Dan’s Watford v Arsenal Player Ratings – A game of two halves

Leno – 7
The German had to face 27 shots so his handling was spot on. He puts himself under pressure by passing out from the back, and needs to start telling his defenders to go long when it’s clearly not working.

Kolasinac – 5
I gave him and extra mark for his run on goal which made our opener, but in the second half was double teamed by Watford ‘s right flank. Yes, he had a lack of protection but the reason he is targeted is because he’s a poor defender, so it’s a bit ironic that he’s having a go at our youngsters.

Sokratis – 4
His mistake was the equivalent of an own goal. What’s worse he sees us fail to pass out every game yet keeps doing it. Finally, gooners are starting to question him now they can’t use Mustafi as a scapegoat.

Luiz – 4
Blocking shots and getting his head to corners all counts for nothing if you are going to leave your leg hanging out. The 2nd penalty he’s conceded in his 4th start for us…….we were warned.

Maitland-Niles- 5
Like Kolasinac he gets added points for assisting, but defensively not good enough for this level. He needs protection.

Guendouzi – 3
I praised him so much in the Derby but this was as ill-disciplined as you can get. He twice played a blind pass to Leno which could have led to a goal, then gets a yellow for a pointless scrap on half time.

Xhaka – 4
Not his discipline this time but his ability on the ball which was the problem. Our midfield couldn’t keep it which is his job. A couple of times he was wasteful late on when we had promising chances on the counter-attack.

Ceballos – 5
Think some over-hyped his performance. The fact is that our midfield were not touching the ball in the second half. His tackle did set up our opener and for the rest of the half he was tidy on ball but even then, I thought the half time lead was kind to us.

Ozil – 5
Here’s the thing, he did his job, as in assisting the assist and created changes, although you can tell not all our players were used to the formation. When you’re defending a 2-0 lead and can’t get the ball, the German is not useful at all. He should have been taken off earlier having done his job.

Pepe – 5
Just thought with game stretched it was made for his pace. Yet lhe ooked leggy despite the two weeks off.

Auba – 7
Maybe a bit harsh as he scored his two goals, yet when we needed him to hold up the ball in second half, he couldn’t help us like Lacca would have done.

Willock – 5
Standard 5 as he didn’t control the midfield any different to those who were replaced. He failed to stop the tide

Torreira- 4
Protecting a lead, closing down space. That’s his job. When last time he was great?

4- Nelson
I hope this doesn’t destroy his confidence. He was brought on to run away with the ball. He failed every time, looking too lightweight.


  1. It wasn’t a game of two halves , Watford were better from the beginning , and it’s not just this match , watch last year’s PL matches and see how many of them we actually played ‘good’ , even in the ones we won we didn’t play good at all , its all Emery’s fault , the sooner the board sacks him the higher chance we will have to finish top 4.

  2. Dan, I know you are deeply disappointed to rank the way you did, and I can’t find fault.
    I noticed a few things on the pitch, one of which was Xhaka was near their D with the ball on his left foot and no player challenging him. Instead of going for a screamer he made a lame pass that was intercepted by a Watford defender.
    I always talked about Leno not being commanding enough and yesterday AMN was seen telling him that, after a chested ball by AMN went out for a corner, with Leno not near the ball.
    Ceballos was beginning to get into a good partnership with Ozil and Emery took him off in the 60th min which was bizzare.
    Reiss seems have lost his confidence, and Willock came across as a lightweight, so I’m a bit sad about our youth project. I’m not even mentioning Guendozi’s bizzare display.

  3. Have you guys noticed over the past few seasons how Arsenal player ratings always seam to be average?

    It’s not just a “one off” scenario though. For a long time I have identified the same players being given a similar rating out of ten for each game and its always the same (5 out of 10 on average) for most of them.

    Compare that to Liverpool’s players for example and you quickly see where the quality is. It also shows you where the hunger and leadership is too!!!!

    Now, let me be clear, I’m not comparing Liverpool in any way. We all know they are a million miles ahead. But, I am sick and tired of the lack of accountability at AFC. In most respect it shows a lack of belief and professionalism. Its just not good enough any way you slice it!!

