Dan’s Premier League predictions week one – winning start for Arsenal

The Premier League kicks off with Liverpool against Norwich tonight and for many fans, excitement is at fever pitch following a very interesting transfer window.

I will start off with our game against Newcastle on Sunday before I get on to the rest of the first-week predictions

Newcastle 1-2 Arsenal

Given the last couple of years, I’m not confident for any away game with Unai Emery still needing to change the mentality of his squad who give up too easily on their travels the moment things go wrong.

Since the fixtures were announced though I have become increasingly more confident about this game. Newcastle has lost Benitez, replaced with a man the fans are not excited about and no longer have Rondon or Perez.

Even for the Toon Army, it might be asking too much to be their passionate selves. There’s even talk of a protest

A good time to go to St James Park?

Liverpool 4-0 Norwich

You sense Klopp isn’t comfortable rushing his front three back ( two of whom played in international finals ) so the fixture list is kind in terms of it lets him break them in gradually.

Norwich won’t abandon their principles but while they could get away with their You Play We Play ethos in the Championship, they will be on the receiving end of a few drubbings away from home.

West Ham 1-1 Man City

I’m predicting City to be champions as they have improved while Liverpool has not strengthened. I also think it’s worth considering they won the title without De Bruyne for most of the campaign.

I just think this is a bit of a banana skin. if they can be brave on the ball West Ham have players who can hurt you, especially with the pressure off. One of the few times Pep might see his side be complacent

Man United 1-1 Chelsea

Lampard showed at Derby he trusts youngsters and wants to play the game the right way and it wouldn’t surprise me if an unknown stole the show at Old Trafford.

It is strange that a fixture between two sides who used to dominate this League now lacks match winners

Hazard was someone who could win you a game out of nowhere while I don’t see Rashford.as a 20 goals a season player. This could be scrappy

Spurs 2- 1 Aston Villa

I think it’s wrong just because Fulham failed in spending money that Villa are being compared to them.

Dean Smith’s signings make sense, personalities who know the division. I think Tom Heaton at £8 million could be a bargain. It will take a while for so many new faces to get to know each other but they can treat Saturday tea time as a free swing.

Think Spurs might make hard work of this.

Palace 1- 2 Everton

You sense there is a negative feel around Selhurst Park which might take Roy Hodgson a few weeks to sort out.

What reaction does Zaha get having handed in a transfer request? Does he start this weekend based on that? Surely he can keep them up then get his move next summer, even January?

Good time for Everton to go to South London. Moise Kean my signing of the summer

Bournemouth 2-0 Sheffield United

Chris Wilder will get most of his points at home. Away he will set up to be hard to break down, well-drilled and organised.

This will be attack versus defence and United won’t hold out for 90 minutes.

Well done Eddie Howe for keeping his best talent.

Watford 3-0 Brighton

So Brighton sacked Chris Hughton because they have ambitions yet don’t show that in the transfer market.

At least with their previous manager, they would be set up hard to beat with everyone knowing their jobs. Graham Potter has a big reputation but he has to teach a new ethos while going along.

Leicester 2-2 Wolves

Could be the most entertaining game of the weekend between two teams who believe they can break into the top six.

Given the owner’s ambitions, I see Wolves really going for the Europa Leauge which might affect their domestic form.

I would say how good the Foxes look but Rodgers is good at doing that himself

Burnley 1-0 Saints

For the first time in a while, the Saints start a season with an identity. with a lot of focus put on fitness due to a high pressing game.

Without the distraction of Europe, Burnley will start this campaign a lot better having refound their mojo in 2019.

Predictions below

Be kind in comments

Dan Smith


  1. NONNY says:

    Intresting but city will win

  2. NONNY says:

    I see city beating west ham while we settle for a draw at Newcastle

    1. Kick_Ass_Fan (I sacked Wenger) says:

      What??? Lol! I hope not. It won’t be like other times, I’m optimistic we’d do well away from home this season.

      I hope Mustafi does not make the team selection.

      1. jon fox says:

        He won’t! After all the manager usually makes the “team selection”, not any of the players. Just teasing!

      2. nonny says:

        the team we will put out there will be very close to last season
        And also without laca..
        My prediction was based on players
        available for the match. seems we
        suddenly forgot how bad we can play away from home

  3. gotanidea says:

    Agree with your prediction on Arsenal’s winning chance

    I predict Aubameyang would score again, but I wonder what Arsenal’s decision is on his future

    Two years left on his contract, so he should be offered a contract extension or sold ASAP. If Arsenal are confident that Aubameyang would extend his contract two years later, I hope that wouldn’t backfire on them

    1. Durand says:

      I believe Auba and Laca both signed extensions.

      1. gotanidea says:

        According to the Mirror, Arsenal are holding contract talks with both of them, but no official announcement till now

  4. Ackshay says:

    I wonder if we could do fantasy premier league private league for justarsenal if martin can do it ? a weekly standing with FPL talk would be nice.

