Dan’s Predictions EPL Wk 17 – Can Arsenal continue their progress against Man City?

Here are Dan’s Predictions for this week. There are not many big games this week, but Arsenal’s home fixture against a weakening Man City side may be the game that cements our new confident streak, or could it send us further into despair, especially as Spurs and United play before us on Sunday and could pull further ahead? Anyway here are Dan’s Predictions..

Liverpool 3-0 Watford

A lot has been made of their fixture pile up, but in reality Liverpool were always going to field their kids in the League Cup, meaning for their first team it’s the Saturday- Wednesday schedule they are used to most weeks. This will just be the case of ‘get some early goals’ allowing them to take their foot off the gas.

I think Nigel Pearson will keep Watford up. People forget the job he did at Leicester; he was sacked for reasons off the pitch. He’s proven he knows how to organise and get players to scrap. His press conferences are always a delight as well. But this is his toughest start possible here though..

Burnley 1-2 Newcastle
A lot of people were quick to write off Steve Bruce, so it’s only correct we point out when he’s doing well. The Toon would have bitten your hand off to be 11th in December and this is the most confident they have looked all season. Even more impressive is they are doing so without their hard-working strikers scoring. Just like under Rafa Benítez everyone has to be playing well for the team to succeed. If the Toon have the right ambition, they can win at Burnley who have lost their last 4 and are not as stable as usual.

Chelsea 2-0 Cherries
Chelsea showed last weekend that they can still have defensive blips, meaning they can be caught in the race for the top 4. The advantage they have is they are allowed to spend money again in January.

If they are smart, they will buy from a position of strength, solidifying their position. For example, a Zaha? Bear in mind this will coincide with our owners saying we can only loan talent. If you had to pick a home game at the moment, you would pick the Cherries. They are dropping like a stone and need that one result to change their confidence. It won’t happen here though.

Leicester 1-0 Norwich
You keep thinking this is the week where the Foxes slip up, yet didn’t we say that all those years ago under Claudio Ranieri? Norwich will park the bus but there is too much firepower from the home side to see them hang on.

Sheffield United 0-2 Aston Villa
As well as United have done so far, with that comes expectations which can be hard to live up to. Suddenly fans will be showing up to Brammall Lane thinking they are favourites when in reality this was a Championship Fixture last year. I think this might be like the Newcastle game a couple of weeks ago. Villa have dangerous players in the final third.

Saints 2-0 West Ham
I fear this might be Pellegrini’s final game as West Ham boss, especially if they lose in the manner I think, namely they won’t battle. The Saints have recent experience of winning these crucial relegation scraps against Norwich and Watford which will help them here.

Man United 1-1 Everton
The wins over Spurs and Man City show the advantages of sticking with a club legend despite his lack of experience. United now have players who care about the shirt, understand the ethos of the club and its values. That’s why I want an Arsenal man to replace Unai Emery full time.
With youngsters though it also means a lack of consistency. In the fickle world of football, Duncan Ferguson will probably be on Everton’s shortlist if he gets a result here. The worry for Toffees fans is that there seems to be a lack of identity in who they want, sound familiar ?

Wolves 0-1 Spurs
I see this being a classic Jose performance. Soak up lots of pressure, Wolves not taking all their chances. Yet Spurs to nick it with a moment of quality, maybe from the much-improved Deli Ali?

Arsenal 2-2 Man City
Don’t get me wrong I’m not getting carried away with one win at West Ham. The reality is it was a really poor game between two teams with zero confidence. Yet self-belief can change with one result. I’m more looking at this from Man City’s point of view. The champions could be 17 points behind Liverpool by kick off, incredible pressure. If the likes of Newcastle and Man United can get at their defence even when they are dominating possession, then why can’t we? That’s as long as Freddie is positive of course…

Dan Smith

What do you think of Dan’s Predictions this week?


  1. A 2-2 or any draw works for me. Don’t forget it’s Guardiola’s Man City we’re facing. Even at their lowest, they still are one of the best teams in the world.

  2. Given the circumstances, a draw would be a great result. WestHam was a poor team but the win gave us a lift in spirits and belief. Man City will be like a wounded tiger but if FL sends out a positive team, we can hold on. A point would be good enough against the reigning Champions. But the point will be gained only if we go out to win.

