Dan’s Player Ratings for every Arsenal Player in 2023/24 – What’s your’s?

As part of my review of the season, join me in scoring out of 10 how each player did this season.

I personally feel that Timber, Elneny and Cedric didn’t start enough games for inclusion but that’s up to you ……

David Raya GK -7

I think his Golden Glove has more to do with the back 4 he played in front of.

Tell me a game where the keeper made such a save that it was the equivalent of winning us points? I do accept he’s calmer in the final moments of matches and more assured at claiming crosses and owning his area.

Yet for someone with the cleanest sheets in the division, his errors leading to goals his high.

This time last year Aaron Ramsdale had a respectable 12 league games where he didn’t concede but his mistakes were not ignored.

At a time where all clubs have to balance the books, I’m still not convinced the improvement in the position has warranted the 27 million committed to Brentford?

Aaron Ramsdale GK – 4

Not that the 26-year-old did enough to prove his manager wrong when he has had the opportunity to do so.

It doesn’t make sense to me why Edu and Arteta would ask the Kroenke Family to invest in a keeper in his twenties then judge him for a few howlers.

As former players they would both know it’s an area of the pitch where you don’t peak till your past 30. So, they were willing for the goalie to learn on the job, were impressed enough to give him a pay rise, then changed their minds?

As a professional though he needed to do more. He made gaffes in the three games with Brentford and in both Cup exits.

His father maintains his son has never been given an explanation of why he’s been dropped or what he need to work on.  Our manager has a history of washing his hands of talent once they don’t suit his ethos and he’s not the type to put an arm round a shoulder and explain his thought process.

Admitting to Ian Wright he struggles to maintain concentration may have been an insight into the issues.

He’s lost his confidence. Whether that situation needed to be created is a debate for another day. Hopfully he he finds his smile again elsewhere.

Ben White (RB) – 9

My Gooner of the season last year, until the second half of this campaign I would have argued our right back was underrated.

It takes so much footballing intelligence to do what he does, knowing when to join in attack, planning when to step into the middle as a third centre back and crucial at attacking and defending set pieces.

In 2024 he’s been a man possessed, his form coinciding (maybe not ironically) with the last international break. Apparently, he’s asked Southgate not to be considered for selection at the moment.

There are media outlets who have stressed the 26-year-old generally has had a lot to cope with personally and if the public knew the truth, they may be even more amazed with his displays.

Saliba -( CB) 9

Because of the emotion of the weekend, it might have gone unnoticed an incredible record set by our defender. He’s the only Gunner outfield player in our history to have played every second of a full Prem season. If you haven’t missed a moment of a campaign where your club has the best defensive stats, you need to be in this team.

Only those old enough to remember the George Graham era can recall a time where Arsenal’s tactics were based on keeping clean sheets.

It means the Gunners are no longer easy to bully and have a skillset previous versions haven’t had in decades. Clean sheets at the Etihad and Old Trafford would never have happened years gone by, and Saliba seems to be the one who leads his back 4.

He’s in a position where many say you don’t peak till past the age of 30.

He’s 23 so in theory will only get better.

This will be the youngster who tests the Kroenke’s ambition. A who’s who of Europe will one day bid for him.

Gabriel – (CB) 9

I would often describe the 26-year-old as being very good but always having a mistake in him.

I think some of my peers would be shocked to see how many of his errors have led to goals since he arrived in England.

Yet since December he’s been a man possessed, and you could argue this year he’s been the best defender in the country, period.

In an era where we seem to over-complicate the sport, it’s great to see a centre back who just loves to defend. The Brazilian will celebrate a last-ditch block like he’s scored a goal.

That’s not luck, that’s an art form.

Developing into a leader

Kiwior (CB / LB) 6

Not quite made a scapegoat for our display at Fulham, one of the few games we were guilty of not showing up in, the 24 year was taken off at half time at Craven Cottage.

If you had said then that Gooners would bemoan the defender being dropped for the Aston Villa match which cost us the title, few would have believed you.

Playing left back more regularly due to Zinchenko’s injury issues and Tomiyasu being at the Asia Cup, the Pole was more suited to the position in 2024 because he was no longer being asked to play the role like Zinchenko.

Arteta played to his strengths, not asking him to step into midfield when it was clear the player didn’t have those skills. Instead, our manager copied the Man City system of sometimes having a back 4 of all natural centre backs.

Didn’t play enough to get a higher score but a good squad option.

