Dan’s World Cup Predictions – Group Tables after the First Round

5 players who said they were taking part didn’t submit their predictions so there are some groups of 4, a few with 5.

Group D would have been left with 3 players, so Toney has been moved over.

A couple of players predicted the opening game after it kicked off which is not allowed.

Top 2 from each group after all group matches will go through to knockout stages-

Here is the first Day 2 predictions post

And here is the updated one…

And Here’s the latest tables after the opening games..

Group A

Prince 13

Gundown 13

Edu 9

Dotash 9


Stephanie 21

Khadi. 18

Famochi 15

Sagie 11

MTG 10


Rob 49 17

Ackshay 16

Admin 11

  1. 11


Yayo 14

Sue P 14

Toney 9

SJ 8


Phenom 15

Kobin 12

Declan 10

Matthew 7


Sid 17

Samson A.14

Savage 12

J gunner 7


Me 14


Uzi Ozil 11

Gotanidea 9

Kenya 001- 5


K Tyson 10

Dan Kit 9

HH 8

Okonino 8


    1. Dan shouldn’t u have left those that didn’t show up on the first match day with zero point, they might turn up later and catch up

      1. Nah we sent them a deadline
        Because equally there would have been complaints the other way round if group c only had three players competing

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