Dan’s Premier League predictions Week 4 – Arsenal to topple Spurs?

Another weekend of Premier League football is about to descend upon us and Dan is back with his predictions.

Southampton 1-2 Man United
It may have made a good story for the media but Rashford not scoring his penalty last weekend had nothing to do with Pogba’s failed attempt at Wolves. This is a young squad who’s confidence might be fragile. It is crucial they bounce back. Alexis Sanchez could have left English Football by Monday. Is he Man United’s worst signing?

Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield United
Whether it would have happened without their transfer ban is another thing, but Chelsea have youngsters taking their chances. Mount, in particular, could he be the midfielder England have been crying out for? At least the Blues are now entertaining to watch despite concerns over their ability to be clinical. Abraham needs to score not just at Norwich for me to believe he belongs at this level.
I like that Chris Wilder isn’t letting his players hide behind being a newly promoted side and has kept his standards high.

Burnley 1-3 Liverpool
Liverpool have not quite looked themselves defensively and I reckon Burnley with their direct style can create chances. The Reds strikers to save the day again. Speaking of strikers, Westwood surely deserves a call-up?

Crystal Palace 0-1 Aston Villa
Palace won at Old Trafford but I always think they struggle when the expectation is high and prefer to be the underdog. Fans will be showing up wanting to see them take the initiative against a newly promoted side but Villa have players who can produce good moments of quality.

Leicester 2-1 Bournemouth
This could be the most entertaining game of the weekend with two managers who play the right way. Madison is another player who I hope Southgate gives a chance to in the international break. I just hope because it’s not a problem position and we don’t put too much pressure on him.

Man City 6-0 Brighton
Home Banker. There will be many games like this over the season where we are left questioning the competitiveness of the League. This could be the year Sterling clears up with the individual awards.

Newcastle 1-0 Watford
Boy did Steve Bruce need that win last weekend. Without that, we could have been talking about the manager possibly being sacked during the international break. Now it’s Garcia looking over his shoulder. Don’t get me wrong they have enough quality to turn this around, but their owners have a proven track record of not gambling with relegation, if they think there’s a chance their side has lost their way they will refresh things.

West Ham 1-1 Norwich
I am delighted Jack Wilshire got his first Hammers goal in midweek and hope this could be the start of something for him but I think West Ham don’t like being favourites. We have seen how quickly the London Stadium becomes frustrated, so if Norwich can stay in the game, with the likes of Puki they can cause a shock.


Everton 2-1 Wolves
I predicted last weekend that the Europa Leauge might impact Wolves against Burnley. A trip to Goodison, after playing on a Thursday night might be asking too much.

Arsenal 2-1 Spurs
I never worry about the Derby at the Emirates. For all the usual Spurs dominated combined elevens it’s been a long time since they backed up their reputation in this fixture. I think Emery is at a crossroads. Last weekend he focused too much on Liverpool’s strengths and not ours. Playing defensively is very non-Arsenal and fans won’t accept him doing that this Sunday. He has to play his best attacking talent or the fans will start getting even more frustrated, especially if we don’t win.

Dan Smith


    1. Leicester wont win, they played mid week full strength – may be a draw
      Man City might play few guys who did not start many matches yet, 3-0

  1. I agree with all your prediction but I don’t think palace will lose against Villa,I think it will probably be a Palace win/draw

  2. Chelsea – Sheffield and West Ham – Norwich will have more goals I feel.

    Watford to win at Newcastle.

    Graham Potter to impress again, so City to win, but not by 6 goals.

  3. Agree. I don’t think the fans would like another highly cautious and defensive tactic on Sunday, since our 400+ M squad will play at the Emirates

    I predict Emery would use 4-2-3-1 with PAL and Ceballos as no 10

  4. While I cant say I’m overly confident for a result on Sunday, I am loving how worried my Spurs colleagues are feeling.

  5. The fact that we won are 1st two matches by only 1 goal each and lost to Liverpool by 3-1 shows that spuds match will very tough and we could lose if we aren’t at our best or Emery screws up the lineup

    If we lose at home to Spurs then in my opinion we are fighting for 4th, 5th and 6th with Chelsea and United
    If we draw or win then 3Rd place is possible

    Just Liverpool and City will fight for 1st this season

    A loss to Spuds on Sunday will be a huge mental beatdown. We MUST avoid that

  6. Dont f##k about Emery and play the best eleven available !…………..dont try and be clever in playing lesser players in somekind of “revolutionary” tactics/playing style…………..simple game is football and time to unleash the holy trinity PAL up front !
    Battle Fever has arrived and I`m frothing at the mouth in my hatred of Spuds………………they need mashing !

  7. The thought of losing to the knuckle dragging morlocks makes me mad enough to dig up my dead mother in law and punch her in the face !……………..and I dont want to do that in fear that she may still be alive !

    1. Omg your comments get funnier & funnier!!! Bloody brilliant…
      Can’t handle losing to them, Le Coq.. just got over last week!!
      Like you say – PAL has to be unleashed & bloody play Torreira!!

      1. Sue…………..I noticed in past comments you like Stranger Things, have you watched ..The Boys ?

        1. No i haven’t.. only just finished watching 13 reasons why. Is it good & is it on Netflix? Maybe that’ll be my next binge!

          1. It`s on amazon prime, it`s different to normal super heroe stuff as the super heroes are the real villains !
            Karl Urban ( dr McCoy in star trek films ) is brilliant !………….worth watching imo………………I`m still only on 1st series od Stranger Things

          2. That’s good, I’ve got Prime, so will check it out.
            Do you like it? (Stranger things) i love it, gets better & better. The 3rd season was spot on! That’s the only trouble binging it in a couple of days.. got another year or so to wait for the next season ?

          3. Yes, it`s up my street……………..I do love decent sci-fi and I`m trying not to binge on it as I will watch it all in a couple of days…………I need retraining ! hahaha

          4. ? cheers for that, Le Coq.. will have a butcher’s.
            Let’s hope we have something to cheer about over the weekend… I’ll be rooting for Burnley, Sheff Utd & Southampton tomorrow!! ?

    2. Le Coq, you would make an hilarious stand up comic. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED IT? I do think many of todays young snowflakes would be deliberately insulted on behalf of your your mother in law, whether dead or alive (and my bet is she is just lying there, still alive, but waiting for you to dig her up so she can clout you!) and walk out in disgust though. Snowflakes! UGH!

      1. Jon…………the snowflakes are quite welcome to “live” with her !……………..not quite a 2 up 2 down sort of place …………..more a 6ft down kind of place ! 😀

        1. 3 more weeks, Sue, my diet has changed completely !………….haven`t had granulated sugar in about 10 weeks (only natural food sugars,) no saturated or trans fats, no salt, no alcohol, eating loads of fibre, fruit, veg, water and theres more visceral fat on a carrot than me…………my gym work is nearly back to normal and my abs have abs ! hahaha

          1. Very impressive ? wow, i bet you feel better for it.. must have been hard, but you’ve done it, well done!! Keep up the good work
            Your abs have abs ??? love it haha!

          2. Is Boris a Gooner ?…………………..some gooner kid asked him a question on the news and Boris said he lived near Arsenal and thought we`d have a good year !……………well thats how I read it unless he meant the Country ! ………………….gone up in estimation if he is !……………f##k me…….the Prime Minster, the opposition leader, the Queen …………….the list is long !

          3. Always thought he was crazy.. remember seeing him play rugby with some kids & he actually took one of them out.. it was hilarious!! What a clutz!!
            There are gooners everywhere ?

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