Zinchenko (LB) – 5

Think some Gooners are a bit harsh towards the left back, with it known for years his strengths is going forward, hence why he plays in midfield for his nation.

One of the first defenders to play ‘the inverted role ‘, opponents were always going to tactically be more aware of the Ukrainian this season.

It’s got to the point where our manager will hand-pick games for the 27-year-old, selecting him in matches it’s felt we will dominate possession, but not trusting him for the tougher fixtures away from home knowing our left side will be targeted.

That’s why in a title run in which Arsenal had to almost be flawless Zinchenko wasn’t being asked to start very often.

Tomiyasu (LB, RB, CB) – 6

With all left back options having spells on the sidelines, Arteta put his trust in Tomiyasu for when it really mattered, the run in.

This mirrors the Man City model of starting at fullback someone you can trust defensively who will plan when to step into the middle.

Can tackle, good in the air, won’t be bullied, offers smart game management and whether he plays across the back 4 always gives you at least a 7 out of 10.

The only reason I can’t score him that overall is because since moving to England he remains unreliable in terms of availability.

Rice -Arsenal (CM) 9

I think everyone has respected the 25-year-old for some time, but you actually have to watch Arsenal and England for 90 mins to truly appreciate what he does. Highlights won’t always show how special he is.

His reading of the game is world class, always winning back possession, there to cover his man and very rarely getting his timing wrong.

Even as recently as Sunday there were times Everton thought they were clean through on goal and yet who was covering the space …. Rice.

Arteta did try our record signing as a sole DM but quickly recognised he’s such an all-rounder he can play box to box. He might develop into a midfielder who can score you double digits.

The decision to ask him to take set pieces from December onwards was one of the best tactical switches of our season and don’t be surprised if England copy. It’s a shame for Rice that his country have so many options he will probably have to be more disciplined in the Euros.

I love how much he views playing for the Gunners as a big deal.

Future captain.

Odegaard- Arsenal (AM) 8

I once questioned his suitability to be captain with Amazon’s All or Nothing Documentary highlighting, he’s not as vocal as say a Xhaka.

Yet it’s clear the midfielder leads by example. The way he speaks, carries himself, interacts with the crowd appears class.

The Norwegian has contributed to 8 league goals and 10 assists while only two other players in the division have created more chances then him.

That last stat is the most impressive as often he lines up as our sole creative midfielder putting  llot of responsibility on his shoulders and a target.

Arsenal’s best individual display of the season was the skipper’s display at home to Porto.

With his teammates and the crowd getting nervous in the 2nd leg, he took the team by the scruff of the neck in a manner he wouldn’t have been able to before.

Partey (DM) 5

Can’t give any higher because he’s only played 16 times this season. It took the last couple of months of the season for our manager to start his preferred midfield and even then, at times Arteta was reluctant if he could trust his DM. Not in terms of ability but in terms of would his body break down.

The issue is we have been saying that for 4 years since the player moved to England.

While you can point to moments where a partnership with Rice looked promising but is that something you can rely on happening every week next season?

With 12 months left on his contract (remember when we were promised players wouldn’t be allowed to run down their deals?) the 30-year-old hasn’t warranted a pay rise.

Can we find a club in Saudia Arabia willing to pay over the odds?

Jorginho (CM) 7

Has more than warranted a contract extension.

One of the few players in our squad with experience of winning trophies, is a huge personality for younger players to have around the training pitch daily.

Perhaps our most impressive spell of the season coincided with the Italian starting in midfield, allowing Rice to play slightly more forward. This abandoned our manager’s experiment of playing with one sole DM and two AM’s.

Jorginho has Rice’s qualities of timing to perfection when to win back the ball, awareness to cover space and brings calmness to our midfield.

A future manager?

Smith Rowe (AM) 4

Gets the 4 because in his rare starts did well – such as being Man of The Man against Luton.

Some Gooners naively thought that meant he would be involved in the Champions League and title run in. Yet as I predicted our manager no longer trusts the 23-year-old and that’s been the case for over a year now.

Arteta is the one who sees the player daily and clearly thinks something has been lost due to the countless injuries.

Begs the question – why not take the 30 million on offer from Aston Villa if you’re not going to use him?

Fabio Vieira (CM) 3

Our two title bids from Arteta has allowed him to get away with certain signings, like spending 34 million on Fabio Vieira.