  5. Innit says:

    All I want is a win. Any type of win will be fine with me.

    I don’t expect any of our new signings to start

    Probably something like:

    Niles.. Luiz.. Sok.. Monreal
    Torreira… Xhaka
    Nelson.. Ozil… Aubameyang

    1. Francis says:

      Ozil and Kolasinac have been excluded from the squad due to security reasons

  6. S.J says:


    Nelson………….. Ozil…………… Mkhitaryan…

    ………….. Willock…………….. Xhaka..

    Monreal… Sokratis… Luiz… M. Niles…

    ………………………. Leno..

    This is the fittest first 11 as it stands based on injuries and extended holiday

  7. Sean Williams says:

    I hope you are right about the Newcastle game. We will not have Tierney or Bellerin. Xhaka cost us a Champions League spot agains Brighton with his ignorant penalty. He is a nutter. AMN will lose concentration. Let’s dream Mustafi does not play. If the guys don’t concentrate for 90 min we can end up with the wrong result. Xhaka worries me EVERY game.

  8. John0711 says:

    Papers reporting Lacca won’t sing contract unless we qualify for CL

  9. John0711 says:

    Sky sports reporting
    Ozick and kola won’t be at the game Sunday as there has been further security issues

    1. John0711 says:


    2. Sue says:

      What?? No!!!!!

      1. Dan kit says:

        Right on fcking cue ,we get some good players in and then we start losing players to injuries and what not .
        So starting the season handicapped again .
        Already sounds like laca and Pepe might not feature and now ozil?

        1. Sue says:

          Obviously I know their safety & that of their families comes first.. it’s just worrying.. I mean has something else happened??
          It can’t be helped, but I was just hoping our strongest 11 would be out there on Sunday.. Laca/Pepe to be assessed, so there’s a chance, Dan ?
          I don’t want to do Newcastle any favours!

          1. Dan kit says:

            I don’t know the report seems an odd one ,not sure what to make of it tbh .

  10. Pepino says:

    Geez , what are you smoking? Man City 1-1 West Ham??? Must be out of your mind …

  11. nonny says:

    west ham 1:3 Manchester city
    Newcastle 1:1 arsenal

    based on players available
    for the match..

    But a win will be very important

  12. ken1945 says:

    The club have officially announced that, for security reasons, both Ozil and Kolasinac are not available for selection.

    So those of you who wanted it have got your wishes, a weakened Arsenal team for the opening game of the season.

    The hatred and personal attacks on Ozil, in particular, has been a damning example of a section of our fans…fans who suppposedly support every player when he wears the shirt.

    Let’s just hope you take time out to reflect your disgusting attitude and choice of words to a player of The Arsenal…but I somehow think there will be no recognition of your sickening behaviour.

    Get ready for the handwringing and pious “It’s not personal” cr*p, once someone calls another mentally weak, lazy, bleeding the club dry, that is personal…hatred breeds hatred, no matter if it’s physical, mental or by using the choosen word.

    Hope you all feel comfortable in your skins tonight, my thoughts are with these two men and their families.

    1. gerry burke says:

      hahahahahahaha, good man keg1945, and you didnt even get wengers name in , wow.

    2. John0711 says:

      Ken how can you relate some arsenal fans desire for ozil to actually play like he’s WC to someone trying to stab him
      Wow dude take a chill pill talk about blowing it out of proportion

      1. gerry burke says:

        jumping on the band wagon, he will do anything to get ozils name in somewhere in most comments of his. the man is in love with the mesut.

        1. gerry burke says:

          sorry my friend, but what player are you talking about please ?. me thinks you have the wrong guy.

      2. jon fox says:

        My thoughts entirely. Ken is way overreacting to this. Ken is also mixing up those wanting Ozil out of Arsenal FC with a perceived lack of sincere sympathy for him and for Kolas in the dreadful and mentally shattering experience of that hold up. Ken insults some us by linking the two in our comments. ALL decent Gooners, without a single exception, have condemned this outrage and have every concern for the two unfortunate players concerned. Sadly though, one or two only did also try to link OZIL PROTECTING HIS NEW WIFE WITH HIS PERCEIVED “COWARDICE” , WHICH IS AN OUTRAGEOUS AND IMMATURE accusation borne of ignorance. Their onfield ability and effectiveness, or lack of it, is a totally different and far less important matter.

  13. Tissiam says:

    No Ozil and dead in the squad due to the incindent a couple of weeks ago,police are still investigating and putting security measures for the players and families,sad very sad!

  14. nonny says:

    @ken1945 you sound like a family member

    1. ken1945 says:

      nonny, I am…a member of The Arsenal family.
      I sincerely hope nothing like this happens to you and your family nonny.

      1. gerry burke says:

        hahahahahahhaa, shady pines is definately beckoning .

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