  3. 2-2 seems realistic to me. Emery would’ve gone with seven defense minded players. I just hope FL doesn’t show Pep such respect. United went to The Etihad, played an open game and outfought city for a cool 74 minutes for every ball in and around the box we saw how that panned out. Freddy needs to be bold Laca should start behind Auba, Pepe RW and Martinelli LW then ditch Liuz for chambers. TBH I would rather the Greek wrestler than Luiz. Luiz gives the opposition too much space and time, never attacks the ball he prefers running back to the box which to me is just naive for such an experienced player.

  4. I would love a draw, but I can see us conceding at least 4 against City. Forget half chances, we’re giving away at least 4 clear cut goal scoring opportunities per game. For us to have any hope, Freddie has to get the team sheet right. Some say Ozil has been playing well lately (cannot see it myself), but even his supporters would have to admit he needs to be dropped for this game. Fundamentally, we have to work our socks off to stand any chance, which clearly rules him out.

  5. I can’t help the feeling that we’re going to get blitzed if we don’t start the game properly. Man city are coming motivated and will take the game like a final. It’s left to the players to match their intensity. I’ll take a draw, but a win would be nice tho as it could be a season defining result. Not unlikely, Manure did it. True, it’s a derby but it’s still Manure

  6. Line-up prediction:

    …………… Leno
    Niles . Chambers . Sokratis . Kolasinac
    ….. Torreira …….. Xhaka
    Pepe ………. Ozil …….. Martinelli
    …………. Aubameyang

          1. 😮 you didn’t get to see Lacazette and saka score then 😂 I only seen last 20 minutes Sue but glad we won the group.. Keown said those 2 saved us.. someone should have told Keown had we lost we still would have won the group 😄

          2. Yes.. couldn’t believe it when I checked the score! Although I saw them in the highlights 😁 I wasn’t expecting to top the group, so that was a bonus! Find out on Monday who we’ll play!
            Didn’t think Vitoria would win, so that was good too!!

          3. No neither did I Sue, kinda makes our draw in Portugal look half decent 😂 who do you want in the draw Sue ? Did you hear Michael Owen, talk of Liverpool being one of the greatest teams along with man city, man utd and Chelsea, not a mention of us… We bloody went unbeaten and had bergkamp, Henry and Vieira just shows how he really doesn’t like us one bit! He embarrassed himself with that comment!

          4. I don’t really mind, Kev. Don’t think there’s an easy game (not for us 😂) How about you?
            He does my head in.. bet he’s drooling now – as Klopp has signed a 2 year extension and got manager of the month for November 🙄

          5. I will take ludogorets, Cluij or Alkmaar I think that should be straightforward even for us, I just hope we have Ancelotti on board by then 😄 well Liverpool are bound to have a dip in form they haven’t for a couple of years now Sue, when they do they might not react so well from it, and players might become too comfortable under klopp, we’ve seen it before and then Owen will turn his attention back to utd 😂 I had to order a Christmas tree Sue no fibre optic this year, I’ll be decorating whenever it arrives 😂😂

          6. Oh that was memorable wasn’t it 🤭 haha I think I’m always last to put Christmas decorations up lol once it was Christmas Eve 😂

    1. Front 4 looks sensible but Niles sokratis kolasinac gives them a 2 goal start … Injuries a real problem with CBs and it’s difficult to see what to do but Niles is just too hopeless a defender to have in starting 11so chambers can play rb and play Luiz instead of xhaka who would provide some connection from defence to attack ..

      I just can’t see how we can draw this game other than pummeling their defence which is weak point and hoping they blow the chances that will surely come their way with whatever combo we pick

  7. Let me make this clear statement for all fans to see, play Ozil and lose the match because you will be playing with a man less than Manchester city. This doesn’t mean that we stand a chance against the defending champion but it will afford us the chance to fight. To me Ozil should be rested against our next opponent, he is slow and weak. Since we don’t have reliable defenders, let us go out there on to attack, Auba,Martneli,Pepe,Lacazette,xhaka,Torreira, kolasinac,Luiz,Socrates,Chambers and Leno to start.

    1. I fully expect to get thrashed by City by at least 4 goals, probably more. With our so called “defence” peopled by clowns that is only realism.

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