Dan’s World Cup Predictions League – See if you qualified in Top 32…

Hey peeps

As promised last season, if you finsihed in the top 32 positions you qualify for the Just Arsenal World Cup Predictions.

Below are those who qualified. Can you let me know by next Friday if you want to play?

Most of the names I see have returned this campaign, but just let me know so I can offer your place to others. (In comments or email admin).

Like the WC itself, there will be 8 groups of 4 players with the top two going through to the knock out stages

If you didn’t qualify feel free to let me know your predictions still in the comments

There will be a trophy for the outright winner…

Kev 82-253
Gotanidea 246
Rob 49- 246
Terrah 242
Kenya 001- 234
Matthew 233
Turbo 232
HH 231
Goonersia 227
Declan 227
Prince 226
Sue 226
Ackshay 225
J Gunner 225
Dan Kit 224
I 220
Adiva 219
Dotash 216
Toney 214
Me 213
Samson A 210
Sid 209
Easy guys 206
Edu 198
Phenom 196
Stephanie 194
Sue P 194
Tom 188
SJ 187
Yayo 187
Dunchirado 185
MTG 185

If any of the above don’t play I’ll offer your spot to the next highest ranking player, so if the below list could also say if they would like to play….

KTyson 183
Rusty 183
Sagie 182
Khadi 179
Eblaze 174
Admin 166
loose cannon 166

Thanks guys

Dan Smith

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  1. Hello Dan, I don’t comment anymore but I still read and confirm I would like to play in the World Cup predictions. Thank you.

  2. I am in.

    I do miss Sue a lot. I believe she is alright and well. I guess she just had to focus on other things in life. I wish her well.

  3. Oh, interesting fact about Sue being the inspiration behind this nice game.

    Tells you how vital her presence was in this JA Family.
    She had a special way of expressing her views with essence and calmness.

    1. Yeah kind of
      I used to just post my predictions and she would follow them and always comment which led to me thinking of game

    1. Europa league is gonna be stacked this year.

      Barca, Juventus, Athletico madrid(if result stay the same), Sevilla (ain’t seeing them beat city away), Ajax. Don’t think i have ever seen 3 spanish teams out by group stage.

  4. Hi Dan,

    Not sure how I didn’t make that list. Was one of the highest scorers last season. Check it Okobino is the name.


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