Some Gooners tried to convince themselves that an assist and winning a penalty at home to Fulham meant the Portuguese had finally settled into English Football, but he appears to remain too lightweight for the League.

Admittedly the 23-year-old has had a couple of long-term spells on the sidelines but it’s worth considering he’s been fit since February.

Out of 13 League fixtures since he was an unused sub 10 times with little clamour from fans for that to change.

Watch how he’s loaned out countless times while his contract runs down.

Reiss Nelson (RM) 3

Some Gooners tried to defend him but as expected he is being paid 100,000 pound a week to play the odd League Cup tie.

It highlights Mikel Arteta’s lack of consistency towards his man management. He has paid better talent to rip up their contracts to reduce the wage bill only to give a pay rise to someone who has started once in the Premier League in 4 years!

On that occasion at home to Luton he managed zero shots on targets or successful dribbles.

He let the opportunity of starting in the FA Cup against Liverpool pass him by as well.

When Ozil was happy to honour his deal even when made clear he would never play, he was labelled greedy.

Shouldn’t a 24-year-old be desperate to feature every week? Especially when knowing your boss has zero faith in your ability?

How do you go to work every day knowing you are only around to help the club meet the home-grown criteria rule?

Hasn’t been in a squad since the Wolves game, and only League start was his first in 1,358 days.

Only Flamini and Sol Campbell have longer gaps between starts and that’s because they both had two spells in North London

Eddie Nketiah (Striker) 4

100,00 pound a week for 5 League goals (3 of which were scored in one game).

It’s his hat trick against Sheffield United why I have given him this generous score even though he hasn’t scored since!

For years Gooners have defended him, presumably because he’s from the Academy, but he has zero business being at a club our size. His agent deserves a pay raise for getting him the salary he has had this long, while others have had contracts ripped up.

Those same fans have stopped making excuses for the striker once Mikel Arteta lost faith in him, the manager handing him 2 League starts in 2024, and no longer the first option off the bench when we need a goal.

Some will say he still hasn’t had enough opportunities!

He played for the Gunners 168 times!

Saka (RM) 8

There was a suggestion at the turn of the year that our attack was not hitting the heights of the previous season, that perhaps Saka was now being double teamed with the opposition more aware of his understanding with Ben White.

Yet even then the winger was putting up impressive numbers.

In January, Arteta refused to buy a new striker stressing that he trusted his players to find their mojo.

In 7 consecutive matches since the break in Dubai the 22-year-old scored 6 goals and assisted twice.

Perhaps in the final 10 games of the season you sensed he was carrying an injury and maybe needs to have his minutes better managed.

Ultimately though we have such a great talent that he is already taken for granted by club and country.

In 47 goals in all competitions, he has 20 goals and 14 assists.

Those numbers are scary for who remains one of the youngest to start for us every week.

Havertz 8 (striker / AM)

I still think some of the praise for the player is patronising. Essentially so many viewed him as a flop at Chelsea that anything decent is celebrated. In reality he’s posting the kind of numbers he should be, given that he cost 65 million and is one of the best paid players in our history!

Yet it’s in the run in where the German has earnt his high grade. He’s always maintained in being a big game player and it’s noticeable the more pressure the game, the greater game management and dark arts the 24-year-old display.

He’s better at instinctive finishing than when he’s got time to think about his chances (think Liverpool in the FA Cup) and only lack of pace stops him being world class. Footballing intelligence is immense.

Martinelli (LM) 6

In the first half of the campaign, it was clear Arteta had sacrificed his attacking tactics to protect his defence.

Zinchenko being dropped, Jesus’s injury, and Xhaka being sold all harmed Martinelli professionally, as all three had movement that took defenders with them and freed up space for the Brazilian. This season the 22-year-old has found himself double-teamed, meaning his goals and assists have been halved from last campaign.

I still think Arsenal don’t aim for the left side enough, not asking Martinelli enough to take on his man.

It’s long been known that his manager wants him to conserve his energy and plan when to go on a dribble. With his pace he could be more effective as an impact player off the bench.

There were a few cameos in our last few matches where his pace got him in one-on-one situations, but his confidence was lacking.

Remains one of my favourite Gunners and I hope Arteta keeps the faith?

Trossard (AM, LM, RM, Striker) 8

Like Havertz, is at his best finishing when he has to be instinctive (think about his goals at Everton, Wolves and in the Champions League) and not when he has time to think about his chance (think his miss at home to Villa).

