Dan’s World Cup Predictions Group D – France, Australia, Tunisia and Denmark

Dan’s World Cup Predictions – Group D by Dan Smith


The reigning World Champions, Nations League holders and possessing of the Balon D’or Winner.

Yet, if you listen to their media and fans, something hasn’t quite been right with this French team.

Bear in mind, history suggests when things go wrong in the French camp they can implode.

Being without a Pogba, Varane and Kante would destroy most countries, that it says a lot about the squad depth Deschamps can choose from.

An incredible stat… out of the last 5 World Cups, the defending champions have failed to get out of their group 4 times?

In fact, since 2002, the defending champions have managed just one win in the knockout stages, Brazil against Ghana in 2006.

While I don’t think it will be a complete collapse the French might make hard work of this group which might suit England.

Predicted finish – Last 16


Many people’s dark horses.

They got to the last 4 of the last Euros, won their Nations League group with 2 wins over France and have a 95 percent win rate in qualification.

No longer a team who are simply well organised and drilled, they try and play some entertaining stuff.

Some exciting youngsters are emerging in the attacking areas and it’s simply a case of is this a tournament too soon for some?

Predicted finish – Q-Finals


One of the sides coming into the tournament in the worst form of almost making a mess of qualification, throwing away automatic qualification and having to survive a playoff against Peru.

Covid has meant Australia haven’t been able to test themselves as much as they would have liked against stronger opposition then the ones they face in their own region.

Might be a tournament too early for some of their youngsters, but (while nowhere near their golden generation) there are enough senior players to not allow themselves to be humiliated.

Predicted finish – Group stage


Out of all the teams flying the flag for Africa at this World Cup, Tunisia are the only ones to never get past the group stages.

They just seem under cooked, too many doubts in key areas.

Their manager’s ability at this level remains in question with Jalel Kadri accused of giving too much power to his dressing room.

They have a lack of quality in the goalkeeping area and lack a traditional number 9 up front.

Like Australia though, too much experience to allow themselves to be humiliated.

Predicted finish – Group stage


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      1. Why? France have the best attackers in the world, such as Benzema, Giroud, Coman, Griezmann, Mbappe and Dembele

        1. France to become the first team since Brazil to win back to back World Cups. Allez les Bleus! 🇫🇷 (and Arsenal to win the PL! COYG)

  1. I listened to Deschamps yesterday.so your”France might explode..” is based on rumours/médias.as DD said,all the noise and negativity are coming from outside and not the French camp/squad.as a Frenchman I can tell that we are never better than when we have our backs against the wall/underdogs.
    #Allez Les Bleus 🇫🇷

    1. Well yeah ….he’s not going to say publicly ‘ we are going to implode ‘ is he lol
      I wouldn’t call you underdogs

      1. No he wouldn’t say it but he is right the noise is coming from outside.i agree I wouldn’t call us underdogs but more and more people do not see us as favourites,which is always good for a French team.

  2. Its funny how English fans think England will do good but current world champions with such quality of world class players will struggle 🤣😂. Here I was thinking Jamie cartoon has no clue about football when he said France to struggle n come second in the group. Wait for it and France will win the world cup again.

  3. Dan… you really need to get your facts right. Out of last 5 world cups french team were champions once, runner up once, quater finalist once and twice failed to make out of group. That is not 4 out of 5 that’s 2 out of 5.

    1. Logic …..you really need to learn how to read …..
      2002 France defending champions – exit at group stage
      2010 Italy defending champions – exit group stage
      2014- Spain defending champions – exit group stage
      2018- Germany defending champions – exit group stage

  4. Australian football is a disgrace at the moment. I don’t know the reasons because participation rates are high but something is not going on within the coaching systems. Too many big lugs are being given preference to smaller skilled ball players. The migrant coaches who coached the likes of Viduka and Kewell are no longer prominent and we have a dinosaur currently coaching the national team. Japan who are pretty to watch have been playing us all over the park recently. And why are we looking at anyone from Scottish football who can prove some type of Australian ancestry? Loser stuff. Having said that I would never write off the team’s fighting spirit. France is a no no , however there are points to be had against the likes of Tunisia and even Denmark.

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