Dan’s World Cup Predictions table after Round Two of the Group Stages

Current tables ahead of the final Group Games..

The top 2 players qualify from each group to the knock out stages.

Any players on joint points will be decided by…

A) most correct score lines
B) who finished higher in last season’s table

Group A

Gundown 25
Prince 23
Edu 14
Dotash 13

Stephanie 30
Khadi. 27
Sagie 17
MTG 17
Famochi 16

Rob 49 26
Ackshay 25
Admin 16
I 16

Yayo 24
Sue P 21
Toney 19
SJ 14

Phenom 22
Matthew 21
Kobin 19
Declan 15

Sid 26
Savage 25
Samson A 21
J gunner 12

Terrah 24
Me 22
Kenya 001- 20
Gotanidea 17
Uzi Ozil 11

K Tyson 16
HH 16
Dan Kit 13
Okobino 8

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  1. @ admin is that the picture of john fox? Passing jury on our prediction game ? 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  2. I expected an easy ride for me in my group but this guys are definitely giving me a run for my money…round 3 should settle see me open up a wide enough gap tho..#fun arrogance,lol

  3. Dan i was on 7points after round 1&got 17 in the second round,so i should be on 24&top of my group…please re-check

  4. Can’t find the previous post where I predicted the games to follow up on my points. It just disappeared. Not fair. No way I scored 5 points from my games. Got the netherlands qatar, score 2 0 and the Usa Iran score 1 0. That is 6 points already! Please check and revert.

    1. The two games you mentioned are round 3 games&will be added to your total in the table for round 3,so calm down

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