokratis Bellerin


    E. Martinez

    1. I was thinking the same (Luiz for Sok though for long ball purposes) ….. Lacazette could take on an almost Bergkampesque role for us. It would also give us a similar flexibility to the Invincibles as same lineup could easily be a 4231 or a 4123.
      I doubt the current crop have the intuition to know when to swap and change formation like the Invincibles but that’s where Emery comes in to play….. A shout from the sidelines could be all thats needed to change formation…. Would it work, I don’t know, but seems one way to give the team the tactical flexibility Emery is looking for.

    2. You think we are bad in the back now? Wait until we are relying heavily on Pepe and Martinelli to get back and stop an attack. A 4-4-2 is a crap formation. We be gutted up the middle.

  8. Ceballos should have started
    Xhaka should have been benched.

    Emery (like Wenger) sees something in Xhaka that we fail to see. He’s an excellent passer of the ball. But that’s it.

    Guendouzi continues to impress for such a young age



    …..Lacazette… Aubameyang


    …Pepe…Lacazette… Aubameyang

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