Dan’s World Cup Prediction League – Are you on the players list?

We are getting closer to the World Cup now, and Dan needs to get the draw organized, so if you are on the list below and haven’t already responded, please let Dan know if you will be playing or not as soon as possible…

Most have already answered, but if your on this list can you let me know by Friday if you will be playing…..

Kev 82-253
Gotanidea 246
Rob 49- 246
Terrah 242
Kenya 001- 234
Matthew 233
Turbo 232
HH 231
Goonersia 227
Declan 227
Prince 226
Sue 226
Ackshay 225
J Gunner 225
Dan Kit 224
I 220
Adiva 219
Dotash 216
Toney 214
Me 213
Samson A 210
Sid 209
Easy guys 206
Edu 198
Phenom 196
Stephanie 194
Sue P 194
Tom 188
SJ 187
Yayo 187
Dunchirado 185
MTG 185

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  1. I’m going to have to pass due to very busy life events in recent months. Please give my spot to the next deserving candidate and thanks for running these competitions.

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