Dan’s Premier League WK31 Predictions – Can Arsenal stop the rot against Southampton?

Dan’s WK31 Predictions


Leicester 1-0 Brighton
Is it sad that Brighton looked at us as a winnable game but will probably park the bus when it comes to Leicester? I don’t think Brighton actually had to do too much to score twice at the weekend but it’s the win which most likely keeps them in the division. Neal Maupuy didn’t do anything wrong on Saturday. It’s unfortunate what happened to Leno, but if the roles were reversed would we call our striker a cheat if they slightly nudged their keeper?

Spurs 2-0 West Ham
Friday was the first time I saw Spurs really buy into their manager’s tactics, which might be due to the three month break he’s had to work with his new squad. Whether fans will be happy trying to defend a 1-0 lead with 30 minutes left is a debate for another day, but that’s what you get when you hire Jose Mourinho.

Man United 1-0 Sheffield United
Anyone else envious when you saw Pogba and Fernandes in the same midfield? That’s why the title will one day be back at Old Trafford and not the Emirates. Their owners will keep throwing around money, meaning that with the law of averages they will eventually get it right. Pogba gets so much stick, it’s only right it’s pointed out when he delivers. If he can play like that till the end of the season United can have some success.

Newcastle 0-1 Aston Villa
Newcastle will go above us if they win, which is scary when you think that their manager still won’t say they are safe from relegation. Yes, they scored 3 on Sunday but until the red card the game was going the way I thought. This will be a dull match, but I think Villa simply need the points more.

Norwich 1- 3 Everton
The body language of Norwich’s players and manager on Friday seemed an acceptance that there will be no great escape. It was noticeable that after a bright start how quickly they became tired. If it’s a ‘you play/we play’ game (and Norwich have to attack) Everton should pick them off easily.

Wolves 3-1 Cherries
Eddie Howe will be worried that having watched West Ham drop points his squad were so underwhelming on Saturday evening in what was viewed as a winnable game. The fear has to be that the pressure is getting to a young squad. You used to say that attacking wise Bournemouth could hurt anyone, but now you wonder if they believe they can go to a place like Wolves and compete. This is not a good time to lose your confidence.

Liverpool 1-0 Palace
As things stand Liverpool are 5 points from the title. They will have to be patient as Palace will be well organised and – whisper it quietly- it’s been a while since the league leaders played well. But they will find a moment of magic though to take the points.

Burnley 0-2 Watford
I been impressed how Watford have handled the pressure of this relegation fight and I have always thought they have better players then the table suggests. They need this more than Burnley.

Southampton 2-1 Arsenal
Has it got to a point where is this a shock result anymore? Anyone who watched the Saints at Norwich will know the likes of Ings could really hurt us. Gone are the days where teams fear us. The home side will enjoy the game, with the pressure on us. If Ozil and Martinelli don’t play on Thursday, we need to be told why?

Chelsea 1-2 City
Chelsea could have Man United and Wolves 2 points behind by kick off while City might need a result to delay Liverpool being champions. Pep’s men showed against us though how good they can be with the pressure off so should have too much for Chelsea.

Dan Smith


  1. Against Southampton, He should use all his creative midfielders and also play AMN in DM position.

    Bellerin Mustafi Holding Thierney

    AMN Saka

    Pepe Ozil Martinelli


    That is the best squad to pick

    If he gets his team selection wrong, the best we will get is a draw. A win is a must

    1. like your line up Skills, I would had more defensive player in middle, not Saka.. I share your hope to see Gabi get a start but Saka is ahead of anyone on that wing.

      With Pepe not defending nor really Ozil or Auba can focus on that, we be in big trouble, Saka would spend time defending,as Gabi… Be total panic and a 3-0

  2. That’s about right, I will see Burnley win tho, after being beaten badly, they be amped up to win. Newcastle be a draw as Chelsea

    1. Martinez
      Bellerin Holding Mustafi Tierny
      …..Nelson. ………………………….Saka
      …………………….Auba Gabi

      442, with Niles and Kolas defending and supporting attacks

      It will obviously be a physical and intense game, we will be under attacks, we need these 2 players for that.

      Nelson and Saka make efforts to defend as well, so Martinelli does a lot. And of course we know what they can bring going forward.

      Auba Gabi can slide on wings combine and will be fed a lot of balls by everyone.

      Second half, bring Pepe, Ozil Willock & Nketiah at some point. Hold game up and attack them, not let them do so.

      We will win 2-1 or 3-1 or 3-2.


  3. I did not include us.tho. No way to do so withiut Arteta line up. Since he never get right one, be usual lost or draw

  4. I’ll go along with these predictions, except one – I think Newcastle will win. That win at the weekend will have given them a huge boost, especially Joelinton 😆
    Ings and Ward-Prowse masterclass incoming….
    Tense at the bottom… Norwich edging closer to the drop, bet Delia’s enraged!! Bournemouth aren’t far off.. if they do go, I wonder if Eddie will be sacked?
    Wow yes, Pogba and Bruno Fernandes.. he’s played so well since he arrived.. they’re definitely on the up, they just need a new GK 😂
    I can’t see it happening, but I’ll say it anyway – Come on you Irons!!

  5. Not with the attitude shown below. (and I’m not referring to having a “go” if required).

    Money. Money, Money – oh. and then Arsenal Football Club.

    Forget the challenge on Leno for a moment, does it all come down to the last 6 words below with the majority of our current squad ? (If of course the alleged quote is accurate. Something tells me….probably !)

    “Matteo Guendouzi taunted Brighton players during Arsenal’s defeat to the Seagulls on Saturday by claiming they were ‘s**t’ and that he earns more than ‘they ever will”.

    Badge & Shirt first.

    I’m afraid the Badge weighs far too heavy for the majority of this particular squad, with priorities seemingly being misplaced.

    1. I’m hugely disappointed in that, A J, I thought he was better than that. It appears he really does need to grow up.
      They’re ‘sh*t’ yet we’d just lost to them!!!
      What does that make us??
      There are so many things wrong at our beloved club right now… this added to the never ending list…☹ All they really care about is the money, money, money… so sad…

      1. Exactly. Let’s look on how we win this Sue.

        Bellerin, Holding Mustafi Tierny
        ………………Niles Kolas
        Nelson ………………………Saka

        We win with this team, we will need to be strong defending and create chances. This team will do so.

        1. Auba Gabi in middle be so damaging! What is Arteta is doing? That’s why we lose games, not players but how his line up!

  6. Hopefully he will be close to this, but i doubt, he will play his 433 with Ozil or Ceballos, Willock, Laca or Nketiah.

    He seems to do all wrong choices with no end to it.

  7. Well said Sue.


    Funnily enough I often think of the journey of our once respected and feared club crest.

    Proper Cannon

    Cannon “Lite” …… (yuk)

    Next up if we don’t get a grip ………………………..PEASHOOTER !!!

  8. It’s possible that Martinelli was the player that was found virus positive and was therefore not fit physically or mentally. Hence the non-selection.

  9. Guendozy should be taught a lesson and dropped after apparently taunting Brighton players about how much he earns compared to them. Yes we need fight in the team, especially against Southampton, but we don’t need nasty little spoilt brats further tarnishing our image.

  10. Arteta will field his usual unprofessional kids. Willock, Nelson and nketia.

    These guys can not make the bench at Briton or Southampton.

    But they are our regular super star.

  11. Arteta has lot to do but am going with a line up of 433 and they are
    martinez,bellerin,mustafi,holding,tierney,torrier,dani,ozil,pepe,aub,matinelli.With this victory shall be ours…!!!

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