The 29 had a reputation for most of the season as being an impact player off the bench, not as productive when starting.

Yet in the run in became the player we could trust the most in front of goal, scoring in 5 out of our final 8 League fixtures.

Jesus (Striker) 5

I was surprised how harsh some Gooners have been towards a player who simply is guilty of having serious knee issues since moving to North London.

It feels like we have never seen him get a run in the team since leaving Man City.

Arteta can’t rely on him to play three times a week and probably will have to manage his game time in the future. While his fitness record means we can’t rely on the 27-year-old to start every few days, he can be an upgrade on Eddie Nketiah as our first choice back up.

As evidenced against Bayern Munich, he has the footwork which makes him unpredictable which will always worry defenders.

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  1. Havertz at cm minus 3
    Havertz at cf 9

    Jokes aside i would give Saka 8.5 because hes double marked every game and the most kicked and fouled player in the league and still got the most goal contribution in our team. Trossard and Havertz didnt perform for the first half of the season so its harsh to rate them the same as our star boy

    1. Not unexpectedly, Saka suffered a drop off in form towards the end of the season but thankfully Rice,Gabriel,White and especially Saliba,maintained a high standard throughout.To me the most pleasing feature of the season past, was the leadership of Odegaard and the fact that our boys proved so many so called experts wrong when they challenged their mentality.The fragility has gone and we are now serious challengers to the City dynasty.

  2. I think Odegaard deserves a solid 9 imo. He is the most creative player in the league currently with the most chances created in a season. If those chances were not squandered, he would have at least got 20 assists minimum, and we would be talking about him being the player of the season.

    Rest, I agree. Great assessment Dan.

  3. Yes I agree with your ratings Dan except i would give Odegaard and Saka 8.5 or even 9 lol

  4. By and large a fair assessment. I would give the following: ESR 5, Vieira 4, Jesus 6, Martinelli 7, Zinchenko 6, Nketiah 5 and Nelson 4.

  5. Odegaard deserve a 9 for me, apart from creating and dictating the pace of the game, that dude runs from whistle to whistle, he presses tirelessly every match.

  6. Couldn’t argue with any of your ratings bar our captain MO
    Would give him an extra 1 for a 9 just for his sheer energy every game
    Even when his game was below par he still pressed hard and offered him self to take ball

  7. I would also say Odegaard was a solid 9. Imagine how good he would have been without the epic defensive effort. Else hard to disagree scores.

  8. Am reading this with the knowledge that man u is the fa champion. Now, even with the fa cup win ETH job is not safe so let’s swap, say, man u is the one that have the same season we had am sure we won’t be having discussion on ETH future.

  9. Rice, Saliba, Gabriel 10
    White 9
    Saka, Odegard 8.5
    Trossard 7.5
    Havertz 7
    Martinelli, Tomiyasu, Jorginho 7
    Partey, Jesus, ESR, Kiwior, Raya 6
    Nelson, Ramsdale 5
    Nketiah 4
    Vieira 3,
    Zinchenko 2

  10. For me William Saliba is player of the season for both the EPL and Arsenal. He played every second of the season with barely a mistake he totally dominated every CF he came up against, including Haaland. I accept Foden had a very good season but what was overlooked was the number of times he went missing in big games, like the recent FA Cup Final. I lost count of how many times he gave the ball away against Real Madrid by over dribbling. Being an English player definitely helped in the voting but I stick to my opinion – Saliba and long may he stay at our club along with Declan Rice who wasn’t that far behind imo.

  11. I guess a similar rating for Manchester City’s forward line would give Foden. 9
    Harland 8.5
    De Broyne 8
    Silva. 8
    Rodrigo. 8
    Greelish 6.5
    Which probably explains why they pipped us to win the title. Foden was their key player. Any Arsenal fan watching the Spurs, City game would have been heartbroken at the way Foden beat the butcher Romero to a 50/50 ball dashed twenty metres and set up the title deciding goal. I wonder who most managers would choose if they were given a free choice between our Saka and Foden. Probably Foden I’d say. This season Saka made too many wrong decisions. Not always his fault though. Arsenal’s game plan on the right was too one dimensional hoping that they could break down the opposition wall through sheer persistence, whereas City on the other hand were much better at creating spaces, also thanks to their wing backs. I’m confident Saka will be back though. This season was a good learning curve for him, and there were things he tried that didn’t work but will with further adjustments.

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