    1. The likes of Liverpool, Man City and Spurs used to be miles below us in quality

      There should be no more excuse for the new management, because Kroenke has already given them a half-a-billion squad

      Another two consecutive bad results in EPL should be enough for the board to fire Emery and his assistants. I bet they are preparing Ljungberg for the worst possible outcome

  4. Please check all my coments since Emery became our coach,i have never supported him. A coach who hate creativity and thats why he let carzola,ramsey and iwobi go. Observe ceballos and ozil will never play full game throughout the season. So borring,patternless and plain. He need to be replace now before it is too late

  5. Maitland-Niles’ side was worse than Kolasinac, because Deulofeu was too much to handle for him and Pepe contributed very little in defending

    The good thing from that match is now we know that Deulofeu could be a good option for our LW next season

    If Zaha is still too expensive and our youngsters don’t cut it as LW, Deulofeu has proven that he can be a big threat there

  6. Arsenal new dvd of error…last some said give he chance and this season he continues from the error again it show how bad he is..emery is confusing our players,better he goes no long thing

  7. None of you have ever managed a football team and don’t even have a hint as to what gooes on behind the scenes. Do you know what it takes to put out good starting 11 depending on the opposition? A. Wenger tried to stick to his best 11 every match, you didn’t like it then, you demanded he change tactics depending on opponent. Now Emery tries to adapt his teams and tactics depending on the kind of opposition, you still don’t like it especially when Arsenal loose. Just what is it with you lot? Quit supporting Arsenal and start supporting other teams you consider perfect or the best. It took ManC over 2 seasons and over 700m pounds, liverpool about 3seasons before now. Give Emery and his team a break!. He inherited alot of deadwood, he added many players only 2 months ago, the EPL is only 5 games. New players have different attributes and mentality, they have to gel together into what Liverpool now have with time and support. If your are tired and impatient, please quit supporting the club with your negative vibes!
    Go to Chelsea, Watford, Liverpool, ManC, ManU.

    1. so they have to gel together, but Emery changes the formations and tactics every match, so how is that going to happen, oh genius one?

      1. You would believe that Watford, bottom of the table, no wins, new coach, would actually fear having Arsenal for their next game.But they were probably thanking their lucky stars who was up next.Tactics? Well pretty simple.They always play out from the back.And they are f***ing rubbish at doing it.So as soon as they get a goal kick just push up and pressure them.It won’t take them long to f*** it up.
        There.Tactical genius or what

        1. Agree Phil. It feels like any team nowadays believe that they can get something out of Arsenal. It’s ridiculous. Emery is no genius.

    2. Keno agree with you except, Emerys tactics a mess and i think the players are totally confused. PSG ? Sevilla Europa level , I feel our aspirations should be higher. Mourinho ?

  8. It’s true.
    We were a team of 2 “halves”. The attacking players totally disconnected from the defending players. 🙂

  9. I couldn’t give Leno more than a 5 even though he made some good saves. Even if he’s under instructions to play it to someone on the corner of our six yard box from a goal kick and it’s not working then launch it long. Even though they both assisted its 5 each for Nile’s and Kolasinac as they were poor defensively, always are, but also going forward Nile’s overhits his crosses and I lost count of the number of times Kolasinac passed back when level with their box. Luiz and Sokratis both 4. At least Sokratis has apologised! Xhaka is a 3 for me, not only was he completely useless he’s now said we were scared of Watford and happy with the point. No, make it a 2 after seeing that comment again. Guendouzi was a 5, tried hard but some stupid pass backs and of course the handbags which he was lucky to just get a yellow for and could have been red. Ozil and Ceballos both 6, played ok together. Pepé I will give 6 for trying but has obviously not been coached as to his position. Aubameyang 8 for first half and 6 for second half so 7 for the game. Emery gets a big fat 0. Poor coach, bad tactics, unfathomable substitutions and zero style. Total MEH.

  10. Keno, I wonder why someone like you is an arsenal fan. Can you not see that the whole thing boils down to Unai? Do you have to see through our eyes to be certain that Emery is the cause of this whole thing? Was it Wenger that bought Papa and Luiz? Did it take Guadiola two seasons to play attractive football?

    I have observed a thing that is so unique to Emery: he likes going to players he has once managed even though they are not good enough. These are the players has tried bringing to Arsenal since his appointment: Benega, Dani’s Suarez, who I will say was a failed project; Ngozi and many others.
    I have seen enough to say that Unai is not the coach for Arsenal.
    Firstly, he thinkers a lot. Remember, when you feed someone with more than the necessary knowledge, there is the tendency that they will be confused. That is what he does to these players. Secondly, he seems to lock his mind against certain players, otherwise let someone give me a genuine reason as to why Chambers is always on the bench after helping us with a clean sheet at Newcastle while Luiz who I will say is a time bomb waiting to explode is preferred. Luiz has not earned his position; he didn’t work for it.By this standard of his he is not better than Chambers and Holding.

    I hope the board will apply the same principle to Unai as they would the players( being ruthless) as they have said in recent time.

  11. Arsenal were tactical shite. Emery is a total donkey. No wonder Xhaka said he was scared. He’s scared of Emery. Emery is a true liability. Emery is scared.

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